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  1. I came across this and thought it was interesting. It brought back lots of memory's. Something to watch during the boring times. I saw this RV at the Henry Ford Museum. Interesting thing is they didn't sleep in the RV. The back was all electronics for the show. Bill
  2. I have heard that if you sprinkle fire ants over the beetles that will cure the problem. Bill
  3. Welcome to the forum. It has been my experience if it says Coleman on it it will do what it says it will do. Bill
  4. I like it because it is a good first stop going that direction from home, same coming back. Bill
  5. Can't help if the OP won't respond back. Bill
  6. Interesting old post. I wonder if they saved the fan motor that they had replaced when they replaced the AC unit. Bill
  7. I can't help you without more information. These cryptic statements are useless. Make shure the wire to the temperature sending unit is installed properly. What temp thermostat did you install? Use a infrared thermometer to see what temp the engine is running at. It will get warm even with no thermostat. Use a infrared thermometer to see what temp the heater hoses are after running it long enough to warm it up. After 30 min of fast idle is the top radiator hose warm/hot? is the thermostat housing hot /warm? Is the system full of coolant? I am still thinking it is the heater control valve. Bill
  8. Welcome to the forum. I don't know anyone in that area but some one should be along. How far are you willing to travel for good service? Bill
  9. I thought rossboyer said we had to spell everything out? I am even typing slow to help. Bill
  10. Welcome to the forum. Have you looked at the EFS card? Bill
  11. I don't know if I can agree with that. Can you get back to me tomorrow? Bill
  12. I think this would be a exultant time for you to help forum management to create a forum library of terms and procedures like "how to sanitize my water system". That would be super handy for new members. Bill
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