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  1. Since the Fusion was not towable with the adaptive CC, we chose to not tow anything. The CC was more important to my wife.
  2. It is all one system. We found out that you cannot disable the adaptive CC without also disabling the regular CC.
  3. Does it have adaptive cruise control? I ask because we found out the hard way that the mounting bracket is seen by the radar sensor and disables the CC. At least the dealer took it all off and refunded our money.
  4. I never implied I was very smart. Besides, everyone knows if you have enough bananas, you can teach a monkey to be a Fighter Pilot. I'm living proof. We are all like-minded people in pursuit of the same thing, the enjoyment of our RV's. I/we are in it for the long haul, no matter what.
  5. Shouldn't everyone be able to take time from their job, no matter how important, to enjoy life and their family? I think the first line on someone's resume for the job should go something like, " I own XYZ rv and have been camping for XX years with my family."
  6. I want to apologize in advance, I'm really not trying to stir the pot. But, is it just me, or does anyone else think it's funny the CEO of FMCA does not own a RV?!
  7. At our storage facility, you enter a code to get in and a code to get out. If you have not left by 7 pm, they know where to find you and come looking.
  8. Is Les Shwab tires a national chain? They do awesome work, and have helped me out. Might look at them.
  9. Sta-bil is a good product if you use it from the very beginning. Once water is allowed to sit in the tank for a length of time, algae will grow. I would seek professional help to thoroughly clean the tank and get rid of the algae. Then, start fresh, and try to keep the tank full and treated when not in use.
  10. If it has adaptive cruise control, the tow bracket will interfere with the sensors and disable the cruise control. Found out the hard way.
  11. Since the electrolyte is more like gel than liquid, I don't think de-sulfating applies here. AGM's are much more robust and can take abuse.
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