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I am considering purchasing an extended warranty from Wholesale Warranties, a company recommended by FMCA. I currently have a warranty from Good Sam, and the coverage seems slightly better than the Good Sam policy. However, I have no knowledge of their claims process, their recognition by repair facilities, or the fairness of their claims adjudication. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with this?

Thank you.

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I'm not sure that constitutes a recommmendation. Its like advertising, they accept ad $ , they accept vendor fees. Don't know what if any 'quality control' is involved.

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DO NOT purchase an extended RV Warranty from ACC Warranty Services Group LLC, Indianapolis, IN!!


Per a post on iRV2 Forum from July 2014: Good news for anyone who has had unsatisfactory dealings with ACC Warranty Group. The Indiana Attorney General is definitely filing an action against them. You can go online and file a complaint, or call Mark Snodgrass, Deputy Attorney General, 317-234-6784. Just Google Indiana Attorney General.

ACC Warranty Services Group LLC, based out of Indianapolis, IN, is nothing but a scam. Steve Burgess, the principle agent for ACC, bends over backwards when you express interest in purchasing an extended RV Warranty from his company.

However, don't think you will get the same treatment when you have a claim.

Our personal experience was so frustrating when we realized that we paid over $3,000.00 for the extended warranty and got absolutely nothing. We ended up paying another $2,500.00 for repairs and a service call (supposedly covered with the extended Warranty contract). Of course, what could we do since we were 800 miles away from home and had to get the RV repaired in order to get home.

When you call ACC Warranty, you get an answering service that promises someone will call you back. We did get one immediate call back and the rest went unanswered until we pushed to talk to someone. That someone ended up being Steve Burgess himself. He was very rude from the start of the conversation. We continued to follow the process to file a claim, which was more of a joke, but just didn't want to give up too soon in the hopes of getting something back.

As you can tell, our attempts to get any money from ACC was unsuccessful. Just trying to determine our next step to pursue Steve Burgess in the legal system.

We know that 2 people were recently successful in getting judgments against ACC/Steve Burgess in Indiana. Here is the information:
Case No. 49K07-1403-SC-001029 Court Costs plus Judgment: $4,875.00 - Judgment entered on 15 Apr 2014
Case No. 49D03-1311-PL-041336 Court Costs plus Judgment: $32,315.00 - Judgment entered on 15 Jul 2014

If you are a current ACC policy holder, you may want to re-evaluate if you want to continue with the balance of your coverage period OR try to cancel and get a refund. Although we have read other blogs where people had issues getting premium refunds.

Either way, getting any money out of Steve Burgess is nearly impossible.

The BBB has given ACC a "F" rating. Here is a link to the BBB review of ACC:
A C C Warranty Services Review - EXTENDED WARRANTY CONTRACT SERVICE COMPANIES in Indianapolis, IN - BBB Business Review - BBB serving Central Indiana

Ripoff Reports has 10 different reports files on ACC Warranty: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/acc%20warranty.

We know that Steve Burgess has opened a new company in Florida:

Registered Agent Name & Address
UNIT 218
OSPREY, FL 34229

Given our personal experience, I would NOT recommend using this company just because of Steve Burgess' less than ethical business practices with his ACC Warranty Services Group.

We know that Steve Burgess participates in regional RV rallies, to include FMCA events, and has spent time in the winter at Arizona RV parks. Feel free to stop by and tell him what you have read on this forum and other forums about what a lousy company he runs!

Take our personal advice: If you are looking to purchase an extended RV Warranty coverage, just put the money into a savings account and "self insure" yourself. You will be money ahead and NO hassles or headaches in attempting to get any claims paid with ACC/Steve Burgess.

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Some advice: from my perspective a motorhome is a significant investment, and unless you are a professional mechanic with a lot of expendable cash, it is worth at least considering an extended warranty. Now having said that I am NOT a big fan. Bottom line is these companies are just like any company in that they are in business to make money and will spend time and money looking for any indication your claim may not be covered. I do have an extended warranty and have used it and they did pay, but not but before a fairly painful interrogation process. Best advice I can share is if you decide an extended warranty is for you, make certain you understand just what will be covered and more importantly ask for specific steps to file a claim and the correct timeline in doing so!

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Another alternative is to have a coach inspection by a professional. If the basic systems (particularly chassis/driveline) are OK, it may be less expensive to forgo an extended service policy.

But, I have to tell you, my view is that insurance/service policies are for things I can not afford. So, failure of an appliance, for example, would not warrant my the purchase of an expensive policy.

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Well the OP hasn't filled out his profile so no knowledge about his coach.

I self insure I have seen too many claims disallowed. By the time you get done with the fine print on deductibles and what they will pay for repairs. I think if you put the money in a savings account you will come out further ahead. Yes you need a roadside assistance plan aka Coach Net. Yes you need to do all your preventive maintenance.


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To All Disgruntled/Dissatisfied ACC Customers:

Today, 9/2/2014, I called Mark Snodgrass at the Indiana Attorney General's office regarding our ability to be part of their case against ACC Warranty. Per Mr. Snodgrass, they filed the lawsuit against ACC Warranty 1.5-2 weeks ago. However, due to so many people contacting the Indiana Attorney General's office since they filed the suit, Mr. Snodgrass said they will be amending the lawsuit to incorporate more people's claims. Therefore, you need to call Mr. Snodgrass, 317-234-6784, ASAP if you want to be part of this lawsuit.

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