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  1. On the CRV, you have to pull one of the fuses when towing, or the battery will discharge within a couple of hours. The manual shows the fuse to disconnect.
  2. I've got the FMCA Verizon plan, and we've been pleased with it. However, Verizon is pretty strict on the slowdown at 25gb. When you hit that, it slows down to almost unusable speed. Even downloading email takes forever. We don't stream anything, and are very judicious with our internet use, so 25gb usually covers our needs. However, even though our PC's are set as metered connections on Windows, the forced update downloads sometimes eat up our bandwidth. Having to do 3 or 4 days on slow speed at the end of our service month is truly a bummer. When our current contract period is up, I'm definitely switching to the new prepaid Verizon plan.
  3. If you have a Velvac VMax III, which are pretty common for class A coaches, there are 2 screws holding the camera mount on the face of the mirror. Remove those, and you can remove the cover piece. The camera will come out with the cover. Be careful to note the position of the camera (maybe mark it in the holder with a Sharpie) so you can position it in the right place when re-assembling it. You have to get the camera cable tucked back in the right place to get the cover back on properly.
  4. Here's how I do it. I pull up to the truck lane pump, swipe my RV Plus card, input my pin, and the pump turns on. I pump diesel into my tank, and put the nozzle back into the holder when done. Usually the receipt printer is broken or out of tape, so I take a photo of the amount and gallons with my phone. I drive away, and pay my bill when it is emailed to me.
  5. I'm getting the same thing on both Firefox and Windows Edge.
  6. I would rather have the radio that played cassettes. The music was better back then.
  7. The headlights at that link are pretty expensive. For my coach, they want $330 for a pair. I happen to know that these headlights are the same as a GMC Yukon, and are only $135 for the pair on Amazon.
  8. No state taxes listed on the bill, just a $.02 regulatory charge and a $.06 "administrative charge" .
  9. My total monthly bill is $50.07, including all taxes. Of course, the location of the subscriber has a lot to do with that. We are residents of Florida.
  10. For us, the FMCA Verizon plan works very well. The 25GB/mo is just about what we use for our laptops. We don't stream videos or play games online, just the normal email and internet surfing. It is rare that we exceed the limit, and when we do it's usually because of a Windows update. We use Consumer Cellular for our cell phones, and have a 3GB data plan for them, which we hardly ever exceed. But for the computers, our FMCA/Verizon hotspot bill is just $50 and change each month, and is less expensive than any other plan on the market that we can get.
  11. It's not just the wiring that is a hassle when changing from one toad to another. There is also the brake piston, and the cable to the brake pedal, which on my toad is mounted under the panel under the drivers side door, with the cable running under the carpet to the pulley behind the brake pedal.
  12. The Honey Pot Eatery, on the property of Bee's RV Resort in Clermont, FL is pretty famous in this area. They only serve dinner on Tuesday and Friday (and now seasonally on Thursday) from 4 to 7pm. It's an all you can eat buffet, with a fixed menu and a fixed price of $10. On Tuesday it's fried chicken. On Friday it's fried fish. And on Thursday it's pot roast and pork loin. Crowds gather, and you can expect to wait in line for an hour if you don't get there early.
  13. chindog

    Vicksburg MS

    In Vicksburg, River Town Campground is good. It's all pull throughs, so you don't have to unhook for an overnight stay.
  14. Holy Cow! 90 GB is huge! Since we've been on the road for the past 3 years, I don't think we've ever gone over 25GB. Of course, we don't stream any movies or TV shows, and keep the cat videos on youtube to a minimum. Although, back when we had the sticks and bricks, I think we used to use somewhere in the vicinity of 250 - 300 GB/mo. But when we went full time, we went on a data diet.
  15. I'm not sure about Medicare supplemental insurance, but pre-Medicare insurance premiums differ by county. So, you may want to not only consider your state domicile, but also which county within the state. In Florida, you have at least 4 domicile mail forwarding services to choose from. Escapees in Bushnell, Saint Brendon's Isle in Jacksonville, Traveling Mailbox in Tallahassee, and MyRVmail in Crestview. You may want to research the cost if insurance premiums for each of those locations when making your decision.
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