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  1. YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary BTDT = Been There Done That TMI = Too Much Information
  2. Does the blinking light give you a code? Is oil full? Have you used an Onan oil filter or SOB? It looks like your altitude setting is at 5000 feet. Is that your current elevation? If so equipped be sure to prime the start toggle until the light goes out then press to start. Try turning off both 20 and 30 circuit breakers on the generator and see if it will start and continue. If it does let it warm up and turn the breakers back on one at a time. Agree on the old gas. If not stabilized a year ago you will need to start with fresh gas.
  3. Check driveshaft carrier/hanger bearings. One or both may be loose or busted.
  4. Just to add to the "ICE" idea on my Sony Xperia running Android 5.1 the contacts are not accessable from the lock screen. Which is all the time I am not using it. However from the lock screen 911 is always dialable and personal "ICE" information viewable by all is a choice which I enabled. Those numbers can be optioned to be dialed from the lock screen but may result in unwanted "pocket dialing" to your ICE contacts. Blood type, donor options, allergies, medications and medical issues are all there for the world to see.
  5. Visio 26 in back, 32 in front. (Old were 19 and 26) Both on Amazon supplied swing out arms attached to inside of old TV cabinet. Secured with bungee cords and velcro from behind while in transit. Plenty of space behind for electronics and storage. Open space under TV covered by removable smoked plexi-glass, also from Amazon, allows IR remotes to work. Both TVs extend wider than old recessed boxed tv but not so much to block adjacent cabinets
  6. Not Fake news, just old good news replaced with bad new news: FMCA and Verizon
  7. Using USPS "Forwarding" and USPS "Premium Forwarding Service" are two drastically different programs. USPS forwarding options I highly recommend PFS. I suggest you visit your local PO and talk with the PM that handles this service in your town. The online signup is rather structured when it comes to stop and start dates, holds before and after and any mid-trip changes that need to be made. A phone call or email to the person actually batching and sending your mail adds some flexibility to the process.
  8. I have done two things to improve the blade movement. On my toilet I can remove a surrounding panel to access where some of the moving parts are located. A light touch of plumbers silicone helps. Instead of leaving the winterizing fluid or even water for long periods in the bowl I use olive oil to lubricate and keep the seal soft. And inch or two left between trips works. Mine was acting up so badly 6 years ago I bought a repair kit. Still in the original wrap.
  9. I had my panels for a year before I got up the courage to drill into my roof. That said I don't plan to ever remove them so instead of the usual RV caulking I opted for 3M Marine 5200 sealant. (might have been the 5000 at the time) In the holes and liberally around and on top of the bracket footings. Also used the same to secure the longer runs of wiring to the roof. 12 years and still hard holding strong.
  10. rockylarson

    Front End Noise

    Start with Grill attachment points, then see if Jacks are rattling in their brackets, onto smaller frame welds that may have stressed apart. End up with checking for broken springs. Good luck. Oh Ya, anything loose in the basement?
  11. Doubt if there is a way to beef-up as you call it your brakes and anything else that limits your towing capacity.
  12. This reference may come in handy: http://bobsguides.com/step-motor.html
  13. I believe when doing voltage drops in a DC circuit you need to count both directions of current travel. a 40ft run may need to be considered 80ft in your calculations. Also wondering if anything else normally comes on when you put the MH in reverse such as a rearview camera or backup beeper that might have a short to ground.
  14. For temporary overnight type of freezing I just bring in the water hose and run off my fresh water tank. For more serious freezing you or the campground have to be sure the source stays available and is protected/freeze proof. My utility bay and tanks are "heated" which means a furnace vent sends forced hot air in their direction. However it does require running the furnace more than we like. Normally we prefer cube space heaters or our Wave-6 portable propane heater which do nothing for the tanks. You will find condensation to be a problem on walls, windows and hidden in closets. I have used a Canadian made low wattage closet heater and like it very much. http://www.amazon.com/Caframo-Limited-Stor-Dry-Warm-Circulator/dp/B0009L675W/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1444984962&sr=8-4&keywords=closet+heater It has a low wattage heater and a small fan which keeps the closet contents nice and warm. Amazon has several suppliers of heated hose. I just ordered my first but I opted to go with this company: http://www.nofreezewaterhose.com/ In the past I ran a separate extension cord to the basement to run 100watt trouble lights in the sewer and utility compartments. This year I am trying a more dependable heat source: http://www.amazon.com/Davis-Instruments-Air-Dryr-500-Dryer/dp/B000B7MU9Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1444984962&sr=8-1&keywords=closet+heater The smaller one appears to be more than adequate. Good luck.
  15. If you select the "MAIN SITE" link in the upper left corner of this page, then select "Motorhoming" a drop down menu will take you to "TOWING". Doesn't look promising. I chose a Liberty over the Patriot for that reason.
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