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  1. On my Discovery, the receiver is under the dash, in the center, on the floor.
  2. This is also what we do. Many timers only let you program one on and off per day. We got one that can be programmed with multiple sessions each day. I've got it programmed for one or two hours on and off during the day, and off all night long when there is no usage.
  3. Amazing how quickly we went from a nation of free people to full fledged government subjects.
  4. We bought the La Crosse Technology C83100-INT WiFi professional weather station about 9 months ago. We had high hopes for it, as it was wifi connected, and we could check the weather at the coach when we were out and about. It would even let us know what the temp and humidity was inside the coach in real time. It worked well for a couple of months, then it just quit working. The wifi connection became increasingly sporadic, and finally wound up udating only once every day or two, instead of continuously. After doing some research, I found that this issue was a known problem with this unit. I went through the reset procedures specified on the manufacturers website many times. It didn't work. They had a contact email (wouldn't take phone calls) to report the problem. They said they would replace your defective unit after you filled out a detailed online form. Filled out the form, and no replacement came. No contact, either. Money down the drain. Don't buy this unit, as it does not work as advertised. It will, however, still work to relay data from the outdoor sensors to the monitor in the coach. As to the mounting of the outdoor sensors, I pound a 4' piece of rebar partially in the ground, and put a 6' length of 1" PVC pipe over it. Mounted on the pipe is the wind sensor and the rain gauge. When moving from site to site, it's quite easy to pull up the rebar, and transport the pipe and mounted sensors in the basement of the coach.
  5. I've got CoachNet premium. It's $169, and that's the same as last year. I think it went up from $159 the previous year. I usually get an email with a discount of about $10 if I renew early. First year membership is more expensive, I believe about $249, but renewals are now $169. These are motorhome rates. Rates for towables are less.
  6. For Coachnet, this is definitely not true. No increase in price this year, and I just checked my renewal rate - again, no increase.
  7. We have Dura Shield on our coach, and it is horrible. We have mold growing under every surface that is coated with this stuff. On our color scheme, it's not too noticable on the black painted sections, but we have a lot of beige and champagne colors that look really bad with the splotchy dark brown mold. I'm considering removing it and not replacing it with anything.
  8. When mine failed, I replaced it with a brass one from lowes.com. They usually don't have the brass ones in stock at the stores.
  9. I'm on the FMCA plan, and my total monthly payment is $50.07. No surcharges that add big bucks to the bill.
  10. Ours is. It was an aftermarket install, and is on the same circuit as the fridge which is powered by the inverter. But, we always travel with the generator on automatic, so if the current load on the batteries is too much, the generator kicks in.
  11. We've run ours while driving down the road.
  12. That appears to be Covid deaths per the total Swedish population.
  13. We did the same thing. Got rid of the U shaped dinette and replaced it with the credenza and free standing table. We had the credenza installed at Bradd & Hall, and they did a great job. We had some electrical wiring that ran under the dinette, and they made a wood veneer covered raceway between the pedestals of the credenza, and from the credenza to behind the sofa, using the same wood color that the credenza is made of.
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