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  1. Luxury Coach Service, 1750 E Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX is our go-to service facility. I just talked to Dodie Pratz (Owner) -- they are now scheduling service appointments in February. This is probably later that you need but I recommend them.
  2. Here's a guide on how to get diagnostic codes and what the codes mean.Allison 3000 / 4000 Transmission Select and Diagnostic Code
  3. Information can be found on the FMCA Website: Fuel Discounts | FMCA
  4. The Country Coach Interntional chapter has a lot of contacts and information to help CC owners. https://countrycoachclub.com/Slider
  5. Please PM me with forum account user name so I can research the problem and get back to you.
  6. The contact information for Shade Pro can be found in the FMCA RV Market Place. The contact information is: Shade Pro Inc 800-328-5100 2505 Folex Way / Spring Valley, CA 91978 USA
  7. Doc, I agree with your interpretation of the policy terms. But there are two examples that come to mind involving actual incidents where FMCA members I know that serve to demonstrate how Seven Corners, in conjunction with the attending physician at the nearest facility have determined the member needed to be transported to their personal physician for treatment. One involved a cardiac issue and the other a knee replacement. In both instances, FMCAssist covered the costs associated with local transport and the subsequent travel to home. Ken
  8. Bill, Just so everyone know the source for RV Travel post, it is in part based on information distributed last week to FMCA's Governing Board members. It also reflects the attitude of a disgruntled competitor. FMCA is the largest member-owned RV club and, as such, has an open communications philosophy. EVERY member has access to all financial information, board meeting minutes and details about all committees and reports. Simply go the the Governance tab at the bottom of your profile page for the link to the Governance site. The issues presented in the GB Communication are intended to both inform members of the financial and operational issues and it provides a natural stimulus for members to provide input and comment about their concerns. It goes without saying that we are in midst of a perfect-storm in the RVing world. FMCA's value proposition is under attack brought about by technological and generational changes demanding new methods of imparting information FMCA historically provides through conventions, rallies and seminars. The leadership of FMCA is being guided by it's member suggested key focus areas related to revitalization of all aspects of the organization, marketing and branding, technology, volunteer engagement all of which requires open communication. The most important things we members can do is to get valid information - such as is available on the Governance site - and participate in discussions to use that information in valid ways to support the influence the orderly evolution of FMCA. Secondly, from a financial perspective, recruit new members. Especially younger, diversified, creative and willing to promote the RVing community. Being willing to participate in supporting FMCA also entails offering oneself to service in support of Chapters, Areas and National Committees. Additional information about volunteering can be found on the Member Engagement webpage, a link for which can be found on your Member Profile page -- it's a tile on the left-hand side of the display under the Member Directory tile when viewing the screen on laptop or computer.
  9. The best approach is to Contact FMCA's Chapter Services department by e-mailing chapters@fmca.com or calling (800) 543-3622.
  10. One of the Member Engagement Survey respondents suggested a feature be added to the Forum and would allow members to receive weekly emails of forum posts. The good news is that functionality already exists. All a user needs to do is to click on the Follow tab at the top right part of the screen for the topic category.
  11. Increasing membership engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations of all types and sizes. Finding ways to engage the needs of the “next generation” of members is ultimately what keeps an organization going. FMCA has created a Membership Engagement Committee to develop strategies that can be used to get members more involved. Help FMCA president Jon Walker achieve his vision of FMCA becoming a more member-driven organization! Please provide your feedback by taking this quick survey, and watch this video about Jon’s vision. Here is the survey and video link: Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFRhyuUIxcE Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RMCBY2R
  12. We had ours fixed at Luxury Coach Services, 1750 E. IH 30, Rockwall. 972-771-8200. Dale Pratz is the owner and his firm, an FMCA Commercial member, is a full service RV repair & service facility.
  13. The Beaver Ambassador Club is an FMCA Chapter which as a Technical Forum on its website: http://beaveramb.org/technical-support/ They may have access to the wiring diagrams or provide other information.
  14. Now my towable friends can join in our FMCA activities. To me it’s all about the fellowship and fun not the platform.
  15. Link to Download Copy of Diesel RV Club's July Rally Activity Schedule The above link provides a quick way to access the schedule
  16. The Activity Schedule is now being prepared -- it does include both technical sessions and craft sessions. The Activity Schedule will be posted on the Diesel RV Club website as soon as available. Diesel RV Club Website: http://www.dieselrvclub.org/ Rally information: http://www.dieselrvclub.org/Rallies
  17. There are multiple FMCA Chapters with "Diesel" in the name. If you are referring to the Diesel RV Club, there will probably be a social meeting during the Indianapolis Convention. Their business meeting will be held at the Amish Connection Rally the week of July 2 - 7, 2017 at the Pla-Mor Campground, Bremer, IN.
  18. FMCA’s governance model is comprised of an Executive Board. Four members of the Board (President, Sr. Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer) and each of the Area Vice Presidents and immediate Past President. FMCA areas are Eastern, Great Lakes, International, Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, Rocky Mountain, South Central, Southeast, and Western. The Executive Board is responsible to all FMCA Members and are elected by National Directors, presumably, the Directorships to which you refer. National Directors are selected by active FMCA chapters to serve on the Governing Board. The Governing Board is the body with oversight responsibility for the affairs, funds, and property of FMCA, and the power to carry out the purpose of FMCA in accordance with the Constitution, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and the Strategic Plan. In practice, approximately 30% of members are "directly" represented by the National Directors since only that number of members belong to Chapters. National Directors must approve items to come before Members for approval (such as Bylaws amendments). Area Vice Presidents too have a responsibility, along with National Officers, to represent member interests just as you suggested. FMCA also receives input and guidance from a large number of committees, each of which are comprised of members of the Executive Board and members at large.
  19. Carl, FMCA is in the process of finalizing the changes that will enable members so set their own profile to personally filter the kinds of emails they are willing to receive. They are taking steps to address your concern. Ken Carpenter, Jr., Long Range & Development Committee, Chairman
  20. DESCRIPTION: The Soi Motorhome Club, formerly called Sportscoach Owners International, has been in existence since 1972. We were a factory club, until the manufacturer was moved to Elkhart Indiana. The club members decided to keep the club in California and change the name to the Soi Motorhome Club. Our membership is open to anyone within FMCA's rules of class A or class C motorhomes. We have clubs throughout the United States and each of them is independent in putting on their club rallies. We are a social club, thus, we do not deal with repairs, problems, or anything to do with motorhome services. Instead we say we are in the people business. Our members enjoy the company of each other and in the past we have toured in caravans all over North America and Canada. We also have toured parts of Mexico, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia under the leadership of Scott Brady. We even had an exploratory trip to South America. At this point we are looking for members who have a destination in mind and want friends to come with them. With this in mind, a caravan can be formed and a new adventure begins. We are all volunteers and put out a newsletter when it is needed. We have FMCA chapter president, Cal Landreth, who attends all of the FMCA events for us. Our main rally has been the Pasadena Rose Parade Rally that takes place culminating at the end of the year and bringing in the New Year with the Rose Parade on January 1 of each year. In 2010, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary of putting on this rally. For updates visit our website at www.Soiclub.com, or call our club president, Ed Waldheim, (cell) 760- 373-0033 or (office) 800-423-2639. Ext 215.
  21. This is a great example of steps that can be taken which would benefit both members and chapters. Your post has been forwarded to FMCA management and its Long Range & Development Committee.
  22. Skip, It is my understanding, like you’ve stated, an organization’s purpose can be very narrow with all potential activities being nailed down to a very narrow scope or written as broadly as possible so as to allow an organization to adapt to changing needs and expectations over time. FMCA’s articles are of the very narrow variety which makes it extremely difficult and inflexible when it comes to addressing changing market opportunities or business realities. In fact, coupled with its narrow or operationally specific Charter and bylaws as well as tight policies and procedures, some of which require governing board and/or member approval, it can take a minimum of three years to adjust to the organizational evolutional demands. Aside from the personal relationships our members develop – which serves as a glue for retention – our core value proposition is based on the delivery of information. Both existing and future members are increasingly looking to mobile technology (e.g. smart phones and tablets) for immediate answers. In today’s world, competition has shifted to “business models” whether online information access and purchasing capability pose a tremendous threat to the motorhome industry partners with whom FMCA works to meet member needs. FMCA needs to be able to adjust its business model so that it will be able to continue to serve its members. Making the proposed change in FMCA’s Articles of Incorporation will take one year out of the timeline for any future change. All of the other approvals will still be required – going from three years down to two years is a good start. That’s the 50 thousand foot view. During debate the question was raised regarding where the bottom line intent of the motion was to allow towables into FMCA. It was answered that this was not the ultimate question, but it does open the door. Having served on FMCA’s Long Range Development Committee the past couple of years my perspective on the proposed change is both philosophic and practical. FMCA has a proud heritage founded on the spirit of serving the changing interests and expectations of members in enhancing their enjoyment of their motorhomes. Ken Carpenter, F312233 National Director, Diesel RV Club, an FMCA Chapter
  23. The Diesel RV Club's summer rally will be held on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario at Brennan Beach RV Resort July 17 - 22, 2016. The rally features five nights of camping, three hot breakfasts, three catered dinners plus one cold breakfast, three days technical seminars, crafts and lifestyle presentations, and an owner round table. http://dieselrvclub.org/event-2161811
  24. dldrake, You've asked a great question and the answers are widely discussed with many opinions. IMO: Before asking about a specific company it will be worthwhile to do two things: go to an independent broker, such as Wholesale Warranties, who represent the major companies in this business. They will also explain the different types of coverage plans typically offered (exclusive risks -- the following list of stuff is specifically exclude) and inclusive risks (only the following specific things will be covered). Then, decide the type of coverage that is important to you. No matter what company you go with -- or not -- it is critical that you know what to expect before you pay for any coverage.
  25. You may want to check the following discussion thread on the potential benefits of "performance chips." http://forum.dieselrvclub.org/index.php/topic,5490.msg9447.html#msg9447
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