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  1. how old are your batteries? these things take a lot of "juice"
  2. Carl, I saw this coach driving in the country the other day. If it was in my yard, this would not happen.
  3. we will be home up on the hill in mineral wells on 14th new client arrives on 15th
  4. anyone headed to hill country next weekend? Burnet has the bluebonnet festival. we will be at sunset point park in marble falls
  5. I still have a coach and NOT a camper
  6. Newell- with Valid slides
  7. maybe the reason Goodyear provided tires to manufacturers of rvs ---the lowest bid?
  8. as soon as the front goes thru wed am, I'll wash the bus. We are headed to Broken Bow, Ok for the weekend
  9. what happened to the membership list?
  10. had a little rain with this front this am- looks like it is racing east- in Texas, that is
  11. phone number is- BR-549 if you know that number- you are as old as me
  12. That would be the one with 4 hookups --in my side yard~
  13. how much do you value your life? get the best.
  14. If its bolted in place, I can remove it- just sayin'
  15. That L shaped unit should not have any slide mechanism inside that.
  16. Carl, I'm working on a Newell, right now. The owner is my height. The captains chair could be changed. Guess they didn't want a sale. If you get over to Weatherford around the 7-9 of March, you can check out this one
  17. I have June 15th open, all of July, Sept, Oct
  18. come west this summer- you know you want to be in Texas in the summer
  19. I have attended 1 FMC rally. Crowds too large and I don't like to be squeezed in like sardines to have "fun" Thank you for the kind words.
  20. Merry Christmas from us high up on the hill here in Mineral Wells, Tx
  21. Your coach has basement air. It probably is non functional as to the roof airs. I believe the Alphas have the tallest ceiling in the Class As
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