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  1. Wife and I are going to go out whale watching in Puget Sound on Tuesday the 21st. Not cheap, but it sure sounds like fun!
  2. Could you do it yourself? That's what I would do.
  3. Maybe it's just me, but that looks to be a solution in search of a problem. What I would recommend is that you find a large parking lot (like a mall lot) and practice backing into spots. Then practice some more and practice more and.........well, you get the idea. I couldn't find any info as to the weight, but they can't be light. Then where would you store it for transport?
  4. https://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/arizona/yuma This site shows 93 parks in the vicinity of Yuma. I would think you should be able to find something there. Tom
  5. No, my trailer has a shut off valve on the pump suction between the tank and the antifreeze line. To winterize with antifreeze you would shut the suction valve off and pull the plug on the antifreeze line.
  6. My fifth wheel does the same thing. I have a shut off valve in the pump suction line so that the pump will pull from a jug for winterizing. I just keep that valve shut off and open it when I want to use the water from the tank.
  7. Thanks, Ray. Looks like a nice place, but kinda rich for my blood........
  8. THANKS Everyone! I AM going to go that way! Really looking forward to it!
  9. That sounds a lot like the North Shore of Lake Superior when I used to drive big trucks there.......... On another note, anybody travel 101 in Washington and cross the Astoria Bridge? That bridge looks like fun!!
  10. Has anyone taken Hwy 101 in Oregon? I'm looking at heading south from the Olympic Peninsula this fall/early winter and was thinking about 101. Possibly be taking I-5 down to Portland (or there abouts) and head west form there. Wife has never been in the PNW so I want her to see lots of scenery. I will have a 38' fiver with me and was wondering if it was a decent road to run........
  11. That sounds totally normal. Even though they may look clean there may be enough blockage that it hampers the coil's ability to do its job. A lot of times what ever is blocking the heat transfer is not visible. Your compressor thanks you!!
  12. I know this is an old thread, but I have a story that fits here......... Long time ago when my son was in Boy Scouts (he's 27 now) we were at a camp they used to have called Barksdale in Wisconsin on Chequamegon bay (across the bay from Ashland) and everyone was swimming. I heard some two cycle engines but could not see them for a while. Around a point I see two headlights with skis bouncing. Here comes two snowmobiles right down the MIDDLE of the bay! I could see about 4 miles worth of water and they went all of that and then played around crossing the bay back and forth at the south end! Being from Minnesota I am used to being around them, BUT this was July 31st!!!!
  13. tom73

    Medical Question

    That's what I was thinking. We'll see what the insurance company (Humana/Medicare) says when the time comes.
  14. Wife had a Dr. appt. today and the doctor would like her to get her A1C checked in about 6 months. What type of medical facility would be best for when the time comes? Clinic, hospital? worst part is, we don't even know where we're going to be then..............
  15. I was thinking about one of these, but decided that for what I do I will use my phone as a hot spot. It's a TMobile phone and the unlimited data hot spot is a $15 add on. I don't know if that is still offered since wife and I got our phones a few years ago.
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