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  1. Ray, You need to come on down to bayou country you'll find Avery Island, home of McIlhenny Company. You can get a large size. I like the jalapeno pepper sauce to.
  2. Try re reading the pm I sent about it. Let me know. Bill
  3. One outher fun thing about "Back then"when you called someone you didn't have to ask "where are you". You knew when answered the phone they were at home standing in the kitchen or somewhere at that address. Now who knows. Bill
  4. So when are you going to change your Sig? I looked at a king aire and yes those steer tires are big.
  5. I see I now have one will have to find some information on it. Bill
  6. sgtpappy1, Welcome to the forum. One thing to do is to make shure there are no tripped circuit breakers on the generator. Follow the cord from the generator to where it hooks into the coach. This will be the Auto Transfer Switch or the manual box. You can follow back the shore power cord to where it connects to the coach. Do you have power when the coach is plugged into shore power? Bill
  7. What would be more fun is if you could call it and see what they do. Bill
  8. Herman, I am wondering where MDIGUY is from? He didn't complain about the traffic. Bill
  9. Welcome to the forum. You are lucky you were only lost in Dallas for an hour. There are people still lost over there. You will note that the low bridges are all carefully marked with scrapes and paint transfer for your convenience. We use COPilot because you can download the maps ahead and you don't need acess for the maps to work. I have it on my tablet and phone. Bill
  10. A response from the OP would be handy. Bill
  11. Welcome to the forum. Never had a problem.I can't see the pedals anyway. Go on the right stop on the left. You don't have to find a clutch pedal. Bill
  12. Be extremely careful that the tiers you are looking at are the proper load range for your coach. I see that Hankook still does not show load range for the tires listed in the chart. By the way Continentals are still cheaper. I think they are cheaper than the Toyos to. I was going to replace my 6 back tires with Continentals but someone was nice enough to put Toyos on for me. So maybe next time. Bill
  13. Joe, I will keep you informed. This 2008 coach looks so good at first I didn't think it had it. But on close exam you can see the edges. (makes me think it has been replaced) The 2007 coach I looked at you could see it from 50' It had the usual crazed surface with mold growing in and under the surface giving it that nice gray black patina. I wonder if the303 would help one in that condition. Maybe someone with the problem can try it and let us know. Bill
  14. The plan is to do what I can to keep it looking good but it will be gone quickly if it starts to mess up. Bill
  15. So far on my new to me 2008 Mountain Air it looks good. Looked at a 2007 that was not so good. I am suspicious that they may have replaced it before I got it. I was told that treating it with 303 protectant will help it last. We will see. This is a link to how to maintain your Diamond Shield. https://www.diamond-shield.com/product-care Personally I wouldn't apply it, but I already have it. Bill
  16. No, they are still trying to get parts. Bill
  17. I know what you mean about insurance, having 2 diesel pushers is a little expensive. Bill
  18. That is a nice coach Linda. I looked at the pictures on MHOT website. Glad you found a floor plan you like. Bill
  19. This may be true but in just looking at pictures at RV wrecking yards you tend to see more fire damage in the area of the refrigerator. https://rvexteriorbodypanels.visonerv.com/cgi-bin/welcome.pl? Bill
  20. MattM, welcome to the forum. What hydraulic rams are we talking about? Bill
  21. Welcome to the forum. What kind of parts are you looking for? Brett types faster. Bill
  22. Starting in your driveway is great advise. Once you make a list of things you need, work the list. You don't want to be looking for the corkscrew when you forgot it last time. Bill
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