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  1. Look at the dipstick carefully. On my old coach there was a "Cold" fill line. The outher lines are for when it is hot. Bill
  2. Have you checked if the fan is going to hi speed when the temps are up? Bill
  3. The real problem is it moves with the parking brake on. It has been my experience that most gas coaches use the pin in the transmission "Park" position as the main way to keep them from moving. The Ford based ones I have experience use the old cable to the rear brakes method plus the park position and Chevy likes the hydroboost power brake on the driveshaft just behind the transmission along with the "Park". I am not as good as some at guessing with no information. Yes I know how my coach works with air brakes. Yes they are on the rear axle and no you don't want to raise the rear axle off the ground and no they won't release without air in the system, current minimum is 65 pounds. Bill
  4. First, not enough information to give a good answer. It would be helpful if you put your coach information in your signature. See Herman and Kays as example. Second, " mine makes all kinds of racket because there is no air in the e brake tank to keep it stable and not move". What racket? Do you have air brakes? Bill
  5. Try this, turn the thermostat off. Pull the front cover off. There should be a fuse, remove the fuse and test it. Removing the fuse also resets the thermostat. Put the fuse back in turn on the thermostat to heat. crank it up and see if it lights the furnace. With my last coach if you asked for more than 10 deg over ambient temp it would bypass the heat pumps and go directly to the furnace. Bill
  6. Yes I have experienced this. We were at Fort Stevenson State Park in ND and had to dry camp overnight because there were no open spaces. The next day we got a spot that had been empty the whole time because it had been reserved. Bill
  7. So have you bought the Seneca? Have you looked at the Newmar super C? Bill
  8. Well the OP hasn't been back but I think the King Air I linked to would be as nice for the price as a new Cornerstone for more than double the money. The new Cornerstone and a new Mountain Air are about the same price. Bill
  9. When I put Continentals using the tire program they were $100.00 ea cheaper than the Michilans and I thought they were better tires. Bill
  10. No, No you don't need to plan every step. You also need to travel in "Retired mode" not "Vacation mode". People on vacation need to get somewhere and get back in a fixed time frame. I like to be on the road by 9 and off by happy hour. 300 miles is a long day. I use a average speed/distance of 50 mph when planing. It has worked out pretty close weather on major roads or going croslots on secondary roads.300 miles will take you at least 6 hours. I think you will find that it pays to make plans when visiting major attractions. For example if you wanted to go to the Grand Canyon next May. I would be trying to get reservations for the time you want to be there starting today. I love staying in Trailer Village. You can catch the free shuttle that stops in the RV park and go places you can't drive your toad. How long you take and where you stay getting to the GC is up to you. We have it so much better now with the internet and cell phones. Bill
  11. Where in AZ are you? I would call National Indoor RV Centers and talk to them.They are a Newmar dealer. They can tell you who to talk to if they don't work on the Onan. This is the number for the LV location 702-766-7770. They have a location in Phoenix to. Let us know what you find out. Bill
  12. When in Brenham you absolutely, positively need to stop at Blue Bell Creameries!!! https://www.bluebell.com/ Some say the best ice cream in the country!! Bill
  13. Welcome to the forum Mitchell. Where are you looking? I can verify the quality of service and customer care Mike related about National Indoor RV Centers. I just bought the coach in my sig from them. This is what I told Mike when he was looking. "Yes the 6.7 is the upgraded 5.9 that I have. You just have to downshift and keep your rpm up (Don't lug the engine) watch your EGT and you can climb any hill." I don't think you would have any problems. You do need to learn how to drive a big rig. Keep in mind most coaches are pretty close in weight to horsepower ratio. The guy with 600+ HP is moving more weight. Many many times it isn't the hp and torque of a coach slowing you down it is slower trucks on the grade. You only spend a short time on hills so don't get to hung up on "flying" up the hills. Any questions just ask. Bill
  14. Yes, the current in there is amazing. Boats up on plane and barely moving forward. Bill
  15. I haven't heard of any problems with them. huffypuff Just got a new Entergra Anthem 44B he might have more insight. Something to look at. https://www.nirvc.com/Sales/Inventory/4944 or https://www.nirvc.com/Sales/Inventory/3947B This is the place I bought my coach. I do recommend them. Bill
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