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  1. Welcome to the forum. I would read all the information the tour operator sends you. If you have any questions They would be the ones to answer questions. Bill
  2. Ray are they making any progress? Ernie did he call? What kind of problem did he have? Bill
  3. So why does a Kia need to be towed backwards? Bill
  4. This goes back to how qualified and motivated to fix or sell new this person was. Is this unit a heat pump? Bill
  5. That shouldn't be a problem. Follow the towbar manufactuers instructions on how level the towbar needs to be. Bill
  6. I would guess that would depend on how much it is lifted. Bill
  7. Carl Kristensen got blocked and couldn't sine on and they said they hadn't but never could get back on so he quit. Yes I don't understand why the upper management isn't on and or monitoring the forums. Seams like it would be a good tool. Bill
  8. To true. They want to sit in VIP row and point out they are VIPs and you arn't. Bill
  9. Yes it is to bad that this form is so slow. Are you going to Tucson? Might be something to ask the powers that be. Bill
  10. Well you can always buy a new one or If it is working ok just put a switch on the line going to the inverter. Bill
  11. Wasn't that a extra cost option on a 2013 thor Tuscany xte? Bill
  12. I would read up on setting the ride height. It may be out of adjustment or damaged/detreated. BTW, your facebook link shows "not available right now". Bill
  13. It isn't a problem. However be aware some of the people in old threads may not be on any more. Bill
  14. Welcome to the forum. Did you find your problem yet? Bill
  15. My bad Jim. I was just going by Ajhogs post. I did not see the original heading of the post started in 2015. Just a heads up Blue Ox will be at the rally in AZ and you can get your towbar serviced there to. Their website has a list of all locations/functions they will be at this year. Bill
  16. Look and see if there is a fuse on the control board. Bill
  17. Is that on a Ford Chassis? I would call the local Ford big truck dealer. Bill
  18. Not shure I understand. He thinks his wife is asleep so he drives into the barrier and is thrown out the window?
  19. "Any ideas on what to do next?" Yes go drive your RV on a trip. From what I have seen on a couple forums I like the V10 better than the V8. This is also anouther example of why I tell everyone who is buying a RV to get it inspected by a certified inspector. Bill
  20. Welcome to the forum. The inverter should have a pass through feature when shore power is available. With out knowing what inverter you have it is hard to guess. Why don't you have the inverter on and the battery charging feature turned on? What is the voltage at the Batteries? Have you checked the inverter sub Cricut breaker panel to see if any are tripped? Bill
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