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  1. cpenn

    Coolant Leak

    Front of engine (rear of coach) & off center (looking from the back of the coach just a little to the left of center)
  2. cpenn

    Coolant Leak

    Coolant leaks at rear of engine (not under radiator) at a small drip only when engine is not running...Cummins ISC 330.
  3. cpenn

    Irregular Tire Wear

    Tires are 4 years old and coach is 10 years old
  4. cpenn

    Irregular Tire Wear

    Herman, I have IFS...I will contact the shop where the tires were put on...They specialize in semi truck tire installation and repair so they should be able to give me a proper alignment. Thanks, Charles
  5. cpenn

    Irregular Tire Wear

    Brett: Spartan with IFS Jim: Tread is worn evenly on just the last outside tread on the front passenger side tire...52,000 miles...10 years old Herman: Would a front end alignment solve a camber issue? I am very limited on the mechanical side so I appreciate the help...Thanks
  6. cpenn

    Irregular Tire Wear

    Extreme outside tread on passenger side front tire has half the tread left of the other tires tread on the coach ('04 KSDP 39')...Tires are 4 years old with about 15,000 miles...Would appreciate advice.
  7. So glad you are ok...Do you know if any of the roads are open to Estes Park?...We were there in August...We went in on 36 and went out on 34 thru the canyon...I heard the roads were all closed.
  8. We just left Estes Park on 08-21-13 and took US-34 out to I-25...One of the most beautiful stretches of road in the country.
  9. Thanks for the info...I will check all of these places out.
  10. I will be going to Denver, Mt Rushmore, & Yellowstone the last two weeks of August through the first two weeks of September...I have never camped in these areas before...I will be in a 39' DP with a Jeep Liberty toad...Would appreciate suggestions on the best places to stay.
  11. Wanted recommendations for either a surge protector or a meter I could plug in the campground outlet to check the power. I am going on a long trip this year and will be staying in numerous campgrounds.
  12. My wife is the admin. asst. to the police chief in our town...The traffic cameras are just another way for the municipalities to collect revenue...Safety has nothing to do with it...The money is split between the vendor and the municipality...In the old days when revenues were down the mayor would tell the chief to start writing tickets, now they just park the vehicle with cameras where the speed limit changes and cha-ching...In one instance they wrote 336 tickets in one day on a saturday by a park where a soccer tournament was being held. p.s. A bill was just introduced in the Ohio legislature that would make all traffic cameras illegal in the state.
  13. I use an Iphone with a mobile hot spot through Verizon...I have been very satisfied but I have never been in the situation of "no service"...Unless you want to spend big bucks there will always be a situation where you just have to talk to the spouse or yourself...lol
  14. Herman, We will be gone from home about 3 months. We plan on leaving middle of August and in Seattle by middle of Sept...Our plan is to do Rushmore, Yellowstone, Glacier, and be out of there by the 2nd week of Sept...Do you think the weather will still be ok through the middle of Sept? Charles
  15. Thanks for all the info...This is our first trip out west and we will be in no hurry...Planning on taking 3 months and driving about 7,000 miles.
  16. We will also be driving the same highway in a diesel pusher pulling a car probably in Sept...Any experienced help would be appreciated.
  17. Navarre Beach Campground is close to Ft Walton...If you like state parks, Henderson Beach in Destin (no pool and just water & electric, but just a short walk to beach) or Topsail Hill (pool and full hookups inc cable, but a longer walk to beach) are great campgrounds...Another option would be Camping On The Gulf which is also near Destin.
  18. I had a IOTA ITS-50R fail in 2009 due to a connection overheaing...When I checked, about half of the connections were loose...I replaced with a like ATS and so far there has been no problems...IMHO, most of these issues go back to the assembly of these great traveling machines...The manufacturers try to assemble thousands of components in one week which will always result in these kind of problems...I still would not trade motor home travel for any other mode of travel...Brett, thanks for the PM advice...I try to keep up with everything but I will definitely check all of my electrical connections on an annual basis in the future.
  19. cpenn

    East Coast "10

    N.Y., R.I., N.H., VT., ME, MASS., CT.
  20. cpenn

    EAST COAST 2010 433

    From the album: East Coast "10

    Mystic Pizza...Mystic, Ct.
  21. cpenn

    EAST COAST 2010 394

    From the album: East Coast "10

    Pell Bridge...Newport, R.I.
  22. cpenn

    EAST COAST 2010 301

    From the album: East Coast "10

    Portland Head Light, Me.
  23. cpenn

    EAST COAST 2010 276

    From the album: East Coast "10

    Hubble Light, Me.
  24. cpenn

    EAST COAST 2010 209

    From the album: East Coast "10

    Sunrise...Bar Harbor, Me.
  25. cpenn

    EAST COAST 2010 131

    From the album: East Coast "10

    Mt Washington, N.H.
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