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  1. Florida Shores Truck Center, Edgewater FL. 386-428-0841. An hour or so from Orlando but most of their business is trucks so prices are not inflated to take advantage of your wallet.
  2. I guess I have a couple of questions? I just changed to FMCA's roadside assist a couple of months ago and I put a lot of weight on other RVers opinions. 1. Have you talked to their administrative staff to try to clear it up? 2. Maybe this should be #1, I think you're saying that the nearest qualified repair facility is 127 miles away and FMCA will only tow 100? If that is the case who is saying that the nearest qualified facility is 127, you or is FMCA saying there is one closer and you just don't agree with them? I'm a little confused. If they say they will tow to closest that is what I would expect. Call them!!
  3. The receptacle my microwave is plugged into is a GFCI plug. If yours is too, did you check the reset button? If it is and it is not "popped" it may be bad. Take the face plate off and actually check the wires. Good luck.
  4. Google Mr Fixit RV. In NE TN. I did not get the opportunity to use them because of appointment issues. I called them about fixing a rear AC. They were willing to walk me through trouble shooting on the phone I just didn't have the right equipment with me. Because of their helpful attitude I am recommending them but I cannot vouch for their actual work. Good luck.
  5. I have never heard anything good about them and the forums are filled with the bad. BUT! Keep in mind that people don't generally post when they are happy with their RV. They post when they are mad and frustrated. Personally I would pass and look for a Tiffin or Newmar. Good luck.
  6. gemert

    Traveling with Cats

    Our cat seems to enjoy the RV. Litter box is a pain though. It lives in the bathroom. The cat usually gets sick within the first 1/2 hour of driving on the first day only. She is then fine for the rest of the trip, be it 7 days or 7 months.
  7. Accept the direct route even when it warns you away then check the route details. It will tell you where there are issues in the route. You can see why and them make your choice. I have been routed away from camp grounds because of bridges that cannot take my weight and when I checked the actual bridge was farther from the camp ground. You just have to research a little when that happens. It always has a reason and I have learned to pay attention.
  8. I agree with Carl. I have used Blue Beacon 4 or 5 times. Cost about 60 for my 40 ft MH. I use "Wash Wax All" to clean the MH. Also wipe on wipe off. Has UV protection and is easy and works well. I haven't waxed in 3 years.
  9. I have a Beaver with a 10 air bag tag roadmaster chassis. I have heard a hundred times on forums that the roadmaster chassis 8 or 10 airbag coaches are the best handling and riding coaches. Monaco, Beaver, Holiday Rambler and Safari coaches generally use the Roadmaster chassis. Fortravel are also a great riding coach but out of my price range. Newmar owners may argue that their's are better. You can't go wrong on any of them.
  10. Another vote for RV Glass Solutions at https://www.rvglassexperts.com/
  11. Depending on the jetpack that you have a lot of people get better results with a MIMO antenna than they do with a booster including me. I have a booster that will typically add one bar to the signal. I started using a MIMO antenna. (Sorry I don't know how to attach the link.) Search MIMO antenna on Amazon. It only cost about $27. It has two antenna connection wires that plug into your jetpack. I don't know enough about it to explain why, but it has something to do with signal mixing in the jetpack and using multiple signals from cell towers to increase speed. Anyway it seems to work better than the booster most of the time.
  12. My Aladdin module is above the driver's seat behind a cabinet door. The reset switch is visible but you have to remove the facing to get to the control module. Beaver Coach Sales in Bend Oregon is your best place for parts. 541-322-2184. Beaver Ambassador Club a FMCA Chapter is your best place for info on Beavers. beaveramb.org. Congrats on your new Beaver. Jerry
  13. Ron I had a similar problem a few years ago. My coach leaned so far to the left that I felt like I could reach out and touch the road. It turned out to be the "travel" solenoid on the rear 6 pack valve assembly. It is really tucked up above the rear axle. It quit working so the coach wasn't able to go into travel mode. The travel mode light did not light up either. About 90 dollars for the solenoid at a Newmar dealer I think it was. Good luck.
  14. Mine were doing the same thing. I liberally lubricated the latches on the doors. It hasn't happened since. I now spray them with the dry lube every couple of months. Good luck.
  15. I have heard that they are not recommended by the company. I would call the compny to make sure though.
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