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  1. Bill, I don't believe I like your attitude. If you feel that it is ok to speak to me this way, simply butt out and mind someone else's business... Let's see what part of this you may miss....
  2. I suspect this is another instance of you being incorrect. Customer service expediency are the issues!
  3. I started this thread to congratulate FMCA on their tire program that I was very pleased with. I in no way will debate the quality of Michelin tires up against any other brand as they are top-of-the-line. The silly suggestion of using Walmart for this purchase and service further proves a point here!!!
  4. Walmart would NEVER be an option for RV tires to me. Have you seen their facilities and personnel lately? They are totally not equipped or trained to replace these large tires on a Class A RV.
  5. Not sure that will get me where I want to be. I would like a taller back and far mor plush feel in the foam.
  6. Bill, 2014 Class A 39' Berkshire.
  7. We used the FMCA tire program and purchased a new set of Michelins; couldn't be happier!! (About 10k on them so far)
  8. Thanks for the heads-up on this, we will keep an eye on them. We travel for business in our class A running 30k each year. I will probably wear them out before they have the chance to crack but I will keep an eye on them..
  9. Thats great! I know that it is good name and have represented quality for many years. I have been doing business with this local dealer since the early 80s and they strongly recommended the Michelins, so far we are very pleased; about 10k on them already...
  10. Looking for a company that has a good selection of replacement captain's chairs (maybe custom) and that will install them. Anyone have any experience here?
  11. You must jest? Forest River is the leader in the industry and without exact statistics, I would guess the largest single manufacturer out there...
  12. Have you had problems with Michelins??
  13. Don't do it.. These engines were under powered and very problematic when used in Ford PU trucks. They turn into gutless chunks of metal in motorhomes and no one wants to work on them....
  14. I recently took advantage of the FMCA Michelin tire program for my 40' class A diesel pusher. What a great deal! Replaced all six tires and it went exactly as advertised and wow, what great tires! Thank you FMCA!!
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