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  1. I prefer them to keep tires clean while parked on some sites during rain. Prevents splashing dirt on tires.
  2. To test if non-members can post on the forums log off and try posting while not logged on.
  3. Wife and I disassembled one of our old wheel cover and used it for a pattern to cut four new ones and sewed them up on her sewing machine and they are nicer than the original ones. The trick is to get the right needle for the type of work and go slow in heavy material to keep needle cool. Go fast and the needle will heat up and break thread. Three thickness are all that is necessary to sew through. If one does not have a sewing machine they can carry one of their old covers to a upholstery shop and have them sewed.
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    My understanding is that in some states it is not legal to attach anything to windshields nor to block the view by placing on dash.
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    downsize [ˈdounˌsīz] VERB downsizing (present participle) NORTH AMERICAN make (something) smaller. "I downsized the rear wheel to 26 inches" synonyms: reduce · cut · cut down · decrease · lessen · retrench · trim · prune · slim down · scale down · salami-slice · rationalize · economize on · pull/draw in one's horns · [more]
  6. I use Good Sam ERS Platinum Plus, it gives more and better coverage. There are many levels of ERS programs and it is important to get the right one for your needs. Several people are surprised when they need service to learn they bought the cheapest plan and it did not cover their need. I do not buy a plan based on its price BUT on its coverage.
  7. He was the man who lived a double life. The Double Life of Charles Kuralt - ReelRundown - Entertainment EDIT to comment on the trailer with motorhome. I have such a trailer and the rear of the trailer is known as "Dove Tail" it is made for hauling vehicles and equipment. The MH looks to be a 24,000 lb. chassis and that would be 12 tons which looks to be what the trailer is with two 6,000 lb. axles. I doubt the MH weighs over 17,000 lb.. The truck can handle that load. My truck is a 2,000 F350 7.3 4X4 CC LB DRW and can handle 26,000 lb. combined weight.
  8. I used the above link and it took me to my account, I clicked the renew button and it just refreshed me back to my account. I used their CONTACT link and emailed them that I wanted to renew but no reply. I suspect the COVID-19 has infected this website and there is no one around to vaccinate it. It needs to be put on life support.
  9. I am at 12' 11" and have traveled all over the west and only one time did I have low clearance problem and that was in northern CA at a KOA campground. The lot they assigned me had a tree with a low limb. I always look before I leap. Their maintenance crew cut it down so I could park. Although I am shorter than you, I see no problem with 70 feet in most anywhere you would want to park. The east coast is more of a concern especially the northeast and some secondary roads in the south.. WATCH OUT FOR LOW CLEARANCES.
  10. My coach bays are headed by furnace but I do not use furnace while stored unless it gets extremely cold for several days. I installed 120 V, 250 Watt electric heaters with fans in all bays with plumbing and tanks, also backup shop lights with 60 watt heat blubs. Inside the coach at each end are 120 V, 750/1500 Watt quartz heaters with fans set to maintain 50 F. I open all cabinet doors to plumbing. The coach is plugged into 50 AMP service at its pad in back yard. If freezing weather is forecast I flip breaker on to the service, otherwise it stays turned off. A wireless transmitter sends the bays temperature to receiver in the house.
  11. I read that President Trump had all his steaks extra well done and his chef commented about them rocking on the plate. I prefer all my meat well done. Cook it until all alien life within them are dead.
  12. Take batteries to O'Reilly's, Auto Zone. Advance, NAPA or some such auto part retailer and they will load test them for free.
  13. Any window can be an escape hatch with a good hatchet. Break out a solid or sliding window and throw some protection over the lower edges. If really needed one could chop an exit hole through a wall in a few moments time with a good hatchet. Firemen use them all the time. A good camping hatchet, or two, located mid and aft inside near windows may save a life or two.
  14. It cost nothing to make another sub-form to allow members to discuss items wanted for purchase, or items for sale, or items for free; such as Escapees and IRV2 provides for their members, as also a few other RV forums that I visit.. In fact one of the little to non used forums now existing here now could be renamed for such a purpose. Its all in house for members use only. Allow no personal contact information for public view. All personal contact information for members only. One would need to join the forum to contact listing member for information via PM. I notice that several of the now existing forums have garnered less that a couple hundred replies with one having only garnered only 3 topics with a total of 13 replies for all three topics. How is that serving the interest of the members? The waste of forum space could perhaps be better utilized for members interest. A forum not being used is a useless forum and does not serve the members interest. I would be interested in a forum where members could list wanted, for sale and free items. I am sure it would garner more than 3 topics and 13 replies. Think "the powers to be" have an interest in improving the forum for the members interests? 👀
  15. My experience with the air gun vaccination was in 1957. No real problem with it. In 1968 I had a nurse give me a injection with a regular needle in my left hip and I fell like a rock totally unconscious. When I came too I was on a stretcher with Dr. and nurse trying to resituate me and my wife was standing by my side. No problem following and never knew what happen. I understand I was out for several minutes as they sent someone to waiting room and got my wife and she was with me for some time.
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