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  1. Quite common on some Country Coaches. Some came with limiting straps as Brett mentioned. Cummins in Portland OR broke two of mine on the drive axle when they rebuilt the engine in 2015. Of course they claimed they didn't do it.
  2. My '14 Wrangler 4 dr manual says to put trans in park and transfer case in neutral. That was the same for my '97 Grand Cherokee. The manual trans is supposed to be in gear and transfer case in neutral.
  3. deenad

    ISX valve failures

    Actually CC produced up through at least May 2008, which is when my Magna with ISX 650 was produced. The highest number of Magna I know of was 7032, which also had an ISX 650 and has dropped a valve in #6 twice. Being fixed by Cummins this week with a reman engine.
  4. deenad

    ISX valve failures

    Actually they fixed the CM871 EPA 2007 models by redesigning the valves with new, stronger materials, redesigning the head and new programming. They also came out with new carbon scraper liners and matching pistons which I had installed in mine.
  5. deenad

    ISX valve failures

    My ISX 650 has been rebuilt 3 times in 58,000 miles. Last time was pre emptive as Cummins couldn't tell me if they used the upgraded parts in 2015. After disassembly the Cummins shop said it was only a matter of time before it broke a valve off. The #6 liner was acidcetched enough to feel with your finger and the others were showing some problems. Only had about 6,000 miles since the last rebuild in 2015. Late wife had liver cancer so we didn't get out much. Driven about 5,000 miles since the rebuild earlier this year and it is running much better than ever before. In 4 years I've spent $53,000 for engine repairs. Premier RV in Junction City OR has had two break valves off and the big Foretravel dealer in Nokadoches (sp?) has had one. My CC is #6999 and I know the owner of 6998 '09 Veranda and his broke in 2016 at 12,000 miles. I've reported it to NHTSA and one other site.
  6. I just bought '14 Wrangler with the 3.6 V-6. They have a specific test and it turns out I can use the same OAT coolant as my Cummins ISX 650 so one less thing to worry about. I do have to do a drain and flush before adding the OAT.
  7. Yes it is the ISX 650 that drops valves. There are a few 600 ISX's that have also done it. Cummins calls it "chordal failure". Acid from the EGR eats #6 intake valve then they break. Mine has been rebuilt 3 times in 58,000 miles. In 4 years I've spent $53,000 for engine repairs.
  8. Mine doesn't have a ladder either so I used the thin 3M outside double sided tape for the FMCA and my GS lifetime member plaques.
  9. Never mind already answered this earlier.
  10. New Sterling is 8,000#'s. No change in the bar, just higher strength safety cables. Several Blue Ox failures being reported on other forums. The knuckle/ball breaks. Blue Ox claims their is no problem but the failure pictures say otherwise. I have yet to see one RoadMaster failure that was due to the bar itself breaking. I did see one that the bracket bolts worked loose and the owner didn't check them as required.
  11. deenad

    Super Singles

    Newmar tested them some years back, they must have decided the singles weren't worth the cost or something as they still use duals. Some of the construction trucks here use them on their pups, but not the towing rig.
  12. Why not? My CC has aluminum rims even on the inside duals. But I do have a real problem as my tag and front are 10" wide rims for the 365/70 tires, the drive axle has 4-9½" rims. Just used the Advantage program for 4-315/80's and 4-365/70's and saved over $1,700 from list.
  13. Wish I could! Always enjoy talking to you. Cindy died in August and I still have the almost 17 yr old grandson with me so can't travel much yet due to school.
  14. Brett, that's what I'm going to be doing if I get to traveling more. Bought a TPMS for the DSDP and still have it, the Magna has a SmarTire system and I just had all new tires and sensors installed. Just bought a '14 CR-V to tow. Since Cindy died in August I need all the help I can get!
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