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  1. Agreed, most pumps are serviceable and parts are normally available. We only dry camp when heading to our destination in truck stops or rest areas for maybe one or two nights at most. We have upgraded our on-demand water heater to the best available and enjoy good consistent water pressure at all times(the wife loves her showers). Generally, the stock pumps are minimal (as was the case of ours) so we took the opportunity to upgrade to the top of the line. Great decision for us. Often, we are in RV parks with poor pressure, so once again we use our no-board pump and simply fill the tank every few days.
  2. Berkshire 390RB on a Freightliner chassis. I work for a company that requires a great deal of travel; 23 offices spread across the country so far. They allow and reimburse my to travel in our class A so my wife, dog, and I spend about 60% of each year out on the road. Saves the company money and certainly increases my quality of work life. Do we break even, NO.. But it is well worth it to us!
  3. Sorry for the delayed response Mr. "Swine". First, TSC is alive and well sometimes saving us close to a dollar a gallon at some TA truck stops. We average 30k+ miles traveled each year @ 8+- mpg; you may do the math yourself. From what I can remember, we saved close to two thousand dollars on a full set of Michelin tires on our Freightliner. Guess you are technically correct; less than two thousand isn't "thousands" but it was more than hundreds; forgive my unintentional exaggeration. 😜 Just an FYI... We don't "Save Thousands with Geico" either.... lol
  4. We purchased a Rand McNally GPS designed for large rigs. It allows for the entry of all your vehicle measurements including weight. The theory is, it creates routes based around your rig and certainly for large vehicles; so far, so good!
  5. I had the same issue and it was the internal check valve in the 12v water pump. I had wanted to upgrade to a better pump anyway; replaced pump and fixed issue.
  6. donjlong

    RV Hos ?

    "Best" and "Inexpensive" are two criteria that may be difficult to combine. I used standard GPS units of various brands with great frustration for years; they assume you are driving a car. We finally went for the Rand McNally Trucker's GPS. Very large screen and easy to use, lots of specific settings regarding height, weight, width, and roads to avoid. It routes you from those criteria and keeps you away from low bridges, small roads, and cattle paths. NOT INEXPENSIVE but the BEST.
  7. I insure with Geico and utilize their road-side service. Used it twice over the years and found it to be average with the industry. We use Geico for all our insurance needs so I think we may have a little extra "pull" when we have any needs/claims...
  8. The Virginia Beach KOA holds themselves as a "High End Family Friendly Resort"; the reality is far different from the advertisements! During a recent weeklong stay at the Virginia Beach KOA, my six-year-old grandson, small Boston Terrier, and I were attacked/menaced/threatened by two large, unleashed, and completely uncontrolled dogs belonging to a full-time resident of the resort (one appears to be a pit). The owner of the dogs failed to take any meaningful action during this incident and in fact, simply stood on his porch screaming at the dogs while telling me not to walk my dog on his street. The city of Virginia Beach has a leash law and the RV resort has policies to address this irresponsible behavior; the resident was clearly in full violation of the law and resort policies. It became obvious when reporting this to local management that they were fully aware of the safety issue and legal violations prior to the event, took no meaningful actions to prevent it from occurring, and did little after my incident report. Keep in mind that this Virginia Beach KOA is a VERY HIGH-END and EXPENSIVE location and advertises themselves as a "Family Friendly Resort"; NOT SO MUCH. After receiving far less than satisfactory actions from local management, I contacted KOA corporate only to receive the same lack of interest and inaction. This was a very serious guest safety incident and should have been treated as such! Prior knowledge of an existing guest safety threat with total inaction to remedy it, places KOA in a legal liability position responsible for any and all incident damages related to that guest safety threat.
  9. Thanks five, I hope so as well. The cost of these silly things is very high and I hope to get my money's worth. One thing in my advantage is that I run about 30k per year on my rig so hopefully I will wear them out before they crack.. Updates later down the road...
  10. I purchased a new set of six and could not be happier.. Love the ride and they balanced out perfect. Will never buy another brand.
  11. Since joining, we received information regarding the TSC card that has saved us thousands on fuel. We also used the tire program on a full set of Michelins and again, saved thousands of dollars. What exactly are you expecting??
  12. Try the TSD card instead. It is like an ATM card charging your own bank account. You have full control of the funds at all time!
  13. Agreed completely Herman! We were somewhat hesitant in the beginning as well; the old saying "if it looks to be good to be true, it probably is". We did go through the trouble to create a separate bank account, just for security purposes, and deposited a couple thousand dollars seed money in it. The savings is unbelievable!! We put between 30-40K miles each year on our Class A and saved almost .70 cents a gallon of the pump price at a TA a few months back; multiply that times the gallons we burn each year. The ability to pay at the pump without going inside is a big plus to me and we love the mobile app for fuel stop planning and directions! I highly recommend this card to anyone using large amounts of diesel fuel!
  14. We used the FMCA tire program and purchased a new set of Michelins; couldn't be happier!! (About 10k on them so far)
  15. You must jest? Forest River is the leader in the industry and without exact statistics, I would guess the largest single manufacturer out there...
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