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  1. Sorry I'm late to this party, but I am one of those that used the FMCAssist. My late wife was diagnosed with liver cancer in early January 2022. We were in the Las Vegas area and wanted her to get back to our home area so she could at least see our three kids. Long story short, it was a BED TO BED transfer by the air ambulance crew. They came right to her room in Vegas, had a waiting ground ambulance to go to the airport, a ground ambulance to go from the Duluth MN airport to the next hospital, and right to her room. The crew were some of the most professional you could ever want. I NEVER saw any kind of a bill from them! The only problem I had was trying to coordinate through the hospital (that's a whole 'nother story). Once I started coordinating with them myself everything went quite smooth Tom
  2. The first thing to look at is how level the trailer is when hooked up. Then the next thing is to see how much clearance you have between the truck bed and trailer. If you have 5 inches clearance you shouldn't have much problem, but more is better.
  3. I may not be correct, but that sounds a lot like a groung problem. Look around the ECM for a bunch of wires going to ground and try cleaning the connection(s).
  4. tom73

    Stair vent.

    I would not recommend you cover the vent in your stairs. That would be the return air for your furnace.
  5. Herman, that is strange. I called the number on the back of the ID card and GMMI was who answered. They even asked for my FMCA number. No, I have not seen any bill from them. It wasn't fun to get things arranged and then the hospital she was in tried to take credit for arranging everything. My word of advice is to not get sick in the Las Vegas area.......
  6. No, my wife passed away on May 24th from the cancer. GMMI is the insurance company that answers the number that is given for the plan. No, I didn't contact Chubbs. I have no idea who that is.
  7. I want to give my take on the FMCA Assist benefit and see if this is/was correct. Back in January my wife was diagnosed with liver cancer. Long story short, in April she is in a hospital in Las Vegas and going down hill rather quickly. I wanted to get her back to Duluth, MN so she would be near our kids and in familiar territory, so I called GMMI. First thing I was told was "Sure we can transport her". Next was "Well, now we need this paper (or something to that effect), then it was a go. No, now this other paper is needed so I supplied that. Next was "we'll give you an update withing two hours". 48 hours later I called (again) and was told some other paper was needed. After almost three full weeks my wife was finally flown home and due to our pets we decided I should bring the truck and trailer home. It was so frustrating that I even called the air ambulance company just for reassurance. I even got a phone call from the CEO of the air ambulance company about the headaches and hassle of trying to arrange the flight. They would NOT tranport for treatment, would NOT transport for possible life saving surgery, and would only tranport for palliative care or hospice care. I questioned why there would not be transport for care, surgery, etc. but they will tranport for a patient to die and was told "Well, it's policy". I will say, the air crew was the most proffesional and polite crew you could ever ask for. Tom
  8. tom73

    Mixing tire brands

    The tag really doesn't care what brand is on it. It's not like the steer that can cause safety issues with handling, not like a drive axle where you have one tire having slightly larger diameter or different diameters on each side. Both wheels on the tag freewheel and are not connected to each other or any other tire/wheel combination.
  9. Wife and I are going to go out whale watching in Puget Sound on Tuesday the 21st. Not cheap, but it sure sounds like fun!
  10. Could you do it yourself? That's what I would do.
  11. Maybe it's just me, but that looks to be a solution in search of a problem. What I would recommend is that you find a large parking lot (like a mall lot) and practice backing into spots. Then practice some more and practice more and.........well, you get the idea. I couldn't find any info as to the weight, but they can't be light. Then where would you store it for transport?
  12. https://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/arizona/yuma This site shows 93 parks in the vicinity of Yuma. I would think you should be able to find something there. Tom
  13. No, my trailer has a shut off valve on the pump suction between the tank and the antifreeze line. To winterize with antifreeze you would shut the suction valve off and pull the plug on the antifreeze line.
  14. My fifth wheel does the same thing. I have a shut off valve in the pump suction line so that the pump will pull from a jug for winterizing. I just keep that valve shut off and open it when I want to use the water from the tank.
  15. Thanks, Ray. Looks like a nice place, but kinda rich for my blood........
  16. THANKS Everyone! I AM going to go that way! Really looking forward to it!
  17. That sounds a lot like the North Shore of Lake Superior when I used to drive big trucks there.......... On another note, anybody travel 101 in Washington and cross the Astoria Bridge? That bridge looks like fun!!
  18. Has anyone taken Hwy 101 in Oregon? I'm looking at heading south from the Olympic Peninsula this fall/early winter and was thinking about 101. Possibly be taking I-5 down to Portland (or there abouts) and head west form there. Wife has never been in the PNW so I want her to see lots of scenery. I will have a 38' fiver with me and was wondering if it was a decent road to run........
  19. That sounds totally normal. Even though they may look clean there may be enough blockage that it hampers the coil's ability to do its job. A lot of times what ever is blocking the heat transfer is not visible. Your compressor thanks you!!
  20. I know this is an old thread, but I have a story that fits here......... Long time ago when my son was in Boy Scouts (he's 27 now) we were at a camp they used to have called Barksdale in Wisconsin on Chequamegon bay (across the bay from Ashland) and everyone was swimming. I heard some two cycle engines but could not see them for a while. Around a point I see two headlights with skis bouncing. Here comes two snowmobiles right down the MIDDLE of the bay! I could see about 4 miles worth of water and they went all of that and then played around crossing the bay back and forth at the south end! Being from Minnesota I am used to being around them, BUT this was July 31st!!!!
  21. tom73

    Medical Question

    That's what I was thinking. We'll see what the insurance company (Humana/Medicare) says when the time comes.
  22. Wife had a Dr. appt. today and the doctor would like her to get her A1C checked in about 6 months. What type of medical facility would be best for when the time comes? Clinic, hospital? worst part is, we don't even know where we're going to be then..............
  23. I was thinking about one of these, but decided that for what I do I will use my phone as a hot spot. It's a TMobile phone and the unlimited data hot spot is a $15 add on. I don't know if that is still offered since wife and I got our phones a few years ago.
  24. Here is another suggestion....... Fill the sink, keep the grey valve closed and use a plunger if it will seal in the sink. The key is to try to work the plunger fairly fast and then push down hard to get it compressed. Then pull it back up quickly. That may dislodge what ever is lodged. With the grey tank empty the sink should drain some until the tank gets some water in it. You can also try the same thing in the shower.
  25. Over the last spring I noticed the pin box was going up into the body of my trailer by about an inch. I nursed the trailer to where we (wife and I) spend the summer (we full time) and tore into it. I found the corners had small cracks, but nothing that would allow the pin box to move like it was. After really looking at things the design of the frame was sorely lacking....... I discovered that there were bolts that ran through the body (from the inside) to the frame in the bedroom. I was able to access six of them but couldn't find others. Out of the six ONE was snug, and two of them were sticking out about 1/2"! Where the 2'X6" frame comes from the front and meets the frame where the drop is they didn't bother to weld the bottom! I bought 20' of 2"X2" angle iron and cut four pieces about 3 feet long. I bolted them to both frame members so that one side was horizontal and the other side was vertical. I took them out and welded them together. There are now 26-5/16X3/4" fine thread grade 8 bolts holding the two pieces so they can't move like they were. I wanted to weld the frame, but it was too tight and the proximity of the body was concerning. I did weld the cracks you see in the pictures. Now when I hook up the pin box only moves about 3/16"!! Woo Hoo!! I guess I will find out this fall if I did a good job or not........ We're heading to the west coast from Minnesota and going to work our was south this winter.
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