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Pirelli Coach tires hits the USA

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I am on my 3rd new coach. The first. Two had Goodyear G670. Never again, they wore out before 28,000 miles. I shopped/compared and shopped/compared and found a quit, bigger load and now have 8,000 miles on them. They are smooth and a great tire. Of those that ever lived in Europe know "Pirelli Tires" Semi trucks, buses use them. Check these out and call about them, before you buy "Mich or Goodyear" tires

 275/80R22.5 (295/75R22.5)
H Pirelli Formula Driver II
All position
Part No.: 2262700
Size: 275/80R22.5
Ply Rating / Load Range / Star
Rating: 16 PL/ H
Brand: Pirelli
Model: Formula Driver II
Position: All position
Tread Depth (32nd): 18
Standard Rim / Flange: 8.25
Inflation Pressure (psi): 125
Max Load (lbs): 7165
Max Dual Load (lbs): 6615
Overall Diameter (in): 40.28
Overall Width (in): 10.98
Weight (lbs): 118
Country of Origin: Brazil
OTRUSA.COM UPC: 655222681775
Max Speed (mph): 81
1. Mileage: optimized tread
pattern featuring siping at the
edges of the grooves provides
resistance to irregular wear.
2. Safety: large circumferential
grooves combined with the
optimized structure provide better
handling on dry and wet conditions
and better stability.
3. Durability: Stone ejectors
elements at the bottom of the
grooves prevent stones trapping
improving retreadability and
enhancing durability.
6129 6 item 0% $229.00 $1,374.00
WD #13-4068378 Total: $1,374.00 (USD)
Payment Terms
Payment Options:

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Im going to give these 275/80/22.5 Pirelli Driver IIs a shot as well. When shipping is taken into account, it looks like Amazon (prime) is the better price. They will deliver 6 to your door for $1,800 with 5% off if you use their credit card.

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What is the DOT numbers on your tires, it's a stamp on DOT and the last 4 numbers = week/month/year of tire!  If it's 6 years old or more and there is any cracking or fine spiderweb on sidewall, it's time to change!  Delivered to you?  You'll still will pay for mounting, balance & Federal Excise Tax and disposal fee! 

You answered my question...the model is Dutchman.  If you call Newmar or chassis manufacturer, you'll need the last 6 digits of the VIN#.


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You are right Jim, it's a Newmar Dutch Star model number 3894. Thank you.

The Michelins are shot regardless of the age. There are cracks on all of them. I ordered the new tires and they came today. Will have them installed this weekend or next. Local tire guy I've been going to for years will do it for $240, including the balancing. Got another quote from a bigger shop nearby and they want $300.

Unfortunately, I ordered the new tires without much thought to the date code. The last 4 DOT numbers are P627. I'm assuming 2017 but am not sure. Regardless, I bought them on Amazon so, if I'm unhappy, there may be recourse.

Any thoughts?

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Turn the tire OVER.  That is not the complete DOT code.  The complete DOT number with date code (last 4-- usually in a slightly different molded area since it is changed weekly) is only on ONE sidewall.

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I was asked about Pirelli as a brand. 

They are an older European tire company. Based on sales we can find they are #6 on THIS list.

Don't forget there are many brands owned by one of these larger corporations.

For example, Firestone & Dayton are owned by Bridgestone.  Dunlop & Kelly are owned by Goodyear etc.

A quick check of Wikipedia for the tire brand of interest will get you the company history.

You will find that the "smaller" brands many times are made in the same plant. with some of the same materials on the same or similar equipment and designed by the same engineers as the "Big" name corporation tires.  You can look at the range of type tires to get a feel for their area of knowledge. Now you probably wanted some nice "Hard" comparison like Brand X is 5% better than brand Z. Sorry but that information is not available or realistic as at any point in time Your size and type may be of the latest design from one company but 3 years old at a different company. Also, remember that tire specifications are constantly being "tweaked" with improvements.

I did a post about Tire Comparison Reviews on my blog that may help you understand why it is impossible to provide a current comparison that would cover multiple sizes and multiple designs.

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