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  1. HI, I would also like to find a Class B group that will accept off brand "B". In June of 2012 I purchased a 2008 Krystall MH on a 2500 Sprinter chassis. The manufacturer is out of business and I would like to be able to exchange information. I live in Southern California and it would be nice to get together 3 or 4 times a year with other Class B owners. Harry Salit
  2. Hey Beemerdude, Thank you for the detailed reply. No significant changes in coach weight from last year. I did notice a drop of about 1/2 mpg this year. I was attributing it to head winds but looks like the tires were the culprit. So it does not pay to get new tires unless absolutely neccesary. Are you saying if I warm up my tires like race cars do I wont have to wait for 7000 miles???? Anyway I do have 5000 miles on them now & happily the squirming has diminshed, but not completely yet. There is always something!!! Harry
  3. Hi Richard, The coach is a 1997 Discovery, 37' total weight 22,150 lbs, in 2011 RVSEF, no tag. LF 3800, RF 3900, RR 7300. LF 7150 Air pressure front: 95 psi, rear 85 psi, I also have a TPM. I tow a 2006 Scion xB, weights about 2600 lbs. The coach was loaded for this years travels similar to 2011. I have recent schocks, track bars (last year) & bell crank. Harry
  4. I replaced my 8 year old Michelin XRV with new tires of the same size, 235/80 22.5, earlier this year. I am running the same air pressure, based on the actual wight of the coach. Nothing changed except the tires. My old tires drove just fine, no skipping around, affected very little by wind. The new tires act like I am being blown around by sidewinds, trucks & cars passing by, and I have to continuously drive the coach in a straight line. At Indianapolis I asked the Michelin rep in the booth what is going on? He said "squirming" and it should go away in about 7000 miles! I have never heard of this. Is this common with all new tires? Or are these Michelins defective? Do I really have to continue driving an unsafe coach for 7000 miles? Harry Salit
  5. Hey Marty, I have been using your bathroom door system for years, also. I get it close with the bubble level, then check the door for final adjustment. I have a 3 jack manual Power /gear on a 1997 Discovery. No entry door issues. Harry Salit
  6. harrysusa

    XZE Vs. XRV Tires

    Thank you Tireman, The Michelin dealer I go to has been in the tire business for 35 years, selling mostly truck tires, has a recapping plant on the premises, so I would not refer to him as "Bubba". I asked Michelin how an inspections should be done & they said the tires have to be dismounted & inspected from the inside. I told this to the dealer & he said "I still cant see the inside of the casing". I guess I am back to age of tires for replacement. How do I find a Michelin dealer that is trained by the factory? Harry Salit
  7. harrysusa

    XZE Vs. XRV Tires

    Hi Brett, When I ask my Michelin dealer to inspect my tires, he walks around, sees very little cracking in sidewalls, then looks at the dates & sees that they are over 5 years old & recommends that I replace them. I have ignored him so far but my tires now are over 8 years old! How is a "profesional inspection" of tires performed? Thanks, Harry Salit
  8. Ken, I believe Redlands Truck & RV has the scales. 888-249-0124 Henderson RV & Redlands should be at Quartzsite, AZ in Jan with their scales. When CHP sets up the temorary truck check spots, & they are not busy, they may weight all corners for you. The CHP truck station in Castaic may also weight you, if not busy, but not all 4 corners. Harry Salit 97 Discovery
  9. HI, My fridge is a Dometic and about 15 years old when this summer the plastic door hinge pin holder on the bottom of the door decided to break and drop to the floor, about 12", and almost on my wife's toes. The door is heavy when loaded with all the stuff, I would guess about 50 lbs. A replacement door is no longer available but I was able to jury rig it so that we could complete our trip, 1 1/2 months later. The model is RM7732, 2 door with ice maker. Anyone know where I could purchase a used door? Harry Salit 1997 Discovery 36R,120,000 miles Banks turbo stinger kit 2006 Scion xB toad
  10. harrysusa


    Good Morning, This is another very active Revcon group: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/Revcon_Curious/ They will be able to answer your questions. Harry Salit
  11. Try, Rincon Beach Parkway, north of Ventura. Emma Woods beach Park. More Central Ca: Avila Beach, near the pier. Jalama Beach Park, west of Lompoc. Check out campgrounds at: rvparksreview.com Harry
  12. Tony, I currently have XRV 235/80-22.5 tires on my 97 Discovery. What do you think if I went to XZA2 energy in 275/70-22.5 size? And what would they cost? Or other suggestions? I would like to improve my my ride & use less air pressure. Thank you, Harry Salit
  13. Check out Rockport State Park, it is on the East side of SLC. Harry Salit
  14. I have been using the Swagman hitch mounted bike carrier for some years. (I just saw this 3 bike carrier on Google Products for $80.00.) I do tow a car & one problem is to check the oil, water, etc for a diesel pusher, is that you have to remove the bikes. The other problem is if your tow bar is RV mounted, then when you disconnect you have to hang tow bar from the bikes, you wont be able to lock it in its stow position. Not a big deal just hang it with some bungee cords. Harry 1997 Discovery, 116,000 miles 2006 Scion xB toad.
  15. I agree, the wheel cut degree is meaningless hype. Just tell me what the turning diameter is for the particular coach that is being tested. The wheel cut degree will probably be the same for a 34' or a 40' coach (on the same chassis), but the turning diameter will certainly be different. Harry Salit
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