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  1. Have you ever been given credit where you didn't have to give your SSN?
  2. You should really go have a beer at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. You never know who you might run into there.
  3. chindog

    Jack Pads

    I've got a couple of bags of Valterra Stackers, otherwise known as the Lego pads. They have held up well under my jacks, with up to 11,000# on each stack on the back jacks. They do need a solid surface under them, though. On gravel, the bottoms can get chewed up, so I put them on a section of 2x12 board.
  4. PS: Your post got me thinking about our upcoming trip. We are staying at a COE park near Nashville next month, so I just booked 2 tickets for the General Jackson show boat lunch cruise.
  5. We enjoyed the General Jackson riverboat cruise. They have a dinner and music show. We liked the show more than the Grand Ole Opry. The food was pretty good, as well. And, you shouldn't miss the Country Music Hall of Fame, and Music Row. Be sure to stop in at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and see where the big stars hang out on occasion. They usually have live music going on at all hours. We usually stay at the Grand Ole RV Park when we visit Nashville. Much less expensive than the downtown parks.
  6. Florida is a big place.
  7. I'm also interested in this, as I need to replace my chassis batteries. I'm worried what might go wrong when I take them out, drive a couple of hours to purchase new batteries, spend a couple more hours shopping, and then a couple more hours back to the coach before installing the new batteries.
  8. We had reservations there that were made months ago. I was disappointed when we got an email saying our reservations were cancelled. The reason given was just "campground renovations". Good to know exactly what is going on.
  9. I thought my water pump was about to go out a few years ago. I bought a spare so I'd have it on hand when it did go bad. I'm still carrying that spare around.
  10. Maybe... I have a dental appointment on Wednesday to get a tooth pulled, and it depends on how that turns out if I am doing well enough to drive down to Tampa.
  11. We are in Sumter Oaks now. In fact, we have spent winters here for the past 5 years, and really like the park. It has many spots that are shaded by large oak trees (hence the name). Sites are generally spacious. There are many scheduled activities during the Nov - April season. We just got back from the weekly dinner in the activity center. Great home cooked food for $8/person. Other activities include poker nights, pokeno nights, ice cream socials, excersize and dance classes, holiday parties, music jams, craft classes, and various group outings to nearby attractions. Last year, the electrical wiring in the 30 amp half of the park was upgraded to 50 amp. Also, wifi was installed a couple of years ago, and is operated by Tengo Internet, a paid service. There is a free low bandwidth version available for park guests.
  12. The gutter seems to have all the most interesting responses.
  13. After several swelled batteries on hotspots, I now use a timer plugged into the 120v outlet. I've got it set for 2 to 4 hours a couple of times each day. Seems to be working so far.
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