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  1. Good, I am glad it didn't get overlooked. I haven't winterized, ok I have it plugged in and turned on the Oasis electric heating elements. I have the temps set at 45 but it keeps the basement nice and warm. We arn't forecast to have any real cold weather yet. OK we have had one day where it got to freezing so far and it was 78 the outher day. back to 55 on the temp rollercoaster. Bill
  2. Ok care to expand on that a little? Bill
  3. I think they were all gas. I haven't heard of any thefts of the new style diesel mufflers/filters. They are expensive but don't have the metal that the thieves' are after. Bill
  4. Well I hope you get them moving. Is it stored inside? Did you get it winterised? Bill
  5. Do you need a catalytic converter where you are? You might be able to just replace it with a piece of pipe. Bill
  6. I agree with the shirt. Any more talk of totaling it? Sounds like you might be on the line or whatever the secret limit is for repair. I know you would rather fix it because of all the work you have done to it. Bill
  7. What size RV? What toad? Recreation.gov as far as I know is for parks in the NP. Have you looked at the app RV Parky? https://www.rvparky.com/. Bill
  8. What fun is that? I will stick to my home base in FW Yes we get cold fronts but they don't last long. Still better than where I grew up on lake Erie west of Buffalo on the state line where it realey snows. Bill
  9. Well the coast South Padre Island is 50 miles. Something you might look at if you might want acess to military hospitals/medical care or outher services is the Frederiksberg area of the hill country. Not to far from San Antonio. Bill
  10. Thanks for the update. Bill
  11. Well yes you can. The process/method described by Brett is one of the best guides I have seen on how to get a true 50/50 mix. That is the only way to take into consideration the water trapped in the system. Now if I am just topping up I use the mix. Bill
  12. Like Ray said. I have found them disconnected to. I would do a good inspection but it may be like Richard said. Bill
  13. Have you done a search? I would call National RV Training Academy (903) 386-0444 and ask about inspectors i your area. Bill
  14. I wonder what the OP did it has been a year now. I would have suggested tightening the spring tension on the slide toppers. Bill
  15. This is the latest one I recieved. FMCA wants you as an FMCA affiliate! What’s in it for you? Money! For each new FMCA member that joins using your unique URL, you will receive $10. What’s in if for the new member? Benefits, discounts, education, events and chapters! As you already know, FMCA offers its members exclusive benefits and comprehensive group rated discounts that are specifically tailored for the RV owner. But that’s not all, they will also receive $10 off their first year of dues. So immediate and long-term savings. What could be better? How do you sign up to be an FMCA affiliate? It’s quite easy. Login to your FMCA.com account and click on the red button on the left hand side that says, Affiliate Program. Here you will find the instructions on how to connect your PayPal account or how to bypass connecting your PayPal account. This second option is for those of you who wish to promote FMCA but not receive payment in return. Don’t worry though, your new member will still receive their immediate $10 discount on their first year of membership. If you are interested in becoming an FMCA affiliate, simply visit https://www.fmca.com/fmca-affiliate to learn more. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at marketing@fmca.com.   FMCA I am wondering why we arn't a affiliate just as a member? Bill
  16. This email has been sent by FMCA on behalf of Open Roads SPONSORED CONTENT Open Roads Dear FMCA Member Are you a Diesel RV Owner? If so, let us save you some money! We have teamed up with the Open Roads Fuel Program to bring you an opportunity to save money on your fuel costs. By clicking the attached link, you can become a member and begin saving money on your fuel. To welcome FMCA members, Open Roads will waive the $20 48-hour Processing fee for any new Open Roads Members from the FMCA Family. We are so excited about this great opportunity to save you money on your fuel costs. Waiving the $20 48-hour Processing Fee enables you to get your card in time for your holiday travel. Apply Today! This is what I got Ray. Bill
  17. Anyone else see the email promoting the open roads app and fuel discount? I think it is a good deal and hope it helps FMCA to. Bill
  18. LOL it haven't been that warm hear for the last few days. They are forecasting possible snow flurries tonight. Well at least it isn't Buffalo. Bill
  19. Just guessing but it sounds like a problem with the circuit board. May be time to start looking at a residential replacement. Bill
  20. Congratulations to you! Are you going to winter where it is warmer? Bill
  21. Well it seems you have a preshure sensor not turning the gas on. Bill
  22. maxhar, welcome to the forum. Yes I agree. Bill
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