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  1. It only takes one wire from your RV plug to the towed battery.. The RV will treat the battery as if it was part of the RV system and keep it charged.....
  2. I acquired the TSD Open Roads card a few months back and am very pleased. It works as a debit card and charges my bank account for the discounted fuel price. So far, it appears that TA is the best discount deal of all the partners involved. Love the mobile app as it allows us to price shop on our route as we travel.
  3. I believe that you are probable correct in your assessment of the coverages themselves. My issue is trying to tie things together through Good Sam. Road-Side Assistance with the tire warranty is a great example. They aren't the same department and have no knowledge or communication between themselves. On a recent service request, I was passed back and forth seven times over an hour and a half period of time and in the end, I was left finding a mobile tire service on my own and paying for everything out-of-pocket in the hopes for reimbursement at some level other than total cash spent out of pocket. We shall see, wish me luck!! Good Sam has simply grown to large resulting in substandard service and coverage while remaining at a super-premium price. They will never get another dime of my money, EVER!!
  4. I have Platinum level service for roadside assistance and wheel and tire through a blanket extended warranty all Good Sam. I appreciate your comment but tell me what I could possibly pay for to gain a higher level of service?? The answer is NOTHING.. So please refrain from lecturing me on "you get what you pay for" as that is the basis of my dissatisfaction to begin with.... I pay a premium price for substandard service with Good Sam!!
  5. I am new to FMCA and still exploring the member benefits. With that said, please use caution before investing in Good Sam Road-Side Assistance, Extended Warranty, or Wheel and Tire coverage. I won't go into detail but will say that my experience is the worst imaginable/ If you want to learn more, reach out and I will be more than happy to detail what sorry service and coverage they have!
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