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  1. What does your selling dealer have to say? Bill
  2. Richard do you have a big marina near you? fuel polishing is quite common in the boating circles. Any big marina should know of someone who can do it. Bill
  3. Glad it all is corrected and you can travel. Bill
  4. I would Treat with Bio Kleen Diesel Fuel Biocide to kill the microbes and Clear-Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner to remove the residual water and contaminants. By Power Service, the only Cummins approved adaptive. https://powerservice.com/psp_product/diesel-fuel-supplement-cetane-boost/ Bill
  5. See now you have a new project to look forward to. This is a link to a post I did a while ago. Bill
  6. Well got fuel at a loves in Palestine AR today. Used my EFS card. Pump price was $3.389 payed $3.109 or a $0.280 discount. I only bought 76 gal and saved $21.35 but it cost me $0.40 to use the card. Tell me why this isn't a good deal. Bill
  7. How long will you be there? It is about 100 miles. Watch out for low over passes. Bill
  8. I found that replacing the rubber bushings in your sway bar with poleypropalean bushings helped stiffen up the ride. Bill
  9. Back to Fort Worth area. We will be back about Thursday. Been on the road since June19. Bill
  10. Tonight at Louisville North Campground. Tomorrow night Buffalo KOA I-40 / Exit 143. Bill
  11. What I posted May 20, 2014 is just as valid today. Remember even if you are comparing mileage on exactly the same coach it may vary quit a bit. Bill
  12. Been under that bridge. I was nervous in the CR-V. Bill
  13. So, Andy let me be shure I understand this. You bought fuel without using a discount card and you can't understand why you didn't save any money? I used my EFS card at a Loves on I-71 in Ten. today. Pump price was $3.489 (that was cheap after being in Pa and NY.) Yet I saved $0.28 a gallon using my EFS card. I have a TCS card but haven't funded it. Bill
  14. How tall is your RV and how tall is that underpass? I saw this on FB and thought it would be a good reminder to pay attention and not trust the GPS. https://www.facebook.com/midwestemergencyphoto/photos/pcb.601632897884220/601632194550957 Bill
  15. How hard is it? When the battery is low you plug it in when it is fully charged you unplug it so it doesn't overcharge and swell the battery. Bill
  16. I did see this setup and it looked pretty handy. The ramp stores under the bike. I Know the OP wants to tow it but that may not be the best way to do it. Bill
  17. I agree with Ray. I would make shure it was loaded like you were leaving on a trip. My last coach was off more than Ray's Bill
  18. Find out what wiper assembly you have/who made it. Or take the outher side off and take it to a good auto parts store and see if they can match it. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  19. Welcome to the forum. Don't know the area well enough to make a suggestion. I would start looking at places like this. https://www.sparefoot.com/Cincinnati-OH-self-storage/rv-storage.html?tsid=google-ppc&utm_source=google&utm_medium=paidsearch&utm_campaign=pro_national_nogeo_noproduct_dynamic_vehicle&utm_content=&ploc=9006398&iloc=1023626&mkwid=s|pcrid|380929745502|pkw||pmt|b|pdv|c|pgrid|83363124208|ptaid|dsa-814319533148&pgrid=83363124208&ptaid=dsa-814319533148&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt5qUvdTw8gIV_smUCR1zqgnyEAAYAyAAEgJJmvD_BwE Bill
  20. Welcome to the forum, Great looking coach, lets go camping. Where are you? Bill
  21. Welcome to the forum. Try this, turn the AC off then turn the thermostat off. Remove the front cover on the thermostat and remove the fuse inside. Check the fuse to make shure it is good, then re install it. replace the front cover and turn it on. Try your AC settings and see if they work. Bill
  22. Good information. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  23. Glad it worked well for you. Makes it easier to add air rather than hunting for a place you can get in. Bill
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