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  1. At our storage facility, you enter a code to get in and a code to get out. If you have not left by 7 pm, they know where to find you and come looking.
  2. Is Les Shwab tires a national chain? They do awesome work, and have helped me out. Might look at them.
  3. Sta-bil is a good product if you use it from the very beginning. Once water is allowed to sit in the tank for a length of time, algae will grow. I would seek professional help to thoroughly clean the tank and get rid of the algae. Then, start fresh, and try to keep the tank full and treated when not in use.
  4. If it has adaptive cruise control, the tow bracket will interfere with the sensors and disable the cruise control. Found out the hard way.
  5. Since the electrolyte is more like gel than liquid, I don't think de-sulfating applies here. AGM's are much more robust and can take abuse.
  6. I was forced to install a battery watering system on our coach. The 4 house batts were so hard to get to for service. Can't over or under fill the cells. Nice system.
  7. Whirlpool also makes a quality product. The fridge in our new Fleetwood coach has one. American company, last I checked!
  8. HP makes a nice setup priced under $90.00. Don't go cheap... You get it to protect yourself. As you all know, a MH is a moron Magnet. Every time we drive somewhere, at least once, someone does something stupid in front of us. 3 times last trip. Ours records audio from the cab as well, not sure I like that feature... "you dumb sob, wtf, holly poop balls, oh no lookout!"
  9. Thank you... After a little research I found out CW is the sole distributor for the TM-77. Bought one several days ago, have not installed yet.
  10. Have you also looked at the Tireminder TM-77? It looks like a nice system, and is highly rated. Thinking about getting one myself.
  11. Wilco, Manholt... Nice looking electrical bay Richard! Going to pull the trigger on the system... will report back with results.
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