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  1. This info from Circle K website. Expires 11-16-22 10¢ per gallon. Up to 20 gallons. Valid at participating Circle K Fuel locations on fuel of any grade. Taxes may apply. Each coupon can only be used once per customer. Coupon expires November 16, 2022. No cash value. Counter must be counting down with current date and time to redeem. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  2. Inspections are a state matter, there is no one inspection to fit all. your question will have to meet the requirements of New York State. They can answer your question.
  3. Back during week 10 should have hired an attorney...Perhaps now rather than seeking advice on internet forum. Engage an attorney.
  4. charlieiam

    Gas or Diesel

    I have been coast to coast different times and not had any problem thus far crossing mountains with a 39 ft.3 slides, V10, 362 HP towing a Jeep. The underpowered diesels have a problem with the steep grades. I own a diesel F350 4X4 CC DRW therefore I am familiar with diesels. I would not consider any diesel motorhome 32 ft or over unless it had more than 350 HP and 6 speed Trans.
  5. charlieiam

    22.5 tires

    I run Michelin XRV and they have been excellent. Quite and smooth ride. On second set. Dealer paid me $100.00 per old tire trade in when installing new ones. They were only 8 years old. They are made in Canada. I called Michelin and paid them their cost and paid the dealer labor for installation.
  6. I Pulled up to the toll booth on the WVA turnpike and the attendant lady asked me if I was towing a Jeep. I replied; "This is a Jeep pusher." I could tell by her scowl that she was not amused.
  7. I have had Good Sam Platinum Plus for years and am satisfied with their service. They cover all my vehicles including the ones I own, rent, borrow, or ride in, including anything towed; for all my family. They do have cheaper plans for those who are budget conscience.
  8. I have used a Blue Ox 10,000 lb. tow bar and a Brake Buddy for many years and both still give great service. Easy and quick to connect or disconnect and to change to another vehicle when desired. It also is proportional braking.
  9. A fib is a lie. fib [fib] NOUN a lie, typically an unimportant one. "parents told little white fibs about out-of-wedlock births" synonyms: lie · untruth · falsehood ·  [more] VERB tell an unimportant lie. synonyms: lie · tell a fib · tell a lie ·  [more]
  10. i only need to run dash air during travel in current coach. I had a Coachmen years ago and had to run roof air to keep cool. There was no insulation behind the overhead cabinets over the cockpit area. Probably little to none elsewhere.
  11. Your odds of winning are better in Vegas.
  12. I have a forum and the only way to change an ID name is by the Admin. Other profile information can be changed by the member.
  13. For years I have avoided salt in my food. We cook without salt and if someone wants salt they must add it. I also avoid sugar. I have gained a taste for salt free steaks and other meats and vegetables. In fact I like my meats without all the added flavors that do not taste like the real food I am eating. No Salt and No Sugar has been the diet of millions for generations. One must acquire a taste for them. However when dining out it is impossible to find dishes that are salt free. I also drink my coffee plain black and caffeine free. Taste is acquired. One can train their taste for healthy foods or otherwise.
  14. Several of the British cars had positive ground. I owned an Austin Healey with positive ground. Took some engineering to make a negative ground shortwave radio work in it.
  15. Good decision . Gives everyone the option to read and that is what a RV forum should be. It also encourages non-members to join if they have something to share or questions they need help with..
  16. I own a 2008 Newmar albeit not a Dutch Star. Other than a few minor things that I have corrected myself, I had the awning motor replaced, a stuck caliper replaced, new set of tires and batteries. The house and cabinetry are up to Amish standard quality and reputation; beautiful solid clear maple interior. Used condition will depend upon the previous owners' care and maintenance. New condition will depend upon the quality now being offered under the ownership of Winnebago. A quality used Newmar has a reputation...the future is unknown.
  17. I googled and spent hours on the Canadian website which is loaded with travel information from the US through Canada to Alaska. If one should take the ferry trip and stopped at any Canadian port and exit ferry they would be quarantined for 10-14 days. Same rigid rules to traveling through Canada by vehicle.... at fuel stations they say to pay at pump and not to go inside or have contact with others. Same about stopping for any other reason along highway, which they discourage. Must be quarantined if over night in motel, grocery shop, sight see, etc. They will issue a pass withy specified hours to exit the country at Alaska. Must submit itinerary before entering along with required covid-19 vaccinations, etc. Same for BC as again for Yukon. Flying and avoiding any contact with Canada is the recommended way but then one has to comply with off boarding rules of Alaska. Hoops, hoops and more, hoops; just thinking about it makes one feel like a circus lion jumping through their hoops.
  18. All that is needed for the receiver is to get an adapter from 1.5" to 2". I tow a Jeep Wrangler with 2 bikes on rear hitch and use bungie cords to prevent any movement of the bikes or wheel spinning. With the bikes I am at 60' which is fine.
  19. If the current owners are American citizens they should have a state title in their name. Some states have digital titles. But the title must be in the name of the seller. All that a buyer would need to do is to pay for the RV and have the owners to sign the title before a notary. I I usually do so before the DMV, bank agent, notary, etc. ; some official that can legally notarize the title transaction. Proceed with caution as there are a lot of scams happening with RV transactions.
  20. According to what I have researched due to the Covid-19 virus situation it is near impossible to make the trip via land unless jumping through lots of new government regulatory hoops .
  21. I replaced the strings in one of our day/night shades last week. The shades are a good idea but give poor service.
  22. Soot sensor Aftertreatment and System Fundamentals for Core Technologies | Cummins
  23. I would consider that good news that you come bearing. It no doubt saves thousands of dollars to know that news and prevent one from learning the truth the hard way. Truth is always good news. May be disappointing but always seek the truth.
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