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Suggestions for tow vehicle for FR3 motorhome?

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Every year both FMCA and Motorhome Magazine publish an article (usually in January) about the vehicles made that year that can be towed.  That's a great place to start your search.  Only you know what you like.  I tow a 1997 Ford Aerostar mini van that's shown as having a 3800 lb weight.  It's rear wheel drive so I use a driveshaft disconnect made by Remco.  They also make pumps for some vehicles automatic transmissions that make the models they've tested towable even though they didn't come out of the factory that way.  Below you'll find links to the towing guides I've mentioned.  Aerostars were last mfg'd in 1997 so they're getting very hard to find in good condition.  Another personal favorite of mine is the Chevy Malibu which has many models that are towable.  I like it because it weighs around 3300 lbs and seats 5 adults.  My other towed vehicle is a 2009 Chevy HHR - no longer made also but easier to find used.  There's many options but you should do some research on your own first to focus on models you'd be happy with.

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