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  1. On my coach you have to have the ignition "ON" or "ACC" position for both slides and leveling to work. Jim
  2. Your experience it the reason I perform my own maintenance and repairs. Jim
  3. I have never had an AH or Oasis heating system, but I do have a question. What is so complicated about the systems that require the annual maintenance to be performed by the factory authorizes technicians. I'm one of those guys that I prefers do perform my own repairs and maintenance. I'm fortunate to have served an apprenticeship in the craft trades that operate and maintain electrical generating facilities, primarily in Hydroelectric projects, however in my early years I did work in gas turbine, steam turbine and diesel plants that were fueled by either natural gas, crude oil or distillate fuels. I expect that my next coach will have an AH or Oasis and that I will be performing my own maintenance and repairs. I'm confident that with my experience with pressures vessels, boilers and controls that I can perform the tasks required to maintain and repair these system. Please enlighten me if I'm missing something. Jim
  4. Brad Need help to change signature? I Jim
  5. Are any of the grades as bad a the the New Priest Grade when traveling from the north to Yosemite? We made that trip a couple of years ago with no problem, just real slow and a few impatient drivers, not many pull outs for big rigs.
  6. Planning a leisure trip from PNW to Texas in early fall. Looking to avoid freeway and to take more scenic route this time. On our last trip followed interstate until Spanish Springs then thru Mohab to El Paso and returned thru Tuscon, Phoenix, LV ,Reno . Plan on this trip to take us thru the Texas panhandle and are considering taking US 64 from Farmington NM to Raton. Just wondering if this section of road is a good idea with a 40' DP with toad? A few year back be took a trip to Mt Rushmore and back and took different routes going and coming and avoided the intestate highways except for a couple hundred miles, I don't think we ever drove over 150 miles either day. Any advice will be appreciated. Jim
  7. I never drove like that, but I made many trips to the snowmobile park with my last MH. It was a 32' gas with 454 Chev, pulling a 24' closed trailer with 4 snowmobiles. I would chain up MH and one axle on the trailer and just take it easy, Our favorite snow park road was gravel base road with a couple narrow bridges with no grades >3%. The road was usually plowed once a week, but it was unusual to have 4"-6" of snow and wheel ruts. Never had any problems going or coming, couple of time ended up spending a couple of extra days waiting for road to be plowed to get home. There actually one guy who drove a 40' diesel pusher towing a 4 place trailer. When I got my DP, I purchase a cheap PU camper and we now use, my DW refers to it as the GHETTO. Jim
  8. Robert, Thanks for for sharing your results. I know what you mean about the price for RV repair parts, being both a boat and RV owner and run across it all of the time. Jim
  9. If can determine what wire on the relay are the contacts that power the motor you can place a jumper on the two wire to check if the motor is OK, If the motor runs this would prove that the relay is bad. If that is the case you could be a simple on off switch and used until you get replacement parts. Jim
  10. I have been removing the batter, makes it a much easier to load on bike rack. Never every thought about overheating any bike components. The drive motor and electronics are not directly in the main air flow. Is there anything to worry about?
  11. Did you remove the wheels? Jim
  12. The leverage on the end bracket you will be turning is not very long, but it doesn't take much effort. I always wear a pair of work gloves, just us caution and not let go of the bracket. Jim
  13. I have used the following procedure to tension mine: 1. Open slide 6"-10" 2. Rotate roller tube to align holes to lock roller in place(3/16" diameter phillips screw driver works fine) 3, Remove end cap on opposite end of tube from where tube is locked in place 4. Disengage end bracket from tube 5. Rotate end bracket to increase spring tension as needed (usually a couple of turns will do the job) 6.Reverse steps to complete job. Jim
  14. Joe, Are side panels around the wheels hinged? Did you remove front wheels to provide better access? My coach is about the same age as your, what you see doesn't look bad, it's the part't that I cant see is what worries me. Jim
  15. Not unusual to have to replace CV or suspension components with a 135k miles. Jim
  16. Just went through the same issue with Farmers, was paying for a value that was $25K more that the actual cash value, based on listing that I could find and NADA blue book. Jim
  17. F433921

    Insurance Quote

    Dealing with local Farmers agent. Thanks for the info, Jim
  18. F433921

    Insurance Quote

    Just got my renewal notice from Farmers, $300 increase on top of the $400 increase last year. Contacted agent, her response that quite a jump over the last 2 years, will check with corporate office. She responded that increased cost are due to new state requirements, no mention on what the new requirements were. Compared the coverage this year against proposed renewal, no change in coverage, just increase in premium. Went on line got quote from Good Sam for same coverage, $985 less. Will call them tomorrow to confirm. Any reviews on GS appreciated Jim
  19. Do you have any remnants from the damages fender, if so any experiences fiberglass fabricator should be able fabricate new one since it's basically flat, a mold wouldn't be needed. needed. What is your location, if you are in the Pacific northwest, I would able to help you. You could also use the driver side fender as a pattern to get dimensions. just reverse image. Jim
  20. I believe that TSD answered that question on their FaceBook page, can't remember . You do not provide your SS number or Bank info on the application. They will contact you once they have your application to get that information. Jim
  21. If you any doing any electronic banking you are disclosing your bank account and routing number. I used TDS card exclusively when traveling from WA to CA and return this winter, Purchases 362 gal and saved $28, average was $2,72. price range $1.99 to $3.22 per gal. Todays prices are $1.42 to $2.82. I check GasBuddy for prices for surrounding locations that I purchased fuel and only found on e location that was less that I paid and the difference was only $.01 per gal. I sure likes the convenience of using the truck stops, easy in, easy out. Also found the truckers extremely friendly
  22. Personally I only know one person who actually had an experience with AAA RV Premium road service was my brother-in-law and he was pleased with his service. His diesel pusher quit in I-84 in western Washington on a Sunday afternoon on Thanksgiving weekend. He called AAA and with in 30 minutes he received a call from a heave towing company who was dispatched by AAA. The tow company requested information about his coach (length, width, ground clearance, weight) access to the site.Fortunately when his rig shutdown he was able to coast to a exit ramp and was able to get on the shoulder. State Trooper came by and recommended to leave coach in place until Monday AM. BIL met tow company on Monday AM and they loaded RV on lowboy and transported to repair facility that (selected by my BIL) 60 miles down the road. Jim
  23. I have 4 Interstate 6v Lead Acid 330 Ahr batteries and run my 19 cf Samsung residential on 2000 watt modified sine wave inverter. I have no problem going 24 hours before I need generator. When my refrigerator is running the inverter is showing 10 amps DC on on my inverter panel. I read somewhere where the pure sine wave inverters are not as efficient as the modifified sine wave inveters are. Jim
  24. This support that there is internal ware within the pump or the pump is by=passing and can't build to designed operating pressure. Jim
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