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  1. Yes, good to see Roger back. Bill
  2. I agree. The big change month is October. I have seen it near 100 at the beginning of the month and near freezing on Halloween. The heat makes a good excuse as we are staying in Main for a while then a month in RI then western NY and finale work my way back home. Ray, hopefully you can find one that covers the marks of the old one. Bill
  3. I would keep an eye on things and drive around any problem areas. You might look at places like this for current conditions. https://www.nifc.gov/fire-information/nfn Bill
  4. Well this is an old thread and the OP never came back to tell us what he found or how he fixed it. Bill
  5. I would call Thor and look at their website. You can also get a tester and check all the fuses.
  6. YouTube is your friend. There are many videos on how to hook up solar. I am with superbus as I don't like my genset running when I am not there. Many of the Newmar's have a little s solar panel just so they can say they have "soalar"I don't think it is enough to keep/maintain a battery.
  7. Great picture's of a great area. Bill
  8. As Jim said Contact the sender. I don't live in CA so don't know. Bill
  9. I can't read what you posted. But I have had good success using the program. I have not found a better overall deal. Yes you might find something once in a while but I haven't when I was buying. Bill
  10. I-10 East. I don't see much difference in when. Except I try not to travel during major holidays. Bill
  11. Sounds to me like they are trying to collect the money twice. They had to have insurance on the business. Bill
  12. That is tough. Why would they think they had any claim to the insurance money? Bill
  13. I would clean and lube the shaft and run it 5-6 times. If that doesn't help I would call Lippert. Bill
  14. That is why you take the transponder off the toad when it is being toad and place it in the foil envelope so it can't be read. Then it is charged like a trailer at a lower rate. Bill
  15. I hope that includes your full hook up site.
  16. So what is the compensation for working? Bill
  17. Me to. We all will come off the road someday but I hope not for a while. I know I don't do the long distance drives any more and don't miss them. 250 miles a day or less is ok with me Bill
  18. Go to NC Quick Pass. That is apparently the local name for E-ZPass. https://www.ncquickpass.com/ Or call 877-769-7277. Bill
  19. I have to agree with Jim S. But I wouldn't buy anything without a inspection by a RV certified inspector. Bill
  20. Yes you can if you don't mind paying more for tolls. The RV is a different "class/rate" of toll charges. Bill
  21. Get a E-ZPass one for the coach and one for the toad. When towing put the pass for the toad in the foil envelope so it can't be read. Then it is charged at a lower rate as a trailer. I would go up I-81 Take what ever route you like to get up to/pick upv287. I would use I-287 to cross the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. Then get back on I-95 North. Bill
  22. Beets me not enough info to make a guess. Bill
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