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Are You A Veteran?

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1- Phil Lockler


3- 1970 - 1974

4- E4

5- Motor Transport

6- Camp Pendleton, California My Mother prayed me away from 'Nam. She said that she knew I would not return if I ever went. She is still praying for me daily. It works!

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Hello guys and gals....

My name is Del Murphy

service is USNavy

How long--3yrs@10MOS--1949-1953


main communications


I'm a newbie and just started RVing in 2011...Myrig is a 2012 Thor Hurricane Class A motorhome. I look forward to meeting all you guys someday along the road..Till then god bless our troops..

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Name:brian j

Branch: United States army

Service :3years

Specialty:radio operator

9th inf dongtam viet nam


apr 67-nov 68

google ab8az to see my story


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1. Jack Neuber


3. 30 yrs 1 mo 23 days 1964 - 1995

4. Retired as Regimental Sgt Maj

5. 0311 Grunt; 8654 Recon Marine jump and scuba; 2336 EOD; 9999 1st Sgt and Sgt Maj

6. Around the globe several times with stops in Vietnam x3, Beirut, and several other places we don't talk about much ending in Hatti.

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2. US Army

3. 23 years, 7 months and 14 days, but who's counting

4. 05

5. field artillery, rotary and fixed wing aviator

6. Two VN tours...one in artillery and one flying a CH 47; where I served is too long to list. I spent a tour in the Forscom IG's Office and we traveled all over Conus, PR, AK and the Panama CZ. As a F/W aviator, I flew all over the same places noted above plus Central America and other garden spots.

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I am a Marine Corps Veteran who served on active duty from 1956-1959 and in the active reserves from

1960-1964 when I tried to reenlist to OCS (after college) but was not allowed to because we had two children at the time.

After Parris Island and Infantry Training, I was transferred to a Force Recon Company and served as a scout swimmer (mos 0343) for a couple of years,until I transferred out for desk duty when my wife joined me in North Carolina after our marriage....

Recon was an exciting company for a kid of eighteen....all the stuff you see on the comercials...the rubber (nylon rafts....called LCNS or Landing Craft Nylon) Black faces, with cammies and sneakers on....We had a jump platoon, people who had gone to survival school in Panama....and a great deal of pride.....

I am proud of my service time and say Semper Fi to all those who have served our country.....

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Greetings to my fellow Veterans.

US Navy

Actually served two years

Avionics (Aviation Electronics)

Boot in San Diego, School in Millington, Ship USS Lexington, Boston 1st Naval District Headquarters

Hospital in Chelsea Mass

'68 - '70

Lifetime member DAV

60% Disability

Long line of family Service to our great Country. Brother and I served in Navy as did my son, Uncles on my side and wife's also Navy.

Dad served Army Aircorp B24 pilot, his step brother served Canadian AF B24 pilot, Father in law in Navy.

God bless our Country and my fellow Vets

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Hello again, SeaJay. I hope you're doing okay, know it has been a difficult year. Here's your info.

Captain Norris D. "Andy" Shane, USAF 1978-1988 Instructor Pilot, KC-135A 7AREFS, Carswell AFB, Texas Eldorado Canyon, 1986

(Small potatoes compared to TSgt Norris D. Shane, 1927-2007, 1943-1946 US Navy; 1947-1977 US Air Force, Normandy, 1944. His plaque is on the wall among thousands of veterans' at The National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg. My beloved Uncle Dave thought it was a big deal, me going to pilot training, flying; despite his persistent habit of getting busted in rank, I'd consider his career the stellar one. Still healthy and robust at 81, the undisputed heart throb of his retirement complex, he was unexpectedly felled by a heart attack.)

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Well SeaJay, I'll have to make two entries:


One: Sherry

Two: USN

Three: 1974 - 2007 with a break in service 1976 - 1982 while I went to college

Four: Left active duty as E-4, retired as DoD GS-12 (LCDR)

Five: Data Systems Technician

Six: Was CONUS during Viet Nam (no women on combat ships), served in the Persian Gulf and off the Horn of Africa.


One: Jim

Two: USN

Three: 1963 - 1986 and 1989 - 2007

Four: Retired from active duty as E-8. Retired DoD as GS-11 (LT)

Five: Data Systems Technician

Six: Viet Nam, Persian Gulf

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Name: John Connaughton

Branches: USAF & USN


USAF: 2 Yrs 8 Mths (Jan. 1977-Sep. 1979) Last 8 months were in the NM ANG

USN (Active): 8 Yrs 7 Mths (Sep. 1979 - May 1988)

USN (Reserve): 9 Yrs 6 Mths (Apr 1989 - Oct 1998)

Rank: ET2(SS)/E-5 (Petty Officer Second Class)

Jobs & Locations


Basic Training, Lackland AFB

BE&E School and Instrument Trainer Specialist Student, Chanute AFB

Instrument Trainer Specialist Instructor, Reese AFB

New Mexico Air National Guard, Mess Hall Duty, Kirtland AFB


OSVET, BE&E and Electronics Technician Student, Great Lakes Naval Station, IL

Nuclear Power School Student, Orlando Naval Base, FL

Naval Nuclear Power School Prototype Student, MARF Reactor, KAPL, Ballston Spa, NY

USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643) Gold Crew, RC Division, Reactor Operator, Overhaul in Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, ME. Then Home Port in Charleston, SC with refits and turnovers out of Kings Bay Naval Base, GA

Naval Nuclear Power School Prototype Instructor, MARF Reactor, KAPL, Ballston Spa, NY

General Shore Duty, Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk, VA, assigned to Naval Station Staff as a computer technician, to help install and also help users work with various computers, these were the early days of computers, 1985.

At the end of my enlistment I took almost one full year totally away from the military. Then I went into the US Naval Reserve to complete enough time to earn a Reserve Retirement. My initial Reserve billet was with Special Boat Unit 20 out of Little Creek Amphibious Base, VA. After moving to Florida, I worked in the Law Enforcement and Physical Security Detachment, West Palm Beach Naval Reserve Center, until retirement.

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Bert Nichols


22, 1978 - 2000

Missile Fire Control Technician

RTC Orlando; NTC Great Lakes; Dam Neck, VA; USS Belknap (CG-26); SIMA Norfolk, VA; USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27); Fleet Training Center, San Diego, CA; Afloat Training Group, San Diego, CA

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1- Jim Burns

2- Army, Basic training Fort Hood, TX. Mechanic Schools Camp Breckenridge, KY & Fort Knox, KY

3- 2 years 1951- 1953

4- Of course started out as Pvt. and made the rank of Sargeant

5-When sent to Korea I was assigned the job of Tank Driver as they didn't need any more mechanics at the time. Later (due to temp hearing loss) I was transferred to the Motor Pool and then later while on RR in Japan I was promoted to Motor Sgt.

6- Korea, The outfit I was in was located North of the 38th parallel. Later had a wonderful :rolleyes: (28 day) trip home from Japan to New York via the Panama Canal.

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Dave Ballantyne


United States Coast Guard
Commissaryman 3rd class

2 year Coast Guard Cutter Eastwind, Icebreaker, 2 cruises to the Antarctic and 1 to the Arctic
1 year Coast Guard Base Boston
1 year Coast Guard Base Woodshole, Cape Cod, Ma.

Member Eastwind Association, gather every 2 years, Portland, Maine.

Currently: Chief Chaplain, Coatesville VA Medical Center, Coatesville, Pa.(Retired Jan. 7, 2013)

2013 38ft. Encounter by Coachmen, Ford V10

Toad: 2000 Tracker

Dog: "Syd," Blue Healer, Australian Cattle Dog

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One: Ray

Two: US Army/US Coast Guard

Three: 28 Years

Four: Senior Chief E-8

Five: Diesel Mech, Law Enforcement

Six: Cape May NJ, Yorktown VA, San Francisco CA, Boston Ma, Miami Fl, Key West Fl, St Petersburg FL

Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea

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#3 1966 to 1987

#4 Retired E7 80% VA

#5 Disaster Preparedness / POL

#6 Basic Aug 66 Lackland AFB, TX , Tech School Amarillo AFB 1966, Ramstein AFB, Norton AFB CA, Macdill AFB, FL, Utapao RTAFB Thailand, McConnell AFB, KS, Lowery AFB, CO, Aviano AFB, IT, RAF Greenham Common UK, Tinker AFB, OK, RAF Fairford, UK , Retired out of Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX. Low FMCA because we have been doing this since 1990. Homebase now Edmond, OK.

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Hello fellow Vets,

I am new to FMCA having just purchased a 2001 Allegro Bus. I am also a veteran from long ago...40 years. I was a Huey Helicopter Crew Chief/ Medic on a Dustoff Chopper in I Corps RVN from March 71-Feb 73 with the 571st Medical Detachment, based at Phu Bai, and Red Beach, DaNang.post-25879-0-75238000-1341180721_thumb.j I flew 700+ medevac missions in 11 months carring some 2000+ wounded to Surgical and Evac Hospitals in Quang Tri, Camp Evans, Phu Bai, and China Beach A/O's.

I now live in Pebble Beach, CA and fly Boeing 747-400's for UAL out of SFO retiring in 3 years.

One: List your name. Ken Bohrman

Two: List the branch of service you were in. US Army Aviation

Three: List the amount of time you were in service to this country and when you were in service. 3 years enlisted

Four: List your rank while in service. SP4.

Five: List your job while in service (I think it was your MOS) 67N20 Helicopter Crew Chief

Six: List where you served. Republic of South Vietnam, I Corps

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One: Bruce Ware


Three: 29 YEARS 1 MONTH June 1960 - July 1989

Four: Colonel

Five: Flew Combat Rescue Helicopters - HH-19B, HH43B & HH-3E

Six: Spain, Germany, England AFB, LA, Viet Nam, Repub of Phillipines, Iceland, Scott AFB, IL, Wright-Pat AFB, OH, & Maxwell AFB, AL.

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1- Jim Gragg


3- 1973-2001

4- CMSgt

5- Cryptologic Linguist (Vietnamese/Chinese/Russian)

6- San Antonio, Texas (x4); Monterey, CA (x4); San Angelo, TX; Taipei, Taiwan; Okinawa; RAF Mildenhall, UK (x2); Wiesbaden, GE; DESERT STORM; SOUTHERN WATCH; Augusta, GA

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