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  1. Thank you for the info I installed sway bushings not poly will do that will be under for shocks anyway.
  2. The bags are at 90psi-tires 85psi- shocks may be original unit one owner have paperwork from day1 no shock replacement indicated they are bilstein
  3. I have a 1998 Safari Trek with a p-30 chassis. The body moves back and forth side to side like a boat, I installed sway bar bushings did not seem to make a difference. Could shocks be the problem? air bags? What is the difference between sway and body roll? Same condition different terms?
  4. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/202979/Whirlpool-Andnbsp-Ygmh6185xvb.html?page=5#manual
  5. I am missing part of the window seal/guide on one of the sliding windows, I don't know what this part is called or where to buy some of this material. Included a picture
  6. This product or similar may be what you are looking for. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014LR5PA2?psc=1
  7. You are the tire expert is it considered good practice to travel at 70 mph for long periods on "L" rated tires
  8. Tires on my SRT-6 were Z rated 149 mph rarely over 130 MH slow 55-62.3 if you run high 70s you need P or Q rating
  9. Is the letter designation a speed rating my tires are 123/125 weight m rated 81 mph J 62 mph am I mistaken
  10. I have a 1998 TREK by Safari and as with older units I looked at before buying this one toilets and showers yellow with time. Toilets can be changed easily. Showers are a more difficult problem. Does anyone know how to restore the shower surround?
  11. How do I check power pedestal with multimeter?
  12. Do you have a switch that will change to house batteries for starting? I don't want to sound snide but you know there are 2 sets of batteries. I am also on our first RV these motor homes are set up in ways I was not familiar with. is there power to the red feed to the fuse panel.
  13. Do any of these programs have clearance indicators I drove a truck for 3 yrs "(05/08)none of the GPS had clearance markers I had a map book with a list of all low clearance spots in the US and CAD the routes had bridge max weights. My TREK 12' and 16000lb so not a big problem for me. Some bus conversions and custom RVs' could get capped on clearance under 13'6" i
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