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  1. How do they work in mud? Watched someone stick a 40' Tiffin yesterday he backed diagonally across the graveled area on his site and got in some soft stuff. The tred filled up and he couldn't get traction. I was out walking the dog and asked if he needed help and was told "No he knew what he was doing" So I just kept walking the dog. I might have learned something. They were stacking 2X6s to make 4X6s across in front of the tires that were 4-6 in down in the mud. Surprisingly the coach wouldn't climb out even with the throttle wide open. Bill
  2. So Sorry for your loss. Lets see if we can figure out how not to do that again. Bill
  3. I am not sure. I know it is the best I have found since I had access to milspec stuff. I use it on all the pins and pin holes in the towbar and any other place I need a dry film lube. Bill
  4. You never told me how to get discounts there. Bill
  5. This is the way I have done it in the past. 1) Close the tank valve on the coach so you don't empty the RV tank. 2) Use the external tank through the extend a stay when camping. You can always take the external tank and refill it if needed. 3) when on the road use the on board tank. I don't think you can refill the onboard tank effectively using a extend a stay tank. Bill
  6. Welcome to the forum. Is it a private sale or did you buy it from a dealer? The first thing I would do is look at the FMCA tire discount program. I used it last year to save over $600.00 over the discount price for Michilans by buying Continentals. You can call and find tire dealers in your area. https://www.fmca.com/rv-tires-discounts What diesel do you have? What do you need done? Bill
  7. I don't know what you plan on towing, but if you stay within the guidelines I don't see a problem. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  8. Welcome to FMCA. Nice pictures, but what is all that white stuff? Bill
  9. Welcome to FMCA. If you put your coach and other info in your signature you will get better/faster responses to questions. I am with Kay, I think you are thinking Good Sams Club. But if you aren't let us know. Bill
  10. I would try to get some satisfaction from Bounder. My 2003 does not have any issues. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  11. Why? Welcome to the forum. Bill
  12. That is not true. The vehicle can be operated for a loss as well as the business that owns it. I think you should do a little more reading of the law. The simple fact it is owned by a for profit business is all the proof they need. Bill
  13. Yes it can, I would look for a F53 wiring diagram and one for your coach. See what you can find here: http://8.ghuttr.nintendomonsen.de/g5/georgie-boy-cruise-master-wiring-diagram.html Bill
  14. Yes lets see, Why would someone upgrade to a 19.5 and run an inferior tire to the original? Can you explain that to me? I am only going to use the current Michelin chart. I don't know where you got your information on the 225/70R19.5 G but it is completely wrong. In a single application at 65 psi it can handle 5510#. (By the way 65psi is the lowest recommended preshure for this tire) but at 110 psi it is rated for 7940#. https://www.michelintruck.com/reference-materials/manuals-bulletins-and-warranties/load-and-inflation-tables/#/ I also wonder why you are advocating running the max sidewall preshure? I would think it would be a better practise to weigh the trailer (all wheel locations or by axel) and adjust the preshure accordingly. Bill
  15. The weight might be slightly higher but in the example I was talking about you only have a increase in diameter of 0.2". That would be less than the difference between used and new. Without a scale I don't know how much heavier the rims are. The confusion I see is people assuming because it is a 19.5 it is bigger than a 16". While the rim is, the diameter of the package is the same. Bill
  16. I re read what I posted and funny, I never said you could increase the load rating. Nor did I say it would be ok to do. What this post is about (pay close attention) is increasing the safety margin from most stock trailer tires. While a lot of people are going to the 16"LT tire this upgrade would improve the safety margin further. Lets see, going from a 235/85R 16 to a 225/70R 19.5 would increase your diameter 0.2" I really don't see a problem. Bill
  17. Saw a trailer with a add on it for a wheel conversion to 19.5. I know they do the 19.5 conversion on Dodge trucks but hadn't seen it on tow behind trailers. http://www.boarwheel.com/ Might be a good idea if you are near your upper weight on your current tires and rims. Bill
  18. I went with Duracell EGC2s because I don't drycamp enough to justify the more expensive set up. We will see how long they last. The last ones were over 6 years old. Bill
  19. Scott, welcome to the forum. Who told you it was a Freightliner chassis? Most likely it is a Ford F53. Looking at the right wiring diagrams will make it easier to find your problem. Bill
  20. I find my dash fans to be quite noisey. Well you already have them, try them, after you get tired of the noise I would look at the ones Brett linked to. Bill
  21. Welcome to the forum. Have you looked at the towing guide? You need to know if the one you are looking at is towable 4 down. Bill
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