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  1. I am not shure how you would bypass the water heater with one valve. All the bypass setups I have seen had at least 2 and sometimes 3 valves. You are stopping water from going into the water heater tank and isolating it so you can pump antifreeze through the rest of the system. Look at your plumbing lines your valve may be turned in toward the tank and hard to see. Bill
  2. The whole post is suspect. 1) Who would pick up a coach from any repair shop and not check the work is done and everything is correct BEFORE giving them the payment. This would include a walkaround looking for any damage. 2) What were they doing playing with the slides? Re read item 1. Bill
  3. About what year was that put together? I think I saw Carl. Bill
  4. Why did you let it go to $1910? I would have been on the phone to my agent BEFORE I payed the $1910. Bill
  5. Welcome to the forum. I find that statement to be untrue. Yes there are a scaterd couple of places that have that rule however I have never had a problem. Like Herman said the parks have rules to protect them from problems. Bill
  6. It looks like it will be cheaper and easier to just do it yourself. Bill
  7. What did they say that would cost? Bill
  8. Yikes! That means people in that part of the world will be starting to winterise to get ready for that long cold season. Bill
  9. Tom K, I have stayed there and it is a nice place. Good location to tour Ottawa the area. I would recommend taking the commuter train into downtown Ottawa as parking is hard to find. Montreal South KOA, koa.com is a good place to stay. Camping Juneau, 153 Chemin du Lac, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC G3A 1W7, Canada. campingjuneau.com Has some RV sites and is close to the Quebec area. Another interesting places to look at/ visit. Upper Canada Village, uppercanadavillage.com and you can stay at McLaren Campground, right on the Saint Lawrence. stlawrenceparks.com. Bill
  10. Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service. Bill
  11. It doesn't matter what it "looks like", does it have the arrows cast into the sidewall near the tread. Bill
  12. I would be shure they are not directional tires before I did that. Bill
  13. What are you talking about? This is the drivers side front steer tire not one of the duells. Bill
  14. First guess is a bad fan bearing. Does it make noise when it starts then tapers down? Do you have any sticks or branches sticking into the fan? In the past I have added a little light oil to the shaft bearing and it helped. With the fan off use a piece of duct tape to make a little pan under the fan shaft. Then squirt a little oil on to the shaft where it goes into the bering. The tape will help it to stay in place for it to be sucked into the bering. Let us know what you find. Bill
  15. Really? When the OP ask this question in his post. "Looking for recommendations and pros/cons". I am pretty sure he is looking for opinions on what he should buy. Bill
  16. You most likley don't have a "dedicated" basement heater. I bet you have a vent off the furnace that blows some heat in the basement like I do. When I am concerned about the wet bay getting to cold I have a small ceramic heater and run it on low. It has more heat than a light bulb and the fan circulates the heat better. I also leave the dump valves closed and drain the hose. You don't want a 3"X 6' icicle. Besides if you decide to move or if it is frozen solid you won't be able to dump. I fill the freshwater tank then disconnect the hose and drain it. I have been known to keep it inside so it stayes flexible. I also leave the water heater on. Bill
  17. Welcome to the forum. Personally I see no benefit to having a personal weather station. As stated above with the technology today you would be wasting your time and most likely not very accurate compared to NOA or outher weather sites. One thing I highly recommend is to use Google Maps to find your location. Click on the compass icon and it will show your location. The reason ths is important is if you hear a storm/tornado warning and you are not familiar with the area you can see where it is in relation to you. Is it moving toward you or away from you/how far away is it. Bill
  18. Probably irrelevant as the OP hasn't been back. Who thinks they will be able to go without using a generator when boondocking for long periods any way? I think he could come close to the same cost by adding the Li batteries and maybe some solar and have a better set up. Carl, I don't think that fifth wheel has a generator. So I would recommend one of the new Onan portables. Bill
  19. Welcome to the forum. Let us know if the "reset" works. Bill
  20. Carl, he is talking about trading his 2008 42' Beaver Contessa in on a new Winnebago Horizon 42' coach. Bill
  21. I have been at the Raton campground when a late season storm dropped the temps from 70s to 5 overnight. I wouldn't want to be at some of the campgrounds in the area DBenoit was camping as they are not far enough above sea level to suit me. That area is also extremely crowded during the "season".
  22. Welcome to the forum Kent. I would look at the new Winnebago subsidiary Newmar. They bring a (some think) better rep for quality and customer service and are part of Winnebago now. Bill
  23. So where on the Pig Trail do you want to go? I don't know of any problems. Just watch for low weight bridges and low branches and the usual problems driving secondary (scenic) roads. Bill
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