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  1. We have a Coleman basement air conditioner in our 2002 Winnebago. Over the years we have had a lot of problems with this unit, and have spent over $4000.00 in repairs. The latest problem we have not been able to get fixed. The problem is a LOUD NOISE vibration coming from the squirrel cage blower,if you bang on the bottom of the blower. the noise will stop until the unit stops and recycles. On a trip to ME we had it looked at and they said it was the blower motor. We had the motor replaced at a cost of $750..OO. That fixed the problem for about 5 hours. Then on a trip to GA we had it looked at again. This time we were told it was the blower motor again caused by not replacing the pillow block bearing when they replaced the motor the first time as the bearing was seizing. They then replaced the motor and bearing for $850.00. This lasted for 3 hrs use. We now have the problem back Not sure what to do next. PS Our camping neighbors hope we fix this soon.
  2. Thanks for all the helpful information. you guys are the greatest Steve
  3. We are in Brunswick GA Heard of the rally in Perry. Was wondering if it was possible to come up and visit for a day. Not interested in the entertainment or seminars just would like to walk around see the displays and venders.Wondering what we would need for tickets and where to get them? Thank you Steve & Margaret Smith F423109 also need directions from Brunswick GA as we are not from here just visiting the area
  4. I have the Rand McNally. It is one of the first ones they made. Again we purchased it way ahead of a trip. When we finally took the trip, it worked for about an hour then said dead battery.This happened even though it was plugged in to the 12 volt charger. This happens on every trip. We got the same response from customer service to late nothing can be done. Very disappointed with the unit and the Company.
  5. We have a 2002 32 ft Winnebago Adventurer. It has only 30,000 miles on it. We get between 6.5 and 7.5 MPG. Never any better.
  6. We have 2 Fantastic fans. One has the Fantastic over cover and one has a Camco over cover. They both work..The Fantastic over cover allows the vent to be opened a little wider than the one with Camco over cover. Both are great for being able to leave the vents open when it is raining.
  7. A very good campground right on the water is Anastasia State Park. Nice set up with full hookups
  8. Stayed last year at The Myrtle Beach State Park. More adult oriented. But very nice Full Hookups Walk to the beach Great Time
  9. A good place to camp in the area is the Red Barn Camp Ground. It is closer to Bangor but still easy to get to Acadia and Bar Harbor. It is an older campground under new ownership The New Owners are very nice,and have been doing a lot of updating. We stayed 10 days last year and had a great time.
  10. Artillery Ridge In Gettysburg is a nice place with lots of things to do in the area Country Acres in Lancaster Is a nice well kept camp ground right in the hart of Amish country
  11. We have 2012 Ford Focus..It has been towed about 3500 miles. So far everything is OK.At first we disconnected just neg.cable from the firewall, but after reading all the posts, we now disconnect the neg. at the firewall and remove the positive at the battery. To solve the brake buddy power problem, we had the front cigarette lighter DISCONNECTED and powered from a line from the coach. The only down side of this is, when not towing there is no power to the lighter. so you have to reach around and use the rear lighter Socket to plug in GPS or Phone Chargers etc.
  12. We tow a 2012 Ford Focus,behind a 32 foot class`A motorhome.We do not use a car cover. We Have a brush mud guard on the coach. We also use a product from Canada called a Protecta-tow. It hooks on the tow bar,and keeps the front of the car protected. We have towed over 3500 miles and the front of the car is still scratch and dent free.The Protecta-tow is available on line from: www.protectatow.com for about $200.00 great company with good service.It is also cheaper than any other car shielding product we looked at. Hope this helps. Steve
  13. In answer to the door lock problem. We lock all the doors with the electric lock,before we disconnect the battery. Then un lock and unlock the drivers door manually With the key as needed when the battery is disconnected .
  14. To answer rmmpe question does removing the key lock the steering . When towing the key stays in the ignition and in the on position. The battery is disconnected so no miles add and the steering remains unlocked. When all set to tow we manually lock the drivers door with a second key for security.
  15. We have a 2012 Ford Focus we have flat towed over 3,000 miles. Because of the electronic odometer and the fact you tow the Ford Focus with the battery disconnected, no miles show. Thank you. sasmit 8
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