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  1. I also have a ReadyBrake and like it a lot. Much nicer than the old system that had a vacuum pump that sat on the floor. If all you are concerned about is break away safety the ReadyBrake break away system would do it with nothing else to purchase. ReadyBrake break away
  2. This is all done and installed for testing except for actually hooking up the main relay. It has changed a bit since my first post. I've added a temperature sensor inside of each battery. It logs to a memory card and sends data to my phone via bluetooth. I was surprised to find that I can get the data from inside the house.:smile: Unfortunately, now that it's spring I can't test the cold weather part but, I did thoroughly bench test it. Overview of system. 1. Arduino Mega 2. Voltage regulator 3. 9 DS18B20 temp sensors 4. Switchdoc labs INA3221 voltage sensor 5. 4 SS relays Relay 1----Main Disconnect Relay 2----Victron Charge controller Relay 3----Cabin cooling fan Relay 4----Battery heat Temp sensor 1 Battery #1 Temp sensor 2 Battery #2 Temp sensor 3 Battery #3 Temp sensor 4 Battery #4 Temp sensor 5 Battery #5 Temp sensor 6 Battery #6 Temp sensor 7 Cabin temp Temp sensor 8 Battery heat temp Temp sensor 9 Outside temp Relay 1 disconnects battery bank from everything * Relay 2 turns solar controller ON/OFF * Relay 3 turns ON/OFF compartment cooling fan Relay 4 turns ON/OFF battery heating *In all cases relay 1 turns on before relay 2 and relay 2 turns off before relay 1. voltage < 9.5 open relay 1&2 voltage > 15 open relay 1&2 any batt temp 1-6 > 175° F open relay 1&2 any batt temp 1-6< 40° F open relay 1&2 temp sensor 7> 90° F close relay 3 temp sensor 8< 45° F close relay 4 temp sensor 8> 50° F open relay 4 Sends data via bluetooth to phone. Used real time clock to keep track of date and time. Saves data to memory card. Every ten minutes. If something triggers relay 1 and 2 logs every 10 seconds. Overall system.This is mounted on back side of bedroom wall. Everything on left side of picture. The batteries on floor of same area. Screenshot of data on phone. Another view of the control panel.
  3. Since the lithium batteries I'm using (Valence) don't have any protection built in (only cell balancing), I've designed a protection system. It will totally disconnect the battery bank from everything if things go awry. It will also turn on a compartment cooling fan or turn on a heat pad if called for. I have it bread boarded and the code written. For you coders out there mine is probably a bit clunky but, it works. Not really necessary but nice for a bit of bling I'm working on a screen to see what temps and voltages are. Also working on a data logger to see what triggered an event.
  4. One: Richard Bruner Two: USN Three: 4 years 1967-1971. Four: PO2 (E5) Five: Naval Air ground support mechanic/electritian. Six: NAS Memphis,NAS Key West, USS Constellation (CVA-64)
  5. The Battleborn liths, more or less, use the same charger parameters as AGMs, if your charger/controller works with AGMs it will work with liths. Check with Battleborn. You DO NOT want to charge lithium batteries when they are below freezing. I believe Battleborns have an internal BMS that prevents this. I have installed a heating pad under mine. Check the dimensions, as others have said two in parallel would probably more than double your usable amp hours. Any kind of bracket/cradle would be quite easy as long as the new batteries are equal to or same as your current batteries. There is tons of info available about the Battleborns.
  6. I was never really happy with my lead acid house bank. 400 Ah of which I could only use 50%. I recently came across a really good deal on some Valence U27-12XP 12volt 138Ah batteries. They are used but, after getting the information from the internal BMS I find than none have 200 complete cycles of the 2000 or so available. So I now have 80% of 552 Ah. I've only had them operational for a couple of weeks but, I'm VERY pleased. At about the same time my inverter/charger died so I installed a Victron multiplus hybrid inverter and, I'm thrilled with it. It's fully programmable and the hybrid part works great. I often go to a place where I get 15A of questionable AC I had to be very careful of what I turned on or voltage would drop below 108. I was at the site for over a week and, within reason, I could turn on what I wanted. When the shore power is too low the inverter simply adds what is needed. When the power requirement drops it goes back to charging. Not even a flicker in the computers. I also got a good deal on 6 255 watt solar panels but, haven't gotten them installed yet. More to come.
  7. After 4 years I finally have a shower door. 😎 It also serves as a night light.
  8. I just finished and installed a mirror/makeup cabinet for mumsywumsy. It features dimable LED lights using a hall effect switch to turn on the lights. It is also hinged since it's pretty close to the wall in driving position. It's really hard to get a decent picture because of all the mirrors so, here's a video. mirror_cabinet.mp4
  9. Having had various brands of battery operated tools only to have the battery made of unobtanium when it needed to be replaces. I have pretty much switched to DeWalt 20V. I've had good luck so far and don't have to buy a complete kit every time. Their chainsaw is awesome.
  10. The hydraulic one is $3700, electric is $3000. I don't think that includes the custom built part that attaches to the car. It weighs 128 lbs. And you still need an auxiliary brake system. Looks like you could easily exceed 1000 lbs hitch weight. Front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive with lockout only. I don't see any pluses.
  11. I love my Shaper Origin. I occasionally need a printed circuit board for some project or other. In the past I have etched them with acid. Messy and time consuming. I would draw the picture, print it with a printer, heat transfer that onto the board then dunk it in the acid solution which would eat the copper layer off. Then I would have to very carefully drill all of the holes. With the SO I still have to draw it up. There was a bit of trial and error before I figured out cut settings. The last one, the top one in the above picture, took about ten minutes. This method puts the holes exactly in the right places. Accuracy is exceptional for a hand held tool. That board is less than an inch tall. This is a few of the mistakes, as you can see I can even cut the piece out.
  12. I'm having fun with it. The speaker grill on the first page of this post was done with it. I love working with walnut. The speaker grill started as a log in a back field. The wood for that one I sawed into a piece small enough to fit in my band saw with my chainsaw. I had to make a sled that would carry an 8 ft log to cut it into boards. The wood I have now was cut into boards for free at a local steam show. I got a lot of good wood out of what was left after the timber buyer got what they want. When did I ever have time to work for a living. 😎 As a cross country truck driver one year I only slept in the bed at home 39 nights.
  13. Playing with walnut and my Shaper Origin. Bad weather is starting to set in so I'm spending more time in the shop. I just finished some new LED light fixtures. This is 43" long. Detail of fixture. Bracket detail. Next project is a makeup mirror/station cabinet for DW out of walnut. D ick
  14. Richard great looking coach, I like the older ones that were converted and hardly used. I'm in Genoa City doing event photography 3 or for times during the summer.
  15. Well, some of my things are really inefficient. I bought the boiler and pumps new off of ebay for a VERY good price. But, they are 24V so I have to take 120VAC from the inverter and convert that to 24VDC for the heat. I don't know about 3/8 I've not seen the aluminum panels for that size. I used the aluminum in as many places I could get it. There are a few cold spots on the floor they are where there is no aluminum. The flooring is 3/4 plywood with a plastic coating on each side. Floor is warm in below 0° temps. The pex is laid into 2 inch styrofoam insulation and 3/4 plywood on top of that. I'm only 5' 8" and mumsywumsy is shorter, I still have plenty of headroom. I've seen discussion of cooling that way before. Seems condensation might be a problem and may be more trouble to build for the cooling gained. I have mini split AC for that. Works quite well.
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