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Are You A Veteran?

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One: Mike Solon AKA J79 Eng, Born in Philly, live in Cincinnati Ohio

Two: US Air Force Europe
Three: 22 years, 1967 thru 1989.
Four: MSgt. .
Five: Jet Engine Mechanic retired as Propulsion Branch Chief
Six: Lackland Tx, Chanute AFB Ill, RAF Alconbury England, McChord AFB Wa, RAF Alconbury England,

Seymour Johnson AFB NC, RAF Lakenheath, England, Retired from Carswell AFB, Forth Worth Texas in 1989.

History: Hired by GE Aviation in 1989, laid off in 1993 when the Cold war ended, rehired as a Belcan Contractor working inside GE Aviation and still working inside GE Aviation for a total of 45 years associated with the F4 Phantom and J79 engine. Regarded Worldwide as the F4-J79 engine expert and kept busy with emailed questions and requested visits to member Countries who fly the F4 Phantom, i.e. Germany, Greece, Turkey, Israel, South Korea, and Japan. Last year I spent two weeks in South Korea and three weeks in England on J79 business. South Korea is asking for a urgent visit this year due to expected problems with their Northern neighbors, but not scheduled yet. I have a British wife, Diana, and three children born in England and all collage grads. Our oldest daughter has given us two grand children. Our son will marry in May 2013, and our youngest daughter is married but is working on her career as a RN, currently manages the Truma One ICU at Cincinnati Univesity Hospital while attending Wright State University to graduate in the Spring of 2014 as a Nurse Practitioner then she will start a family. I think that has my history up to current levels. Thanks for asking, God Bless the Great Nation.

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One: Vic Jeffers


Three: 1962-1982 20 years,3 days

Four: MSgt

Five: Jet Engine Technician/ J57-B52/KC135/J79-F4E Master Technical Instructor

Six: Shepard AFB,TX,Tinker AFB,OK, Seymour Johnson AFB,NC, Incerlik AB,TK, Shaw AFB,SC, Udorn RTAFB,Thailand, Danang AB,RVN, Eglin AFB,FL, Myrtle Beach AFB,SC, Tyndall AFB,FL, Chanute AFB,IL,

Seymour Johnson AFB,NC.

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1. Pat Cleveland

2. US Army

3.1967 - 1982 (includes a 5 year break in service)

4. Staff Sergeant

5. Radio Relay Carrier Attendant, Battalion S-2 NCOIC, Signal Instructor @ SESS, Watercraft Operator, Company Training NCO, Group S-2 NCOIC, Intelligence Collection Analyst , Intelligence Surveillance Photographer .

6. Ft. Dix NJ, Ft Gordon, GA, Sukiran Okinawa, Thailand (via USS Meeker County) - various locations in country, III Corps Vietnam, Ft Gordon GA, Ft. Leonard Wood MO, Ft Eustis VA, TDY to USMC Amphibious Intelligenceman School @ Little Creek VA, West Berlin, Germany, Ft Dix NJ

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One: 1SG Randy Joseph
Two: United States Army
Three: 24 years 1988 thru 2012
Four: First Sergeant E-8
Five: 19K , 19D , 11B , X , Command Group Chief
Six: Desert Storm , Operation Iraqi Freedom , Operation Enduring Freedom , Operation Sword

Severed on over 9 Base .....Senior Tank Commander, Calvery Scout 1SG , Drill Sergeant over 4 years , Infantry 1SG 1st Army Divison (BIG RED ONE) ,Division Senior Operations NCO , OIP Chief, Command Group Chief at 3 star Level .......retired 26 FEB 12 after 18 months Wounded Warrior Battalion FT Knox

Now have a 2002 American Eagle and love to be free in the USA ....GOD BLESS THE USA ...

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1. Charlie Hager


3. 221/2 Years (1951-1973)

4. MSgt

5. Weather Meteorologist

6. Korea, Japan and Philippines Stateside - New Mexico, Florida, Kentucky, Colorado, New York

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Dave Kosbab

United States Air Force



46250-46290 Aircraft Weapons Mechanic

F-4C / F-4D / F-4E

Lowrey AFB / Seymore-Johnson AFB / Kunson Korea

Seymour-Johnson AFB / Korat RT Air Base Thialand

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Dan "Flyboy" Dickson

US Army Vietnam, 1968-1970

Helicopter pilot, CW2 (almost officer but not quite)

Ist Cav in and around Dong Ha, Quang Tri, An Khe

Ft. Hood then rifted...

Flew 737s for Continental until they were bought out....

now just wander around in the motorhome with 2 weener dogs looking for something to fly


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Doug Allman


1962 - 1965

San Diego - Boot

Pendleton 2nd Division

Pensacola, Fl. 6 mos Radio Intercept School Top Secret Clrnc

Adak, Alaska 364 days

Ft. Meade MD National Security Agency


At our Coach we always raise & fly the US and Marine Corps flag. **** proud to be one of the few.

Love to associate with other service members - always makes a trip special.

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It looks like it has been a while since anyone has posted here so I guess I will take a turn being that I am new here in the Forums.

Brad Marchand

Former CTI2, USN

1974 - 1979

DLI, Presidio of Monterey, 1975-1976

Air Force School of Applied Cryptological Sciences, Goodfellow AFB, 1976

NSGA Hanza. Okinawa, 1976-1978

USS Salmon, 1976

USS Oklahoma City, 1976, 1977

USS Coral Sea, 1978

USS Blue Ridge, 1978

Thanks to all who have served and given all over the years. I would not trade my experience and the friendships that I had during my years in the Navy.

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Wishing the best to all of my fellow servicemen.

Kenny Ray

Army corp of engineers

4 years


Heavy Equiptment operator

VietNam 3/66 - 4/68

I truly hope all are well. We served and came back. Purple Herat Award.

Now living in Southern New Mexico.

Hope to meet up with a few.

Thanks for your service and dedication

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I am. The initial membership was under the name of Arlene Surasky. My last name is different. We are domestic partners. The membership is about to expire. Should I just start a new membership?

Where do you want my military information.

I am Roger Del Turco my email address is rdt9384@msn.com

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One: Mike R
Three: 23 years -- Retired in 1978
Five: Retired as Flight Engineer
Six: Stationed at Great Falls AFB, Montana, RAF Station, Molesworth, Endland, RAF Station, Alcombury, England, Patrick AFT, Florids, Hill AFB, Utah, Travis AFB, Ca (Fe on C-141 and C-124s)

Na Trang, RVN crew chief on Spookies AC-47 (DFC)

Andrews AFB, DC 98th Air Lift Squadron -- Special Air Missions (Air Force One) at Andrews AFB, Washington DC -- Flew most with Henry K. when he was Secretary of State. Some with Nixon.


One: Abby R
Two: US Women's Army Corps 1969-1970 PFC - Student Nurse Squadron, US Army Nurse Corps 1970 - 1972, US Air Force 1973-1979 and finally Retired -- Oklahoma Air National Guard (1988-1999)
Three: Took me 30 years to get my full 20 in. 1969 to 1999
Four: LTC
Five: Operating Room Nurse (Army and Air Force) and Flight Nurse in the Oklahoma Air National Guard
Six: Army: Madigan General Hospital, Tacoma, Wa, Kenner Army Hospital, Ft. Lee, Va, Pleiku RVN,

Air Force: Malcolm Grow MC, Andrews AFB, DC & Tinker AFB, Ok

Break In Service

Oklahoma Air National Guard -- Will Rogers ANGB, Flight Nurse Desert Storm -- Bedrock - Dhahran SA and King Fhad International Airport, Flew and MASF.

Air Command & Staff College

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Steve Lanahan


Gunnery Sergeant
KCMO, Quantico, St Louis MO, Okinawa JA, Camp Pendleton CA, Camp Lejeune NC

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One: David Stankovic
Two: US Army
Three: 20 years 10 days (June 1974 - July 1994)
Four: ISG (E8)
Five: Ordnance
Six: Europe, Korea, Middle East (Egypt & Jordan), Md, Tx, Ky, Tx, Md, Tx, NY

Have a good and safe Veteran's Day weekend.

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Ken Blitchington

U.S. Army

Joined 1968

OCS & Flight School 1970

E-5 thru Captain

MOS 17L, Branch Military Intelligence

Benning, Huachuca, Vietnam, Bliss, Germany thru Sept 75

Ga Natl Guard flying Mohawks thru 1990

Now retired in Newnan, GA after Airline Pilot Career

2000 Country Coach

FMCA 435404

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Santus Gore - "The Mad Hungarian"

United States Navy


Aviation Machinists Mate Second Class (E5) at discharge.

Helicopter Antisubmarine Light (HSL) 30 - "Neptunes Horsemen", NAS Norfolk, VA

Helicopter Antisubmarine Light (HSL) 40 - "Seawolves" - NAS Mayport, FL

AIMD JOAP Lab - NAS Sigonella, Sicily

AIMD JOAP Lab - USS Saratoga (CV-60) "Fighting *****"

Two Honorable Discharges

Veteran - Gulf War # 1

1986 Coachman Class "C" On Chevy G30 Chassis

Co-Owner, "Mad Hungarian Motorsports" Racing Team, Competitors in the Optima Batteries / ChumpCar World Series endurance racing series.

Greetings to all the shipmates here, and to the other veterans as well !!

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Thanks for your service guys!!!

John W.Hughes



2o years and a couple of months

enlisted in 1963

Served on various serfice commands for 10 years and 10 years Submarine Service USS Daniel Boone and USS US Grant. last 10 years out of Holy Lock Scotland.

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Jack Landon

US Air Force Reserve

1967 - 1975 re-enlisted for two additional years

E6 Tech Sergeant

Loadmaster C119 and C130 1000 hours total flight time

All 8 years at O'Hare in Chicago

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Steve Irish


27 years active and reserve service

Airman to LtCol

Photo Interpreter/Air Intelligence Officer

Served in Air Force Intelligence units at George AFB, CA; Tan Son Nhut, RVN; Yokota AB, Japan; Hickam AFB, Hawaii; Lowry AFB, CO; and various assignments in the Washington, D.C. area and overseas TDYs.

The Air Force was life changing. I had several other careers, but the memories acquired and friendships gained in the Air Force I count as exceptional. There's just something about working with dedicated professionals who know their jobs and bond together to carry out important missions that fills you with pride and a sense of accomplishment. We are part of America's history. We won the cold war. We executed the most important mission of the President of the United States - the protection of our citizens from foreign threats and defense of our freedoms. Every time my best friend and my wife cross the threshold of any military base or post in our RV, we feel at home. We get all sappy every time we hear reveille, the National Anthem or taps. We celebrate Veterans Day, stand solemn on Memorial Day, and honor all who served. We are so proud of our country and how our citizens support and honor our troops by sincerely thanking them for their service. I (and many of you) served in a time when that was not so much the case. I hope never to return to those days.

"Thank you for YOUR service!!"

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Thank You Fellow Veteran's

1. Bill Joyner


3. 1963-1968

4. E-4

5. Ordnance

6. 1964-65, K-55 South Korea, 1965-1968 Hahn Air Base Germany.

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All give some, I'm here today, because Some Gave All!

1. Stan Morris

2. USAF and USAF Reserves

3. Active Duty: 9/65 to 1/78

Reserve Duty: 9/83 to 9-85

Active Duty: 9/85 to 12/93

4. TSgt

5. Security Police '65-69

Accounting and Finance '69-78

Munitions Technician '83-85

Accounting and Finance (Military Pay) '85-'93

6. Tan Son Nhut, Republic of Vietnam 12/67-12/68

Camp New Amsterdam, Netherlands 10/74-10/77

Wallace AS, RP. 12/89-12/90

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