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  1. I use deercreek services in Montana and have been doing so since 2007. I've been very happy with thier services and guidance. I highly recommend contacting/consulting with them, specifically Micheal Willing, the attorney in charge. Only then can you make a judgement for yourself. From my perspective, having done the research and being prepared, there is nothing "illegal" about driving a company registered motorhome from another state.
  2. We are in the process of removing our Dometic sidewise fridge for a SamsungNDA1402WD. The task will begin tomorrow when the fridge is delivered. Measure once, twice or ten times like I did. The width of this new fridge is perfect as is the depth for our application. The cabinet will have to be elongated a few inches cause the new unit is taller. Although we have had absolutely no problem with the Dometic, the Norcold stories are legendary. We are opting to change to this fridge for some very simple reasons. First the Samsung simply has much, much more space than our Dometic. The new fridge is a 20 cubic foot french door model with bottom freezer. We ordered it in black to match our other appliances. This model we chose has an internal ice maker. No water or Ice to the door. For us, this was the best choice cause as we are on the go, we tend to use bottled water and can't remember the last time we used the door mounted water dispenser. We are also confident that the residential fridge will make much more ice than did the Dometic. It's important to keep up with cocktail hour. Now as far as energy use...the Samsung will use about 75% less electrical energy than does the Dometic. We are lucky that our 08 American Eagle has a high capacity pure sine wave inverter. The new fridge will be plugged into the inverter supplied outlet. (we have two outlets to the rear of the Dometic). We do not dry camp very often, however when researching the switch and consulting our American Coach Owners Yahoo group, we found that NO ADDITIONAL BATTERIES ARE NEEDED. We should expect (with actual testing from another AC owner) 12 hours of operation if dry. Plenty of time to run the generator a couple of hours a day if needed. Anyway I hope this helps.
  3. For everyone's info, I contacted PDI as Breeves 43 has yet to expand on what was done to his motorhome. PDI is a great company. They explained that virtually everyone gets 1-1.5 mpg increase after they have "tuned" the diesel. The significant increase reported by Breeves is rare to the point that they could not cite anyone else with a similar experience. I will probably have my 08 American Eagle "tuned" at PDI as a 1.5 mpg increase is still significant (percentage wise) when considering I currently get 6.1 with our 500 horsepower cummings.
  4. Hey Breeves 43, what all did PDI do to achieve your results? I went to the website and they offer tuning plus a computer control module replacement. Did they do any other modifications?
  5. Boy I don't know. I would check with Camping World or Remco, who manufactures driveline disconnects, etc. I would be concerned about towing the low sports car on all fours mainly because of the paint damage from junk being kicked up by the tires.
  6. Hey I tuned in late to the broadcast. Did the presenter address the benefits/risks of inflating tires with nitrogen? All my vehicles, including daily drivers, exotic and our 43' class A have been inflated with nitrogen vs. air. The product is inexpensive, causes tires to run cooler and I've noticed a slight mileage improvement (2/10's) in the motor home.
  7. tonyford

    Grand Canyon

    Search in Williams Arizona. There is a private campground that is pretty nice and is close to the town of Williams. Don't remember if they have shuttle service into town. I highly recommend the train ride from Williams to the rim of the Canyon. It's fun, they do a western shoot out before you leave and the train gets "robbed" on the way back. Beautiful scenery.
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