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    Amateur radio, emergency communications, electronics, camping, outdoor activities, music, supporting and helping our military and veterans. Missionary to the Military & Veterans Community.
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  1. Welcome to the forums! Any amount of camping is great. 🙂 Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  2. I have a military style bugle that I use for military ceremonies and events. I played TAPS today as well. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  3. The Military & Veterans Chapter would like to take time to pause, recognize, and pay our respect to our military men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country. Please remember those serviceman, servicewomen, and their families this Memorial Day weekend. Let the families know that they (their loved one and them) are not forgotten. Visit the chapter website to read the Chapter President's Memorial Day remarks. Rev. Richard Strait, USN Retired FMCA-MVC Alternate National Director & Webmaster.
  4. Welcome aboard Jeautry. Many of us veterans have our medications shipped to directly to the campground address and not our personal mailbox (PMB) addresses. I ask the campground if I can have my medications and packages shipped directly to the campground. Most the time they say yes. If they say no, then I visit the local post office and inquire of general delivery services. If I am going to be in that area for the season, I may opt for a PO Box if they do not cost much. PO Box costs vary from post office to post office. For the controlled medications that need a signature, if they are being delivered to the campground then my wife or I must be present to sign for them from the postal carrier. The post office, if we went that route, has us sign for the controlled medications when we come and get our mail. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  5. Welcome aboard Mr. Robistow. Go Navy!
  6. On behalf of the Military Veterans Chapter of the FMCA and myself, Thank you Vietnam Veterans.
  7. Welcome aboard! I am retired Navy yet I did my whole career with the Marines. First as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman and then as a civilian chaplain.
  8. Merry Christmas from the Military Veterans Chapter!
  9. From the officers of the Military & Veterans Chapter, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
  10. Thank you for the great information Howie. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  11. Happy Veterans day to our US Military veterans and a respectful Remembrance Day to our Canadian Military veterans. Today is the day that we remember all the men and women that served in our military. Your FMCA Military & Veterans Chapter officers wish each our US veterans a Happy Veterans Day and a heartfelt wishes for a dignified day to our Canadian members on Remembrance Day. Thank you all for your service. We also extend our thank you to the family of the service member for your support and sacrifices. Our families sacrificed a lot for us.
  12. I can relate to that one Wayne. The wife served in the USMC and she too loves to "Play Cards" at WalMart and Sams Club. I also fold....LOL
  13. I have a newer Leprechaun (registered in Michigan) and it is less than $1000 a year. It has gone up each year but nothing drastic like what you have experienced.
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