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  1. That isn't that bad for Glacier. We have stayed a couple different places. Last time it was at Glacier Peaks RV Park & Campground on the west side where 40 and 2 intersect, 3185 Mt Highway 40 W, Columbia Falls, MT 59912. Not bad but realey tight. Kengineer, you might as well scratch Glacier off for this trip. You can't drive your RV on the Going to the sun road because it is to long and they don't allow bikes. The only option would be if you can get a reservation would be the Red Bus Tour's. They are great but may be to late this year to get on the list. Bill
  2. Did that last year and you see where that got me. Bill
  3. Ok I stand corrected I just never saw them and never hear of people changing them. I went and got down and looked. I think I have struts on acess doors bigger than that. I have seen the upgrade to disk breaks. Looked like a good upgrade. Bill
  4. I bet you have watched all the Utube channels with Airstream trailers. I did see they have lots of upgrades dealing with brakes and suspension. As a side question, why don't they put shocks on trailers? Bill
  5. Things have changed. https://balloonfiesta.com/ Bill
  6. Wow that is a lot of oil. I am glad my ISM only takes 40 quarts of oil. By the way I am running Shell Rotella T-6. Bill
  7. Are you talking about the ABQ area or the campgrounds? I would say no problem on either. The only thing to watch for is the campgrounds are on the acess road off I-40 on the west side of town. Just as you top the hill at the exit with the Loves. Turn right and then left on the acess road. Look at the map once you see it it is not a problem. It is down past Albuquerque RV and Camping World. I don't see any problem getting our little camper in there. Bill
  8. Welcome to the forum. Keep in mind that is probably "max" draw. Once it cools down it shuts off. It only runes enough to maintain temps. Bill
  9. pbandj.rv, welcome to the forum. I don't have any experience but the first step I would do is talk to your insurance agent. They would have current numbers. Bill
  10. Heck Ray back then we didn't know what laminating was. Bill
  11. It would be hard for me because it was a temporary location. I bet they come up with a card to show any new shots. Good to see you on. Bill
  12. Looks like most campgrounds in that part of the world. That is a big site. Bill
  13. Welcome to the forum. trojanfan25 I bet that is a 15,000 btu ducted heat pump. Can you check and let us know. The only problem is there is a shortage of roof top AC units right now. I did see PPL had some of the small 13,000 units and some of the taller (medium) height 15K BTU air-conditioned only available on the web. Well until you call. jleamont, Yes PPL is a good parts place. I have one les than 10 miles from where I garage. Bill
  14. If nothing else look for a better one. Let us know how it comes out. Bill
  15. I added a layer of plywood to help prevent the boards from cracking/splitting. Bill
  16. Why not just get a 2"X14" plank and cut it up into 14X14 pads to put under the rear wheels? Bill
  17. Welcome to the forum. One outher thing that they can do is when they have the injectors out look at the cylinders with a bore scope. I certainly hope not but it does sound like the symptoms described by others of a "dusted" engine. There is definitely something major when you can say "Uses maybe a quart every ten miles and that's conservative estimate." Bill
  18. That is barley broken in. My ISM Cummins came to me with 125,000 miles on it and I wasn't concerned. Bill
  19. True he might still be stuck on the George Washington... Bill
  20. Ray the one thing good about it is it would probably be easier to work on the roof units than the basement ones. Bill
  21. I would be carful, remember she is back on the forum. Bill
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