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    EAST COAST 2010 055

    From the album: East Coast "10

    Stowe, Vt.
  2. cpenn

    Power Surge

    Plugged into shore power...heard a strange humming sound...went inside coach and the TV, microwave, Winegard power distributor, sat receiver would not turn on...the refer would only work on gas...while generator was on, 110 plugs would only work when inverter was on...any suggestions?
  3. Gary, I just experienced the same problem. My ground problem was so bad I burnt up two curcuit boards while trying to find the problem. I finally found the negative side of the motor with a small ground wire going to the back of the circuit board. I wire brushed the connector and bolt but no luck. Evidently the wire went bad because the motor would not budge. I ran a ground wire from the negative side of the motor to the chassis (ground off a new location on the chassis, drilled a hole, and attached a new battery cable with screw & nut). So far, jacks have worked flawlessly. I do not understand how you can use a small ground wire, which was not attached to the chassis, on a high amp motor. I also have a Newmar so I assume the pump was installed the same way. In my opinion this is just a shortcut that is doomed to fail from the start. Thanks for your post because it got me started in the right direction. Charles
  4. I went to the Northeast Sept 10 thru Sept 26, 2010...N.Y. Thruway to the Green Mts. of Vermont (Von Trapp Lodge in Stowe)...White Mts of N.H. (Mt Washington is a must stop) ...Bar Harbor in Maine was next...Then down the Maine coast to R.I. (Newport is beautiful), Mass. & Ct. (take RT 1 to bypass the Maine tolls: very expensive). Next time will go around the first of Oct to see the foliage at its peak.
  5. I have a 2004 model Winegard in-motion dome antenna that has worked very well. I have also been told that Directv is a better choice for the in-motion application.
  6. Turn key to acc...Push level button, lights up fine...push arrow to extend jacks and the lights go out on the control board...Has anyone experienced this problem or no the cause.
  7. I am an independent insurance agent and the best claims service for an RV is through Progressive. They are very competitive when your RV is new, but they base their rates on the age of the motorhome, so as your RV gets older their rates go up even though the value is dropping. As far as I know Foremost is a reputable company and any company FMCA endorses should be fine. The bottom line is to do your homework re: "service after the sale" because price is not everything when you have a claim on an expensive RV.
  8. I have a friend who has towed a VW Beetle (standard trans) for seven years...four wheels down...no problem. He called VW first & they would not guarantee four wheels down, but he went ahead & seven years later...no problem.
  9. First time in the area...40 DP with a Jeep Liberty toad...Looking for campground help near St Augustine.
  10. cpenn

    Va Beach Sept 2009

    Pictures of a great trip to Va Beach.
  11. cpenn

    Va Beach \'09 012.jpg

    From the album: Va Beach Sept 2009

    Va. Beach resort
  12. cpenn

    Va Beach \'09 023.jpg

    From the album: Va Beach Sept 2009

    Virginia Beach, Va
  13. cpenn


    From the album: Va Beach Sept 2009

    Ocean City, Md
  14. cpenn

    Va Beach \'09 021.jpg

    From the album: Va Beach Sept 2009

    Bodie Island Lighthouse
  15. cpenn

    Va Beach \'09 016.jpg

    From the album: Va Beach Sept 2009

    Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
  16. cpenn

    Va Beach \'09 013.jpg

    From the album: Va Beach Sept 2009

    Sunset @ Va Beach Resort
  17. cpenn

    Va Beach \'09 002.jpg

    From the album: Va Beach Sept 2009

    Blue Ridge Mt Pkwy
  18. cpenn

    Va Beach \'09 009.jpg

    From the album: Va Beach Sept 2009

    Campsite @ Va Beach Resort
  19. Looking for campground recommendations in St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, Fla.
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