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  1. The best cover for the front of a motor home is a Lexan Shield sold by Summit Products in Iowa. We love ours
  2. We have a 2005 American Tradition. Does anyone have any idea how you empty the fresh water tank.
  3. We had a Samsung 3 door refrigerator installed by Classic Coach in Lakeland Florida glad to be rid of our Norcold. They did an excellent job of installing it. It works wonderful.
  4. There is nothing wrong with the headlights now. I would like to be able to clean behind the lens but not sure how to open the cover it appears to be on a hinged mechanism which allows it to swing open.
  5. We have a 2005 American Tradition need to find the number for the headlight and is it possible to undo and change yourself? I understand they are a BMW part but don't have a part number. Any help will be appreciated.
  6. We have a Equalizer system in our 2005 American Tradition when we leave a site we do retract all and it does. Heading down the road we get a shrill whistle saying front right is down. But on checking everything is up. Any advice on this problem.
  7. dennysnine

    No Power

    We actually lost everything, lights worked on 12 volt, but nothing on shore power. Even though computer board showed all shore power coming in, Micro and refrigerator would not work only on inverter. Denise
  8. dennysnine

    No Power

    We have a 2005 American Tradition. Thanks
  9. dennysnine

    No Power

    We lost microwave power plus our residential fridge.
  10. dennysnine

    No Power

    We made a mistake of overloading by plugging 1 extra item in, then lost our power. Any suggestions how to repair. Did no trip any thing. Board shows shore power coming into coach but no power. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. We lost power in our American Tradition coach by overloading the circuit. Any idea on fixing this? 12 volt all works and everything works on inverter. We just made a mistake by adding one extra item, then lost our shore power. Any reply would be welcome.
  12. We have Samsung 3 door model in our Tradition and it works great, no problems.
  13. What do use to hold the green board on the wall?
  14. We have a Lexan shield the best kind to have. Much better than a Diamond shield.
  15. If anyone needs any electrical repair the perfect repair is in Ohio City, OH. at M&M Electronic Repair. For all Your RV Electrical Needs: Inverter Charging Systems Leveler Control Systems Battery Control Centers Circuit Board Repair Electronic Repair, Installation & Design If in doubt, please call Mark Bayus Phone 419-965-2662 Cell 419-203-2827 205 Main St, - Ohio City, OH 45874 http://mmelectronicrepair.com/ We have a 2005 American Tradition and had our coach and all its electrical and 12 volt all repaired by Mark at M&M, the work he does was excellent, We now have a first rate electrical system, If you have any questions please call Mark he is super with electric work on Motorhomes.
  16. Thank you for the tip we didn't find a valve, but took hose off the water pump and it let out all the water, Thanks for your help.
  17. We have a 2005 American Tradition motorhome. We need to empty the fresh water tank. No books to tell us how to do this. Does anyone have any idea about valves or anything to turn to get the water out?
  18. We were going to put Safe T Plus steering control on our 2005 American Traditon, Camping World checked for us but because we have front end independent suspension on our Spartan chassis, we would have to go to the Safe T Plus center in Decatur, Georgia for them to do it at a cost of $1,200.00. compared to Camping World's $600. A little costly.
  19. dennysnine

    Tire Blowout Today

    We had a blowout on the front driver side tire on I-75 in Florida. It caused us to cross 3 lanes from the slow lane, to middle, to fast before running along the grass and stopping about 10 inches from the guard rail. At least nobody was involved and no injuries. It actually destroyed the fiberglass around the wheel, pulled the fuel door off plus the fuel tube out and damaged the air lines. It is now in a repair shop in Fort Myers, and we are stuck in a hotel. We were actually on our way back to our RV resort where we had been staying since December 1. One main problem seems trouble trying to locate the new tire. When we were towed the shop is next door to Camping World. Tire was ordered through Camping World. Did not know tires would be so hard to come by.
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