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  1. Has anyone installed the Steer Safe stabilizer on there motorhome and how does it compare to the Safety-plus stabilizer I have a safety plus on my motorhome but it didn’t do anything for the stability of the steering in crosswinds and trucks passing
  2. I just watched a utube video of a motorhome owner adjusting the the sway bars on a class A motorhome on a F53 Ford chassie he adjusted the bracket holding the sway bar from the outer hole to the inner hole and claims this has improved his ride. It appears that by doing this he has increased the torsion on the sway bars has he in anyway adversely affected his ride or suspension ? I am thinking of doing it to may motorhome he claims it eliminates the need for add on sway bars.
  3. This may sound dumb but how can I tell what type of material is on may roof? I am removing the old caulking from the seam between the front cap and the roof and want to make sure that I am using the correct material to caulk it back up. Some caulks advise you not to use it on epdm roof so how do you know for sure what type of stuff you have up there?
  4. In 2013 I purchased a used class A motorhome from CW in Rochester, NY and with it a Extended Warranty from them and Good Sam for close to 5,000$ I had no trouble with the MH until this past July when the Hydraulic system that controls levelers and slide out quit working I called GS and they gave me the number to call for the insurance company. I contacted them and was given a list of business close to me to take it to for repairs, After the problem was determined they contacted the insurance company to get approval for the parts and labor. When I went to pick-up my MH they informed me they wanted payment in full because they did not want to deal with the insurance company so I wrote out a check for almost 4,000$ for a new Hydraulic motor, control board, wiring harness and key pad. Motor was burnt out, new control board was not compatible with old wiring harness and keypad. I found out why they did not want to deal with the insurance company it is now almost December and I am still trying to get reimbursed. So at this point if you are considering buy Extended Warranty Service from Good Sam put your money back in your pocket and never under any condition get insurance for anything from Assurant Solutions/ United Service Protection Corp unless you
  5. I just installed a Blue Ox base plate on my Fiat 500 it has a place to install the plug in devise between the car and motorhome since I will not be using that I made a platform to attach to it and mounted the brake away switch on it.
  6. Make sure to take the horse back tour of the battle field-- it is well worth it.
  7. Greetings Brothers, I just happen upon your information on Brothers thinking on forming a chapter I am currently WM Seventy Six #14 Swanton Lodge and 32* Valley of Burlington VT and would be interested. PS you do know there is a camping club in the Brotherhood right.
  8. Was wondering if you have had any further problems with your Blue Ox KarGard II cover and does it work well to keep your toad clean and is such a cover necessary. How many other people use something like this to protect and keep there toad clean?
  9. I will be flat towing a Fiat 500, as this will be my first towing behind my class A. Is there anyone towing a 500 that can give me some good advise. I intend on using a Blue Ox base plate and bars and was thinking on using a rvi2 brake system. Must I have the key on and any other advise etc.
  10. Thanks for the feedback from what I read I will probably stick with everthing Blueox
  11. btchant

    Tire Replacement

    Can you move tires from the steering front to the rear and take the best from the rear to combine with them on the rear and then put news one on the front?
  12. I notice an advertisement for tire balancing beads has anyone used there and what was your experience with them?
  13. We just purchased our first motorhome a used 34' class A. It is a nice clean Hurricane and we bought it at the Good Sam rally in Syracuse NY this summer. When my wife and I were growing up in PA one of the first hurricanes that we could remember was Hurricane Hazel it really cause as lot of damage and my father had a boat at Red Point MD. That weekend after the Hurricane we drove down there to check my Grandfather cottage and Dads' boat. The cottage was fine no damage but Dads' boat was a complete loss. as were many other boats, Hurricane Hazel had really torn up the Chesapeake Bay. So guess what we named our hurricane.
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