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  1. Thanks five, I hope so as well. The cost of these silly things is very high and I hope to get my money's worth. One thing in my advantage is that I run about 30k per year on my rig so hopefully I will wear them out before they crack.. Updates later down the road...
  2. I purchased a new set of six and could not be happier.. Love the ride and they balanced out perfect. Will never buy another brand.
  3. Since joining, we received information regarding the TSC card that has saved us thousands on fuel. We also used the tire program on a full set of Michelins and again, saved thousands of dollars. What exactly are you expecting??
  4. Try the TSD card instead. It is like an ATM card charging your own bank account. You have full control of the funds at all time!
  5. Agreed completely Herman! We were somewhat hesitant in the beginning as well; the old saying "if it looks to be good to be true, it probably is". We did go through the trouble to create a separate bank account, just for security purposes, and deposited a couple thousand dollars seed money in it. The savings is unbelievable!! We put between 30-40K miles each year on our Class A and saved almost .70 cents a gallon of the pump price at a TA a few months back; multiply that times the gallons we burn each year. The ability to pay at the pump without going inside is a big plus to me and we love the mobile app for fuel stop planning and directions! I highly recommend this card to anyone using large amounts of diesel fuel!
  6. We used the FMCA tire program and purchased a new set of Michelins; couldn't be happier!! (About 10k on them so far)
  7. You must jest? Forest River is the leader in the industry and without exact statistics, I would guess the largest single manufacturer out there...
  8. Don't do it.. These engines were under powered and very problematic when used in Ford PU trucks. They turn into gutless chunks of metal in motorhomes and no one wants to work on them....
  9. It only takes one wire from your RV plug to the towed battery.. The RV will treat the battery as if it was part of the RV system and keep it charged.....
  10. I acquired the TSD Open Roads card a few months back and am very pleased. It works as a debit card and charges my bank account for the discounted fuel price. So far, it appears that TA is the best discount deal of all the partners involved. Love the mobile app as it allows us to price shop on our route as we travel.
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