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    How to Find Someone to Update RV

    I don't know of anyone who does better work than Ernie. Bill

    Banks Power System for Workhorse 8.1 GM Engine

    Ron, welcome to the forum. Do you have the Allison transmission? What are you looking to improve? Bill

    NO Spare Tire In Smaller Class Cs These Days?

    When I had a class "C" I was lucky that it had a spare. I would absolutely recommend all class "C" owners weigh their coach. I found that the one I had built on a Ford cutaway chassis still had standard van light truck tires. After the conversion was done it was way over weight for the original tires. I upgraded to load range "E". So how are all the post about spares and location on your bus helpful to the OP in a class C forum? Bill

    Inherited an Alpha, see ya 40', 2004

    When you get ready to do the repairs I would apply heat (heat lamps) and maybe try some vacuum to dry out the interior of the wall. Your friend who does boat fiberglass repair (you have to see if there is water in the core) should have on. Maybe he will let you borrow it. Bill

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    The rodeo in NJ started the same year they started the indore weekley rodeo in FW 1929. The Fat stock show started in 1896.😉 In fact the FW show was organised a year earlier by a woman. Oklahoma cowgirl: Lucille Mulhall. Bill

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    I was down in the Ft Worth Stockyards this afternoon and was reminded it is the start of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Link to a little history. https://fwssr.com/history/ Bill

    2006 Hummer H3 Towable?

    Welcome to the forum. Bill

    Michelin vs Michelin

    Good. Make shure they understand you don't want old tires. Find out the date code so you know how old they are. I would be looking for a different dealer but that's just me. Road trip to Reno.😄 Bill

    Michelin vs Michelin

    Now that we have hashed out that the XIZ is not the best tire for your RV (what is it buy the way, curious) and the dealer can't get XRV. I would do as Brett suggested. Contact Michelin directly to verify status/schedule for delivery. Michelin 866-866-6605. Let us know what you find out. Bill
  10. WILDEBILL308

    Michelin vs Michelin

    After doing some more research I can't recommend them. One of the main reasons is they are only a 65 mph rated tire. Look at the link Kay posted. Just to make shure you know how to read the date codes so you get tires less than 3 months old, right? Bill
  11. WILDEBILL308

    Michelin vs Michelin

    Well that's good but the dealer is trying to sell the OP a 305/70R22.5 XIZ or X Incity Z. Having adds is not as good as having current date code tires on the floor for installation.😁 Bill
  12. WILDEBILL308

    Michelin vs Michelin

    Brett, have you ever heard of a XIZ tire for RV use? Bill
  13. WILDEBILL308

    Michelin vs Michelin

    Try here, https://www.michelinrvtires.com/ I didn't find it there either. Bill
  14. WILDEBILL308

    Michelin vs Michelin

    Welcome to the forum. I am curious and looking at possibly upgrading. I can't find a XIZ on the Michelin web site. https://www.michelintruck.com/search/#/ The search feature returns nothing on the XIZ line. Where are you located? Bill
  15. WILDEBILL308

    Test posting

    Welcome to the forums! Tell us a little about you your RV and where you are. Bill