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Are You A Veteran?

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Yet Another Veteran...

Michael Canode, F13059S

United States Air Force

9 October 1971 - 10 October 1975

Seargent (E-4)

Air Force Specialty Code 32850 - Avionics Communications Specialist

Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Service, 1550th Consolidated Aircraft Maintnance Squadron - Hill AFB, Utah

(cited best maintenance unit in MAC 1973 & 1974)

"Happy Cybercamping!"


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Richard Colavito - USN Retired

Us Army, US Navy

4 October 1966 - 31 December 1986

SSG E-6 Army / TD1 E-6 Navy

Motor Sgt, Drill Sgt, Military Police - Army

Electronic Tech, Instructor - Navy

Ft Bragg, NC, Basic

Ft. Sill, Ok - Mechanic

Viet Nam - Mechanic - Recovery Spec.

Ft. Knox, Ky - Drill Sargent

Viet Nam - Recovery Spec.

Ft. Sill, Ok. - Motor Sgt.

Kitzigen, Germany - Military Police

Ft. Sill, Ok - Motor Sgt

Great Lakes Naval Base - Orientation,

Pinecastle Electronic Warefare Range, Fl. - Radar Tech / Operator

Jacksonville NAS, Instructor

60% DAV

Hope to see some of you at the rally's Just bought our first motorhome and joined FMAC.

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Thanks to all our veterens for your service.

1. David Ricketts

2. US Navy

3. 20 years, 1957-1977

4. RMCS (Senior Chief Radioman)

5. Telecommunications and Communications Security

6. Radioman "B" school instructor, NSA Danang, Carriers (Saratoga and America), Amphibious Forces (TACRON 21 and COMPHIBRON 10), Naval Security Group.

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James M. Moore Jr


USN -^ July 1961- 30 Sept 1973 enlisted e-1 to e-7 Chief Petty officer commissarymen

USNR commissioned 30 Sept 1973- to sept 1984 Lt

enlisted belly robber (ommissrymen cook- baker-butcher)

commissioned - Comphibron 10 staff- ops dept - USS Mamitowoc LST 1180 CIC- JOOD-Legal officer, Personnel officer- postal officer, electronics Officer, SLJO.

My primary job on staff and on the Manny was putting Marines on the beach-- Ole Navy saying " you can always tell a marine- but you can't tell them much"

I was on the AF-10 Aldebran and got shot at in Bayrute Lebanon in 1962- I was a cook then and some turkey was shooting at our ship from a hotel. we shot back with a 5"

Only Major ops was the Oct war 1973. the staff which se up the clearing of the Suez cannal.

I retired from Charleston Naval Ship Yard Jan 1995 highest grade gs-12 health physics (rad contols)

I retired as a nuclear engineer GS-11 (pro pay) more moneythan a gs 11 hp

In the ship yard I worked on all the types of Navy ships from carrier to admerals gigs, Nuclear subs, battle ships ( Iowa- NJ ), deep divers and hydofoil, engine rooms - deep tanks to the flight decks and the yard arms. nuclear reactors to turbines and recipracating steam engines.

I could tell you more but then I'd have to kill ya. LOL Uncle sam sent me to a lot of schools and paid me well to go. learned a lot.

Were we on the COMPHIBRON 10 Staff together? I was the Leading Chief, (SEA) on staff from the summer of 1973 until the staff was dis-established. I relieved Master Chief McBride as leading RM. I remember the Suez canal operation very well.

Dave Ricketts

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1. Steve White

2. USN

3. 33 years. 1952-1985

4. Seaman Recruit to O-10

5. Mostly nuclear submarine duty; Division Officer, Department Head, XO, CO, Division Commander, Squadron Commander, Flotilla Commander, Submarine Force Commander

6. Sorry, submariners usually can't talk about where we went and what we did

BTW, all seven of my children were either in the navy or married to a navy man.

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Ron Thompson

US Army

8 years, 1966-1974

Transportation, best time was as a Post Commanders driver around DC.

Fort Lost in the Woods,MO; Presidio at San Francisco; Korea; Okinawa; Viet Nam; Edgewood Arsenal, MD; Thailand

Good to be here


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Post deleted.....

super squid571

Mr White, If I read your post correctly, you went from boot camp to become a Mustang and rose to the rank of Admiral. I joined in July of 1956. You must have passed me like a streak. My salute and congratulations.

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Ray F283240


1966 - 1970

BT 2


'66-68 USS Francis Marion APA 249, '68-'70 USS Gainard DD 706

Snipes never new where we were or where we were going

I would have stayed for 20 but I was in love, still am after 40 years :rolleyes:

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US Army

9May1963-26April 1965,(two year draftee)

E-4, MOS: 153.10

Artillery Land Surveyor

Fort Dix (basic), Ft. Sill OK, Schweinfort, Germay-Hq Co, 1st Bat 10th Arty

3rd Inf. Div.

GOD Bless our serving troops, and our veterans

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James M. Sennett

United States Air Force

5 years 3 months 26 days; 14 Mar 1966 - 9 July 1971

E 5; Staff Sargeant

Inventory Management Supervisor 64570;

Boot: Amarillo TX (Lackland closed due to meningitis);

Tech School: Amarillo AFB;

Base Supply: Middletown PA Air Material Area (AFLC) (MAMA);

6100 Support Squadron (PACAF) Tachikawa AFB Japan;

347 Supply Squadron (PACAF) Yokota AFB Japan.

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US Army


E-5, 11-B, Recon/Infantry

RVN, Americal Div., I Corp.'70-'71

Thanks SEAJAY for starting this thread.

~ For those who have fought for it Life holds a flavor the protected will never know~

GOD BLESS our Veterans, Protect our Warriors and Wecome those that make the Ultimate Sacrifice Home to HEAVEN.

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One: John Quade

Two: USAF.

Three: 10 Oct 62 through 11 Nov 69.

Four: T/Sgt

Five: First 2 1/2 yrs Inventory Specialist - 64530 then crossed trained to Computer Programmer 64770

Six: Lackland for Basic, Amarillo for Tech School, Dover AFB, Del, Sheppard Tech School Again, Tuy Hoa AB, RVN, and Hq AFAFC Denver Co (Bean Warehouse 3800 York St.)

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Ed Marynik

US Army

26 October 1966 to 5 June 1996

1SG, First Sergeant

19Z5M, Senior Armor Crewman; First Sergeant

Ft. Polk, LA; Ft. Benning, GA; Ft. Lewis, WA; Ft. Wainwright, AK; Ft. Greeley, AK; Ft. Knox, KY (3); Ft. Campbell, KY, Ft. Gordan, GA; Ft. Sill, OK; Ft. McCoy, WI; Camp Ripley, MN;

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Bruce Lantz

US Army

Mar 66--May 1978

E-1 thru E-7, O-1 thru 0-3

Armor Crewman, Tank Plt Sgt Drill Sgt, Tank Platoon Ldr, Sqdn Motor Officer, Recon Toop CO, Senior Advisor RVN Inf Bn, Senior Advisor RVN Armored Cav Troop, Basic Training Company CO, OIC 1st Army NCO Academy, OIC 1st Army DSS

14th ACR, Fulda, Germany, 2nd ACR Bamberg and Bayreuth, Germany,--- Fort knox, Ky--4 Corp, RVN, Fort Lewis, Wa and some I've forgotten

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Donald J. Potts

Sergeant Major (E9)

US Marines (active duty)

4 years plus

1979 to 1984

Infantryman (M-60 Machinegunner) and Primary Marksmanship Instructor

US Army (reserve duty)

24 years plus

1984 to 2008

Combat Military Police, MP Instructor, and NCO Academy Instructor

I am now retired from the military with a total of 28 years of service. I will be hitting the road as a full-timer sometime between Sep. 1, 2010 and July 1, 2011. It is great to be amongst friends here!!!

Sergeant Major

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I feel like a real youngster here ...most of these folks served/retired before I got started on my military career!!!

Name: Paul

Service: Air Force

Time: Reserve '75-'80 / Active '80-2005 ...retired with 30 yr, 9 mo. ...it sure went fast!!!

Rank: 0-1 through 0-6

Job: Chaplain

Where: assigned to Greenland; Saudi Arabia (before Desert Storm); Guam; Griffiss AFB; Air University at Maxwell AFB; Davis-Monthan AFB; Pope AFB; Andrews AFB; HQ AFMC at Wright-Patterson AFB; HQ ACC at Langley AFB; TDYs to many locations.

We started fulltiming 3 mo before I retired in late 2005 ...loving going now where WE want to go and leaving when WE want to. :rolleyes:

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One: Dennis Reid (Moose)

Two: Navy (Aviation)

Three: 4 years - 1963 to 1967

Four: E-4 ADJ3

Five: Aviation Machinists Mate

Six: I spent about 2 1/2 years training Navy and Marine squadrons on the Grumman A6 Intruder at the Oceana Naval Air Station. The squadrons that I served in where VA85, VA42 and VA65. I deployed to Vietnam in the spring of '66 with Attack Squadron 65 aboard the USS Constellation. I am proud to have served my country. I really feel old, now that my aircraft and ship are obsolete and my ship is in mothballs.

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I thank all veterans for their service. I am married to an Army Nurse.

1. Jerry L "Gunner" Laws

2. United States Army

3. 32+ years of active duty. 66-98

4. Brigadier General USA (RET)

5. Field Artillery and Army Aviation (fixed and rotary wing)

6. Fort Sill 4 times, Fort Campbell, Fort Stewart twice, Fort Rucker, Korea,

Republic of S. Vietnam, Fort Leavenworth twice, Garlstedt Germany,

US Military Academy, Pentagon, Saudi Arabia,Iraq & Kuwait (Desert Storm),

Fort Carson, White Sands Missile Range

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Three: 3 YEARS, 1966 - 1969




Crewchief on CO maintenance/recovery ship (WitchDoctor) and BN smoke ship (Smoky).

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One: Steve Salka

Two: US Navy

Three: 25 years Retired in 2000

Four: Commander

Five: I started as a E1 Electronic Warfare Tech, made Chief in 7 years 4 montha and was Commissioned an Ensign with 10 years one day, My last job in the Navy was as the Senior Electronics Officer on the staff at COMNAVAIRPAC

Six: DESERT STORM, ATLANTIC, PACIFIC, Norfolk, Mayport, Bermuda turned the Naval airstation over to the British and San Diago)

"Fair Winds and Following Seas"

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