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  1. I sent RM an email on the 15th informing them that my GPS keeps reporting that it is one year out of date and when I try to update it the Docking Station reports that it is up to date. I know it is not due the fact I have been traveling on one 4 lane highway that is 3-4 years old and not listed on the maps. Here is their reply on the 15th: Thank you for your feedback Thank you for sending your comments to Rand McNally. Our product and map development teams will review your feedback during the next update. Due to the volume of information received, we may not be able to respond individually. However, your observations and suggestions do help drive future product improvements, and we appreciate your assistance in providing better solutions for road travel. Regards, The Rand McNally GPS team
  2. The MH and yellow Jeep have same state registration with Handicap tags, the rear Jeep is of a different state.
  3. If you have Road Side Assistant coverage a locksmith is probably covered.
  4. I am a Life member of Good Sam and Passport America. I was a member of Escapee until I made the mistake of questioning a decision made by the leadership and got banned. John 3:19 I do not belong to any FMCA chapter... there are none in my area. I did get to vote for the Amendment to the By-Laws to allow the inclusion of all RV types. Being a Life Member of two other RV clubs that include all RV types I chose to join this one because of its reputation of being a Family Motor Coach Association. It was short lived due to my joining shortly before the change in the By-Laws which did I not support. I have no objection toward any RV type as evidenced by my Lifetime Membership in two clubs that include all types. I am still learning the ropes here at FMCA and I get the impression that the leadership is isolated behind a firewall. Perhaps that is good if the goal is to retain a set goal of remaining exclusively a Motor Coach Association. That goal is no longer desired ( to be an exclusive club ) and perhaps now it would benefit the new association of RVers to allow all registered members to vote in the election of their board of Directors. Folks in the USA are used to being in control of their leadership as evident in "We The People." Just saying.
  5. I spent my 52 year professional career attending and sitting in business meeting and expect to spent my RV retirement years avoiding even the semblance of another one. The structure of FMCA appears to be similar to that we find in our government , one can be a citizen of the country but must still join a political party to cast a vote. Not that its wrong for a country's government but is it really necessary for a RV club? For something as simple as RVers enjoying fellowship among themselves there should be no need for bored (pun intended ) meetings. Allow FMCA members to fraternize and have their localized fellowships of interest without requiring them be structured as businesses in order to have a voice in FMCA's business.. Why require them to join a political party ( chapter) to have a voice in the FMCA organization? Overly control spoils the fun. Life is hard enough why make belonging to a RV club so? My Auto, Home and Health insurance company sends me a ballot each year to vote on the board of directors and all I have to do to qualify is pay a $25.00 membership fee. How simple is that? I suspect their budget and overhead may be a few hundred times that of FMCA. Why make a mountain out of a mole hill? Simple is better. Why make work and employment, for a few at the expense of many, when it is unnecessary? Just saying.....
  6. charlieiam


    Welcome to the zipper club...glad to hear you are doing well. It is very important to do the exercises and especially the rehab. But do not cease walking after the rehab is over. I did a one mile marathon 90 days out of surgery and a 5 mile marathon 15 months out of surgery. Of course I finished last in my class but I finished. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Keep a positive attitude and trust in God to see you through your ordeal.
  7. Perhaps the black is stopped up and they are trying to dislodge it.
  8. Getting into and out fuel stations is more driver skill than station facilities. A 38' motorhome towing another vehicle should be able to get into most stations very conveniently making a counterclockwise circle on the outside pumps; if the motorhome fuels on the driver side, if not make a clockwise circle.
  9. Lots of them use the same motor as car window winders. Same for steps. Google the part number.
  10. Why the secrecy? Posting the information here may help others who have the same problem. That is the purpose of community forums.
  11. NC is a gold star state and anyone legally allowed to own a handgun can open carry within the state without a permit or license....one needs a conceal handgun permit to conceal carry. NC recognizes permits from all 50 states. If traveling through the state without a CHP one needs to have handguns publically visible in the vehicle at all times. It does not matter if the gun is loaded or unloaded. This is a great site for 50 state information. https://handgunlaw.us/
  12. Perhaps these thoughts and questions would benefit this discussion. If something is presented well enough to interest people they will buy it even if it is only a pet rock or holla hoop. Its hard to sell people that which they do not understand or do not want. Why should others support that which I enjoy? The salesman's outline: 1. What is it? 2. What is it worth? 3. How can I get it? The falling membership indicates that many who have tried it found it did not meet their needs nor satisfy their interest.
  13. https://www.rvnews.com/newmar-debuts-new-fr...el-canyon-star/ Newmar Debuts New Front-engine Diesel Canyon Star March 30, 2020Written By: RV News Staff Acknowledging the restrictions on group meetings due to the Corona-19 virus sweeping the nation, Newmar Corp. held its first-ever “virtual” dealer meeting today (March 30). Originally slated to be held at the Indianapolis Convention Center, the 2020 dealer meeting debuted a number of upgrades to Newmar’s gas and diesel lineups—including the first diesel-powered Canyon Star Type A. “In planning for the next-generation Canyon Star, we knew that we were dealing with a gas product that was priced, with options, above $200,000,” said Newmar Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Sammut. “That’s pretty rarified air in terms of market share and the numbers of customers that would be open to purchasing a coach at that price with a gas engine.” Built on the new MC chassis from Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC), the 2021 Canyon Star is now powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins engine. Redesigned both inside and outside, the Canyon Star sports new front and rear caps with automotive styling, a completely redesigned cockpit and instrument panel and new residential-style furniture by Nappanee, Indiana-based Williamsburg Furniture. The chassis, though, was the star of the introduction. Rated at 30,000 pounds GVWR, the MC underpinnings provide the coach with diesel amenities including air brakes and an air-ride rear suspension.
  14. My RV dealer was experiencing often break-ins in new high dollar motorhomes and he finally stopped it by installing a 8' high 7,000 volt multi strand electric fence around his entire lot.
  15. LED rope lights are available and they come in a clear water proof hose.
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