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  1. It's really not so complicated... We use a tee fitting labeled as "extend-a-flow". Turn off the valve on the propane tank, unscrew the hose that goes from the tank to the regulator at the regulator. Screw the hose onto the tee in the kit, and screw the regulator onto the tee. Attach the hose and you're good to go. I permanently installed the hose in the belly of the RV, going across to the curb side. I also use a second tee, and some extra hoses. We used a weber q200 and a Coleman Roadtrip. Recently upgraded to a Coleman nxt100 (a VERY nice portable grill btw). These hoses have been hooked up for 4 years without any problem at all. Most of these little grills, it is simply not possible to remove the regulator (to use low pressure gas), it is part of the burner feed.
  2. There are a number of nice campgrounds just northwest of west Yellowstone also. It is about a 30 minute drive from West Yellowstone to Madison junction. A pretty drive, still gets to be a bit of a commute when you do it twice a day for a week. We've never stayed in the park. Would like to stay at Madison, or canyon, but not sure we'd fit. I think I heard they closed the canyon campground? Could be wrong. They closed something up that way. Jackson and the Tetons are great and worth a visit too. Cody is also great. Gardner and west Yellowstone are just OK, except they are close to Yellowstone. Stay away from the Beartooth pass (red lodge to the northeast entrance) and Teton pass (ID23 from Idaho to Jackson) in the motorhome.
  3. As the OP is new to this.... One thing I didn't see mentioned is: Our camera, and I assume many others, has a power tilt, labelled up and down on the side of the monitor. In the full down position, I've a clear view of the towbar. In the full up position, I can see the toads roof, and the roadway behind and to both sides of it. Almost but not quite the view I'd get in a real rearview mirror. When I am passing, I can clearly see the passed car or truck come into view and drift down to a safe distance behind our toad.
  4. Hi all, Jim and Carol here. We've had 2 motorhome since 2008. Current coach is an 08 Monaco Knight which we bought in 010. Gonna try this forum out for size, see how she fits.
  5. We use a Wilson trucker amp also. Wilson is nice cause you can get the amp and antenna's separately and tailor the system to your needs. We use the spring loaded outside antenna, and the wall mounted pad inside antenna. The system works very well. If there is a signal, it will pull it in.
  6. I use the SMI stay n play system. Unlike the air force one, it doesn't require a connection into the RV's air brake system. I bought it when I ran a gasser, and since it is 100% installed on the TOAD, there was no need to even think about it when I upgraded to a DP. It's still there, and it still works. Flip the switch and you are braking.
  7. Skitterguy, Blue ox make a set of bumper mount tow bar brackets that cost $52 when I bought them 3 years ago. Note that a stout aftermarket bumper is needed, the stock sheet metal bumper ain't gonna hack it. Mine ois from rockcrusher, and is all welded 1/8" steel plate. Those brackets will mate with any good motorhome mounted tow bar. I used a Blue ox Alladin (bought used)
  8. I setup my 2000 Wrangler to tow by myself. I installed aftermarket bumpers (narrow, no "milk crate" outside sections, and made of 1/8" steel. Blue ox sells a set of bumper brackets for $52. I bolted them to the bumper before I installed the bumper. 3 years, 12,000 miles towing, no problems. Whole setup, including a Blue ox Alladin tow bar (used on craigslist) and an SMI stay n play braking system (used on one of the forums) set me back maybe $750 total. Works great.
  9. We had a 99 pace arrow(Ford chassis) us registered and it had em. Our '08 knight has em too.
  10. Ditto. seelevel rocks. and (if you put a second monitor in the water bay) only needs 1 wire going topside.
  11. Try Suntrust Bank. If nothing else, they do (or did 2 years ago) loan to Montana LLC's. I do think not having a permanent real address is the problem though.
  12. Ours is a Magnum, 2000 watt MSW with 100 watt 3 stage charger, factory installed. Battery bank is 4 6 volts batteries. Unit works nice. It doesn't boil the batteries keeps em charged good. Inverter powers most of the outlets in the coach, and can handle the microwave and a hairdryer together, though I tend to freak out when I see the panel show it is pulling 100 amps from the batteries...
  13. Monaco's are a little bit different. We have 2 main solenoids. The "boost" solenoid joins the 2 battery banks, ensuring everything is kept charged, and providing extra power when needed. The boost solenoid is triggered by the boost switch on the dash, as well as by the "BIRD" circuit which keeps the batteries charged under all conditions. The boost solenoid is in the battery compartment in our Knight, but is in the engine bay on some higher end Monaco's. The other main solenoid on a Monaco is the "Salesman's switch" This one is on a circuit board on the front "run bay board", in the front drivers side basement bay, on the board where many of the DC fuses are.The "salesman's switch" solenoid is triggered by a switch on the panel just inside the front door. It controls the non-essential 12 volt stuff. Lighting and such. It does not control anything important. It won't shut off your fridge, or your furnace. Unlike Fleetwoods and some others, neither of these are latching relays. They require a constant 12v to the coil, and they get hot. The salesman switch solenoid can be bypassed easily. Mine is and I'm good with that, as it serves no real purpose to me. The boost solenoid is another story. This one needs to work well. With the BIRD circuit, it is energized more often than not ( many older monaco's had no bird, or different bird's that don't behave like mine) and that 100 amp Trombetta continuous duty relay gets really really hot. It get's kinda dirty and corroded inside too, I recently had to open mine up and clean it out. Restored normal operation in an hour, for zero dollars. I kinda wish this thing had latching relays, like my old Pacearrow did. But its a Monaco, and that's how they are.
  14. Don and Deb, It's true that whites will be most of the people you see camping and Rving. But we all share the same common interest,and that always helps. We recently rented a seasonal space at a local Jellystone campground. This campground is very .... hmm, what is the word? diverse, that's it. lots of tenters, popups, people coming in for the weekend of all races. And lots of seasonal campers. Many in fifth wheels, more in travel trailers. We are very much the minority, in our class A diesel pusher. But out neighbors make us welcome. Across the way, a naturalized American family from Mexico has become our best friends. We are campers,and we are all friends, including many many friends I haven't meant yet. These friends trace their lineage to every country on the globe. We are all Humans, Americans, and campers.
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