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  1. It would be good to add your RV and any outher pertinent information to your signature. It will get you better answers quicker. See Herman's sig for ideas. Bill
  2. Good information Ray. Sorry to hear they are dragging their feet. FloridaSon, welcome to the forum. Other than going up in the mountains there isn't much you can do. Well you can go to the beach near a large body of water fresh (great Lakes) or salt. I was on the west coast (San Diego Bay) it was a little early in the season but inland was in the 80s but it was realey brisk on the bay. I have been as far north as you can go on the east coast, Eastport Maine last week and we still had some days in the mid 80s. Now in Free Port Maine. It was 83 today but will cool off to about 56 over night. Still better than the 100 at home.😁 Bill
  3. wildebill308


    Does anyone know the part number of the bidirectional relay between the house and chassis battery's? I don't think mine is charging the house battery's after the chassis battery's are full. Bill
  4. Have you talked to Fleetwood? They may know a substitute. Bill
  5. donjlong, They should serve you well. I got great service out of the Continentals at a cheaper price than the Michelins. Bill
  6. Have you looked on the firewall over the generator? Could also be a bad ignition switch. Bill
  7. Welcome to the forum. I agree with Herman. Just be shure to set it up to tow based on the make of the dolly. There are differences between different makes on how to set the car up. Bill
  8. Yes, Lots of good places. Wife use to live hear and her son still does so we are in this area a lot. Absolutely plan on eating at George's of Galilee and Iggy's Doughboys, Point Judith Road, I like their Scallop roll’s, much better than lobster rolls. Might add in a few Stuffed Quahogs.😉 Bill
  9. bbadwolfe, welcome to the forum. Yes there are still lots of places like that. Bill
  10. No missed that one I will make a note to check it out next time. By the way, I looked it up on line and they say they are close But will open as soon as Possible. In RI now at Worden Pond Family Campground. Bill
  11. I would lookup a service manual for that model. Have you looked on You tube?
  12. I have replaced a couple microwave's now and I would get the dimensions for the old one and go shopping. My last one was replaced with the exact make model and the brackets were different. All the ones I have messed with had a much different mounting bracket. They have a channel on the bottom of the back wall that the lip on the back/bottom of the microwave. You hook that up and rotate the microwave up. There are usually a couple of long screws/bolts that come down through the cabinet in the front to hold the MW up. You might look at upgrading to a convection/microwave while you are at it. Bill
  13. Welcome to the forum. Have you looked at the owners manual? Will an auto transport be a safe alternative? What are you calling a auto transport? Most any company that does auto transport should be able to do the job. Personally I don't want the hassle of anything but 4 down. Bill
  14. I thought you guys might like this. I found this interesting simulator. Have you ever wondered where a drop of water flows to? What course does it take geting to the sea? Use this to find out. https://river-runner.samlearner.com/?fs=e&s=cl&fbclid=IwAR1qcRbmWdbqiXAljgLuMvIRztNO3XeenIvhGr4SRKCKMC4k-q3s_yTo1Uk Bill
  15. I know how you feel Rayin. Well made it to Fort Chiswell RV Park 312 Fort Chiswell Rd, Max Meadows, VA 24360. Bill
  16. I would be more inclined to believe the placard in the coach. Apparently the OP figured it out because they haven't been back. Bill
  17. That is a long first day. Just drove from FW to Gatlinburg. We took or time and 3 days. Set/check your preshure in the morning then leave it alone unless it gets low. The tires are designed to handle any increase in preshure from heating. Bill
  18. Welcome to the forum. I would email or call Roadtrek customer service and ask for the part number. Worse case buy one and get the number off it, or take yours out and look for a number. Now to be clear are you looking for the latches or the lock tumblers? Bill
  19. Glad it worked. I have a policy Never cross on the George Washington Bridge. Bad traffic and first and only time toll was $78.00 CASH only. Bill
  20. Just find the air intake and follow the air duct. It is a BIG cylinder and you replace the whole assembly. You could start from the outher end to start at the turbo and work back to the air cleaner. While you are doing this make shure all the clamps are tight. Bill
  21. What Joe said + I recommend you get it inspected by a National RV Training Academy certified inspector before buying it. Bill
  22. Just so you know 13.0 volts is a charging value. 12.7 is fully charged for a 12v battery. .Sounds like a bad switch or bad connection. Time to use your meter and work back till you find power. Check your grounds to. Bill
  23. Welcome to the forum. I think all the manufactuers get together and all pick different places to put the stickers. Look on the wall beside the drivers seat. That is a common place. My current RV the stickers are in a cabinet next to the microwave. Hope fully someone with a Thor Chateau 22b will be buy who can tell us. Have you called Thor? Bill
  24. iggy, Welcome to the forum. How do you like the V-8 over the V-10? Bill
  25. Mike, What are you waiting for? You said "Plan the work / work the plan" is engrained in me. I'm not a "shoot from the hip". Ok just change one word "Retirement" So all you have to do is "Plan the Retirement / work the plan". Yes you can have a certain amount of anxiety in the beginning. I know I was so ingrained in being on the road by 6:00 AM that for a while I would leave and go get some coffey, then I would be good. Fortunately we had been planning a trip and that helped change up the routine. Don't wait you never know. Bill
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