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  1. I've heard of others using Dawn with success, haven't tried it in ours yets, but just might since it makes sense it would cut grease and dirt. Wonder if if affects seals and other things like that though, would have to research to make sure though.
  2. Me - USAF - 22 years, last 10 years at USSOCOM in FL where I retired. Wife - USAF - 18 years, USCENTCOM where she retired. I salute all our Veterans!
  3. I've heard nothing but good things about the BigFoot jacks and those would be my replacements when the electric ones give up their life some day. NO issues yet but one time with the electric, however; I'm sure there days are numbered like everything.
  4. Yes, we have the same issue with our door samme, so let us know what Fleetwood says. I've replaced the latch once after ordering the part from Fleetwood and it's starting up again.
  5. I guess we can close this one..........it ain't gone nowhere.
  6. Hello, We were going to put a tow bar on our 08 Hyundai Elantra so we could put a bike rack and haul the bikes while the car is being towed. Someone mentioned getting a dual hitch receiver for that job and save over $200 ($250 is the cost for the set-up on the car), and we were wondering if these dual hitch receivers are worthy of all they are talked up about. Saw one at Northern Tool Supply for $64.00. Has anyone used one of these either from Northern Tool or another company and was it what you needed for for the job? Any issues or complaints? Thanks
  7. We live in Fl and also keep our vents open for air circulation. Haven't had any problems at all with insects or rodents, cross our fingers
  8. Thanks for the link, great information.
  9. Hello, We're thinking of spending a month or two next summer (2010) in the McLean, VA area and were wondering if anyone has any recommendations for parks. I've checked with Cherry Hill in Wash, D.C., however; they don't allow long term camping so that one is out. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  10. Well it's done and it looks great. Tearing out the old carpet and vinyl flooring was easier than I thought and it only took one full day to do the living area and hallway where the bunks are. Had time to install the backsplash in the kitchen area as well as replacing the big clunky TV in front with a 28 LCD. Second trip with the vinyl and it looks great, feels great and was one of those things we should have done right after we bought the coach.
  11. Just within the past few days, we took up all the carpet and vinyl flooring down to bare wood and replaced with vinyl squares from Armstrong. They were self stick, however; we used some flooring glue as well to ensure they were staying put. Took one whole day to do the coach with help from the son. Took pictures of the process, just have to download them onto the computer and upload. Hardest part was pulling out the 200 staples we had to dig and look for, or step on. Rest was pretty easy. I laid the glue down, he placed the tiles and did any cutting required around corners or cabinets. Mom is happy, all that counts Next day he put up some tile backsplash in the kitchen around the stove and sink for Mom, looks good, really good. Much better than the old generic MH walls they put in these things Dealer wanted $3K to do the flooring..................NOT! So we saved some money since I think we were being gouged for $$.
  12. jomarfl


    We've had GS and Coach-Net and at one time both at once for peace of mind. Never used GS but used Coach-Net and they worked pretty good for a flat tire repair on the road. Glad to hear they stepped up and offered to settle, maybe not for what you wanted, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they recognized their failure. All we can do is continue on life's journey, take the bumps, learn the lesson and then smile and continue down the road of life. Life's short, smile and make someone happy today. Take one minute to be nice to someone, it's contagious
  13. When ours do break and I'm sure they will eventually with grandkids.............we'll replace with a roman type shade I believe. Easy to handle and easy to replace. Blinds are good also, we just are not into the plastic blinds anymore. I think we both grew up with them and swore we'd never have them in a house
  14. Great information, thanks everyone!
  15. This is interesting indeed. Didn't know about truck tires, never even thought about them. So my questions would be: 1. Where do you purchase them from locally (truck tire center, sears, etc..) 2. How significant were the savings? 3. Do you think it would be easier to find a spare if you needed one with truck tires versus RV tires? Thanks
  16. jomarfl

    Grease Gun

    Okay Dumb Question Possibly, Since my coach is now out of it's year warranty and I'm doing my own oil changes................the question of greasing the little tabs on the chassis. I change my oil every 3,000 miles religiously whether a car or coach. I know, no good reason too waste dino oil, but it was instilled in me years ago and I just can't stop. Question on the grease gun is this. Is a grease gun for greasing a car any different from a coach or will one do the other? Is there a special grease gun for coache chassis? Thanks
  17. We've been using Jig-a-loo a product from Canada that seems to work great. Doesn't stain, dries fast and repels water. Found it at Wally world and it's been in use in Canada since the 50's. I think it's the equivalent of our WD-40 but better.
  18. We had to have the right rear replaced about a month ago due to the motor being "frozen". Problem was inherent to Power Gear I was told at the dealer but they would not replace all 4 at once, only when the break. Power Gear comes with a two yr warranty so I can only hope they all quit within that timeframe, otherwise, we'll get them replaced as they go out I guess.
  19. Clay, Thanks for the words of wisdom! Sorry you had to learn about that oil drain pan. I've been there, done that on many projects over the years ... keeps me humble Happy Camping.
  20. So I need to learn how to change the oil myself in the coach and I'm going to get some training soon. Along with the oil change comes grease fittings as well, I understand.
  21. Great article and we use the open vent options. You don't need the vents wide open, just a small opening with a few cranks and run the fan and you good to go.
  22. We use the inside shades and they are great. If it's raining when we leave, no getting wet to take them down. All of the different shades have their lovers and haters, all are good, just find the ones that work good for you and are affordable on your budget
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