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I want to share this email from Beverly King, Secretary Military Veterans Chapter FMCA

Fellow Military Veterans Chapter Members, this is the first of two emails which you will receive on what is going on with our chapter and issues you should be concerned with. The emails were done this way so that in order to respond to them all you have to do is hit reply and we’re up to date on your plans and wishes and you know what is happening with your Chapter.

As the newest FMCA Chapter, plans are underway for the convention in Redmond Oregon. We have arranged for a meeting on Friday August 13th. The schedule will give you the exact time and place but SAVE FRIDAY AFTERNOON! In addition to the business meeting, we are working on an informal gathering for Chapter members to co-inside with an activity which will be going on in Redmond at the same time as the FMCA convention.

Beginning Wednesday afternoon one of the largest traveling replicas of the Vietnam Wall will be in Redmond and we want to be part of these activities. The Wall will be at Redmond High School and in addition to the wall there will be exhibits, representatives of the Veterans Administration, National Service Officers to answer your questions, representative from all the branches of the Armed Forces and Junior ROTC members to assist attendees to locate relatives and friends named on the wall. We are working with the VFW Post who is sponsoring the event to have our “social event†at the post. Since the Post is located less than a mile from the Fairgrounds you may wish to stop there off and on during the convention. We are working with the Post Commander to make all our members welcome there regardless of whether they are or are not VFW members. More details to follow!

FMCA is unclear at this time whether or not they will have a Chapter Welcome or Introduction to Chapters Present at Redmond. If they do not have this welcome all the more reason for us to “get the word†out to Vets you meet about our Chapter and encourage them to join before our Friday meeting. Invite them to visit the Wall and encourage them to get involved in the social activities.

Your President is working on membership badges and he will have two samples for you to decide on in the newsletter which will be send to you in June. Rick Dupuis your National Director has already obtained a “goose egg†for the Chapter to go on the back of your coach. Information on the prices and a picture will be in the June newsletter.

In the meantime I need your reply on the following: Do you plan at this time to be in Redmond Oregon? Secondly do you plan to attend Perry Georgia in the spring? Do you plan to attend any of the area rallies? Which ones like Western, Southeast Rocky Mountain Ramble etc? We want to schedule “socials and other events that vets might be interested in. We are always open to suggestions... Just hit reply and tell us your schedules and thoughts!

Thanks Beverly King, Secretary Military Veterans Chapter FMCA

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I realize this is an OLD post, but I was plinking around and, as the newly elected Treasurer of the Military Veterans Chapter, I thought I'd give it a bump.

The chapter now has about 100 members and its own website here: http://www.mvcfmca.blogspot.com/. Many of us got together at the Perry convention (jointly with the Elks Chapter) for a great evening of drinks and dinner. FMCA President Charlie Adcock and INTO AVP David Kessler (both MVC members) were present and spoke at the meeting. We also get together at most other FMCA gatherings. In fact, the President of the chapter will be at the INTO rally in Florida in a couple weeks. There will also be an MVC gathering at the FMCA summer convention in West Springfield, MA. As you would expect, Vietnam and Vietnam-era veterans are well represented, but all veterans are welcome. Joining is easy. The membership form is on the chapter website and the cost is nominal ($15 for the first year, then $10 annually thereafter.)

Something less than eight percent of the population has ever served in the military. But for reasons that I'm not sure I can put my finger on, the fraction of FMCA members is way higher. Before one of the concerts at the convention in Perry in 2014, President Adcock asked veterans to stand, and I'd bet about half of the men present rose to their feet. If you're proud of your service, if you did your duty while many of those around you did not, the Military Veterans Chapter is a way for you to stand up and be counted. I recommend you check out the website and, if the spirit moves you, sign up!


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Here is what a chapter search brought up:


The Military Veterans Chapter is International in scope with members who had served in the various Military branches of the U.S. (Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force) and the Canadian Military. The Chapter with the support of members and various organizations provides interaction with socials, meetings, pre-rallies for camaraderie, dissemination of information pertaining to veterans benefits, etc., at most area and national rallies. We welcome anyone to join us who has served in the armed forces of the United States of America and Canada.
Phone: 256-366-6630
Email: skp45322@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mvcfmca.blogspot.com

International Area
International Area Organization (INTO)

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On 3/8/2017 at 7:28 AM, Hermanmullins said:

Is this chapter also called SMART?

If not the poster, F442485, can go to the FMCA Home page to Area Chapters-International-SMART.



Just now found this forum thread, too bad the officers do not update it regularly. Herman, S.M.A.R.T., of which I am a member, is a totally different organization, consisting of U.S. and Canadian present/former military. See: https://www.smartrving.org/ for complete information.

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You don't understand what is already listed above your request?  Start at the beginning and read down! :) 

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