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  1. I have used the ladder trick before. Be aware if/when working with the units they have lots of razor sharp edges. Just be very careful to ground the old capacitors before you touch them. Well you won't forget again if you get bit. Bill
  2. I haven't seen it quite that hot but a few years ago we were in Phoenix visiting my sister and it was 113 for 3 days. The weather forecast did me in. The forecast for Phoenix was more of the same and hotter. The forecast at The Grand Canyon was 74. We left for the canyon the next day. Bill
  3. Tell me a road that doesn't have rough areas and areas under construction. I drove I-40 from Amarillo to ABQ about 3 weeks ago. I didn't have any big problems. Today I drove I-94 from Bismarck to Fargo. Nice road but 20+ miles of construction. Not a problem though. When the road gets rough slow down and enjoy the view. Bill
  4. Welcome to the retired club. SLOW DOWN!!!! You are retired not on a rushed vacation. Like Carl said 2 days is not enough time in Big Bend. You have plenty of time to get to Florida for the holidays. Bill
  5. No it's blue. Well it has been 2 years so far and it looks like new, well a little dirty. I can't believe someone would spend $100.00 on a coil cord. Bill
  6. Are there any marks on the dipstick? I would be happier if it was closed to the middle. Have you cycled the jacks a few times? Bill
  7. Welcome to the forum. Interesting old coach, does it run? Bill
  8. So I messed up buying a replacement coil cord on Amazon for $26.00. Bill
  9. Came across something interesting at the Cummins Onan display today (in Minot). They had the new portable generators on display. The small one is the P2500i. It is a Digital inverter gasoline unit. It has 2200 running watts and 2500 peak watts. That means you have 18.3 running amps and 20.8 peak amps. Lots of features and quiet. It also has a couple USB ports and is capable of being paralleled. The price is about $698.00 The big brother is the P4500i Digital inverter gasoline unit. 3700 running watts or 30.8 amps and 4500 peak watts or 37.5 amps. It is capable of being paralleled and has a remote start feature. The price is about $1050.00 If you need a portable generator they are definitely worth a look Bill
  10. Where are you leaving from? That is a good days drive from the border to Moncton NB nearly 300 miles. Bill
  11. I bet you have a dirt build up on the front of the CAC and on the front of the radiator. I doubt it is a problem with the coolant (as long as the level is right). You may need to manually downshift when the temp starts to climb. This increases water flow and fan speed. Bill
  12. Look up the Granite Staters to. http://www.granitestaters.org/ We did a rally with them a couple of years ago on the coast at Moody beach. Bill
  13. RVguy, Welcome to the forum. Bill
  14. Well if you know it is the relay you should be able to get a part number off it. Bill
  15. The rising water will motivate you. Bill
  16. Navigator, Welcome to the forum. As you just got it and don't know the maintenance history, I would change the fuel filters and add a double dose of Diesel Kleen. Then drive it around locally to see if it helps. Bill
  17. I got my account at a walk in facility in New Hampshire but they have on in Maine. http://www.maineturnpike.com/Contact-Us.aspx Bill
  18. I know but I still don't hear of a lot of tickets being written for being to long. Bill
  19. It has been a couple of years but it is not a bad road. It can save some time getting to Bangor Lookes a lot like US-1. Just a heads up US-1 is ok in the coach US-1A only in the toad. Bill
  20. If it stayes in and it is that small amount I don't see a problem driving it. I have a bedroom slide that will stick out that much if you don't sometimes give it an extra bump. See you in Minot Bill
  21. That is a good place to start. I would check the TBN scores to give you a better idea of how the oil is and how it is holding up. The outher thing well 2 things Don't change the oil till you have the report back and try to find out how many miles since the last oil change. The reason is if you change the oil before it comes back and the sample results are out of line/not normal you can't do anouther sample to verify there is a problem with the unit or just a bad sample. Like sticking the sample tube into the crud in the bottom of the pan. The reason you need an idea of how many miles since the last oil change is it will affect how you should interpret the results. Any questions just ask. Bill
  22. Wayne, We have stayed at Smoky Bear Campground and RV Park, smokybearcampground.com Not fancy kind of tight but is easy to get to from the East on 321. It savs fighting all the traffic in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg in the coach. Bill
  23. Keith, make shure nothing has gotten stuck between the seal flange and the coach. Have you tried to run it out and back in? Bill
  24. Should be unless you are going down some hi center dirt road. Bill
  25. Welcome to the forum. I would be looking for a different shop if they don't know where to buy/have fabricated a hydraulic hose. Don't let them tell you it is hard to find or expensive. Bill
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