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    Texas 130 toll road

    Can't be that bad. You can also drive a little faster on that road, it has a posted speed limit of 85 mph (137 km/h), the highest posted speed limit in the United States. Bill

    Trip cost

    Al, see that wasn't so hard. 😁


    Be aware Fishing Bridge Campground is closed for the season for upgrades. https://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/campgrounds.htm Last trip we stayed on the west sidee out on 20 at Buffalo Run RV Park & Cabins. The first time we couldn't get closer than Yellowstone's Edge RV Park. Great park and we were right on the river. That is north on 89. http://yellowstonesedgervpark.com/ I would be calling for reservations now. Bill

    Trip cost

    First of all it's not a a one day trip. One day there and one day back. That is 7-8 hours on the road both ways. It is pretty obvious the car is more expensive the way you are trying to calculate this. You have the cost of the car and add in the cost of the RV. You are paying for it weather you are using it or not. The big question is which one makes you smile more. Bill

    Grand Cherokee Jeep towing

    Welcome to the form. I would guess it is or they wouldn't mention it in the towing directions. Bill

    Monaco production video pre bankruptcy

    Welcome to the forum. Where did you find it and where are you based? Bill

    Bedroom Slide

    I would use the Lucas Red "N" Tacky grease or the Sta Lube. I haven't found anything that stayes in wheel bearings like Sta Lube. Both stick to the metal and won't wipe off or squeeze out as easily as most do. Bill
  8. I had heard that Fortravel was doing some Provost conversions but had never seen one. So here is an example of the new Emperor Sauna Suite by Foretravel (45ESS) New 2020 Prevost H3-45™ Emperor Sauna Suite by Foretravel (45ESS) I thought I would post this so those looking could find this bargain. They have already discounted it $782,700. I don't think I need that big of a sauna. Bill

    Grand Canyon

    Welcome to the forum. As stated Trailer Village is the best place. Call today, don't wait to make reservations. The free shuttle bus will take you places you can't go in your toad. Bill
  10. WILDEBILL308

    For those that are looking for a "Better Quality" class A

    I suspect if you are in that group, you just say" I don't want a bar in the windshield, I don't care what it cost." Bill
  11. WILDEBILL308

    Texas winter weather

    How are the flowers along all the roads? Bill
  12. WILDEBILL308

    "Urban Delivery" not appropriate for RV use

    So why don't you as the "Tire Guru" Help FMCA do a better job of getting the right and proper information on the tire charts in the FMCA Tire Program? I just looked at the Hankook listing for tires that would fit my coach and nowhere does it give tire rating or speed rating. Instead of odd numbers that don't readily relate to anything on the manufactuers website, why not make them a clickable link to that tire on the manufactuers website. Bill
  13. WILDEBILL308

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    The spiders could have been running from this one wasp. I have seen them flying low looking for spiders. I have pictures of one that was dragging a big tarantula across the grass headed for a place to stash it. It was moving right along and I don't get to close or do anything to upset the wasp. The wasp is quite attractive they are quite large with cobalt blue body and copper wings. You definitely don't want to get stung. The sting is described (in peer reviewed medical text) as so bad you are stung just lay down and start screaming. No I don't want to try it and see if it's true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=18&v=287mfv6lbDU Bill
  14. WILDEBILL308

    For those that are looking for a "Better Quality" class A

    The problem here is you are thinking like a RV owner not a bus company owner looking at cost of operation/maintenance Bill
  15. WILDEBILL308

    For those that are looking for a "Better Quality" class A

    I am totally in the wrong demographic groupe I just can't believe there are enough people out there saying "Heck yes I will spend up to $3,000,000 on a coach TODAY if it had a oversized sauna" . Bill
  16. WILDEBILL308

    Hitch Drop for tow dolly

    I never did any fancy calculation.😁 Just set mine up so the tow dolly was mostly levell. When braking you don't want to have it pushing up or down. I think I needed a 10" drop. One thing to keep in mind when you have the drop in place it will make it easier to drag the drop on driveways. or any transition to a parking lot/road. Bill
  17. WILDEBILL308

    Road information please

    Let us know how the trip went. Bill
  18. WILDEBILL308

    hot water problem

    Something to check, It might be the check valve in the water heater is sticking or there isn't enough pressure using the pump. Bill
  19. WILDEBILL308

    slide scratching floor

    That is a good idea. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  20. WILDEBILL308

    Road information please

    Like Brett said it depends on what the weather forecast is. Dropping down to I-20 would be an option if you had any concerns. Don't see many people headed for Cleburne Texas. That is in my backyard.😄 Bill
  21. WILDEBILL308

    Texas winter weather

    Roland, look at this. https://www.goriocruises.com/ Bill
  22. WILDEBILL308

    Texas winter weather

    Went to basic at Lackland, Was stationed at Randolph, got sent to Thailand came back after I got out and worked in the area for a while before moving to FW in 77. Bill
  23. WILDEBILL308

    Texas winter weather

    Lots to see and do in SA. Look for the Pearl Historic District. Wayne, what is that restaurant that features dining on one of the boats that cruises the river? Also not on the river but interesting is Historic Market Square (big Mexican market) and some old restaurants like Mi Tierra Cafey Panaderia. That was there when I lived down there, well a long time ago.. Bill
  24. WILDEBILL308

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    We had some nasty winds last night 75-85 mph wind gust. Lots of tree branches down. I was lucky with no major damage. Bill
  25. When? What time of the year? I don't see why not. Bill