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On 1/25/2020 at 8:41 PM, jjenkins said:

John Jenkins

US Air Force
4 yrs

6/1973 to 6/1976


Radio Relay - Equip Repair

RAF Upper Heyford, UK.   Elgin AFB Fla.  Keesler AFB Ms. 

Welcome aboard!

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List your name:  Jim Harvey

List the branch of service you were in:   U. S. Navy

List the amount of time you were in service to this country and when you were in service.:  20 years, 29 days

List your rank while in service:   E-6

List your job while in service:  Started as an Aviation Machinist Mate - Reciprocating Engines (ADR) then later transitioned to jets and helos.  Aircraft Engine Mechanic

List where you served:  VC-10 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; VR-24 (COD Crew) NAF Naples, Italy; Naval Air Facility, Sigonella, Sicily; NAS Brunswick, Maine, VP-45, NAS Jacksonville, FL;  Navy Recruiting District, Jacksonville, FL; HS-5 (deploying with CAG7 aboard USS Eisenhower), NAS Jacksonville, FL;  VP-30, NAS Jacksonville, FL.


National Defense Ribbon2.jpg

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Welcome aboard!  I am retired Navy yet I did my whole career with the Marines.  First as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman and then as a civilian chaplain. 


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