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  2. Welcome to the forum Mack. Are you now in a colder climate? It is possible that your intake grid heater is cycling on and off to adjust for the colder climate. It is also possible that the timer is failing. Doubt seriously that you have a failing alternator
  3. My 2017 Newmar with 6.9 cummins voltmeter fluctuates at startup about 10-12 times, then settles down to 13+ volts. This started a few months ago. Bought 2 new chassis batteries , cleaned and tightend all connections, and it still continues. Does anyone else have this issue. The rv runs great 14k miles. Don't know if is alternator voltage regulator. 40 miles from cummins office
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  5. I had similar issues except I did the upgraded plan so it is a bit better but I ended up going the Calyx institute and it is more reliable.
  6. This is a fairly old thread, but thought I would add my experience with the latest (as of March 2023) FMCA AT&T plan. Back home it was working to the limit of the basic plan 12 Mbs. And even a couple of hundred miles from home. But at the FMCA rally in Perry Georgia (March 2023) I was getting downloads of less than 1 Mbps. Uploads were usually at about 12 Mbps. OK, figured lots of people using it. But when we got to Bushnell FL it worked OK for a bit but then speeds dropped without moving, even late at night. In some cases back down to the 1 Mbps range. Totally unacceptable. At Seffner FL it's all over the place. Most of the time totally unusable. TechConnect support suggested doing a factory reset to pick up a change they had tried. Before the reset I was getting about 6 Mbps after the reset under 2 Mbps. It comes and goes. Cell signal strength is 4 bars... Pretty much a waste of my money and time. Previously I had T-mobile based service from a different 3rd party vendor and never had these issues. But they were jacking the price up to over $130 per month, for capped data, and that was the cheapest T-Mobile plan they offered. I got a general SIM at the Rally and before I return and cancel the plan I'll try that SIM with my previous cell gateway which is approved for AT&T. If that is still crap I'll cancel this and probably bite the bullet to get Starlink. If I have to pay >$130 to get cell data with all the issues then I might as well go all in for Starlink. It's not that much more in the scheme of things (other than the initial HW hit).
  7. To aid in your search check the classified ad section of the leading RVing forums.
  8. Looking to purchase a 2014 CRV with tow package located somewhere in SW Florida.
  9. I completely agree with Don. First, it is not an extended warranty, it is a service contract with terms and conditions that must be met before a claim is honored. That dealer wants him to finance an additional $20K; most folks don't know dealers get a kickback from finance companies. Shoot, I paid $6K to get a Good Sam 3yr extended service contract on our then 13 yr old MH. The engine and transmission both come with a 5yr/100,000 mile warranty. Some appliances come with a 2yr warranty now. What a ripoff that dealer has going.
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  11. Nice coach. Welcome to the forum. I would put that money in a maintence and repair account. That way if you need it you will have it. Those company's are realey good at denying claims. I believe they won't cover anything that already has a warrantee. I would make shure you get all new coach problems documented and worked before your warrantee period runs out. If you do your maintence and generally take care of your coach I don't know how you would spend $20,000. It is all sold with scare tactics. Where are you located and where are you headed on your first trip. Bill
  12. Just a thought here. I used to keep my hot spot on 24/7. I once got into an area where there was marginal signal. I was advised to power down the spot, wait a minute or two and power back up. Doing so restored a good signal. I asked a techie friend and he explained how all this stuff works and why you should power down every once in awhile. All Greek to me but it worked
  13. Welcome to the forum The extended warranty from a dealer is a cash cow for them, I do not recommend. As far as roadside assistance, why not take a look at what is offered with FMCA?
  14. I don't believe any of the service providers live up to their hype. I never recommend putting all your eggs in one basket and rely on just one service provider. Even with multiple you could end up with no service. I'm not at all enamored with my Moxie and figure on replacing it soon with one from another vendor. I think FMCA took a step backward by replacing T-Mobile with AT&T. I've got Verizon cell service with hotspot capability as a back up while traveling and it's come in very handy to have when my Moxie let me down.
  15. I just purchased a new Entegra Reatta Class A. It comes with at two year warranty. The deal is attempting to get me to spend $20,000 in additional warranty that is to go out 3 more years. It covers paint, tires, road side assistance etc. It seems kind of expensive. I can get the best Good Sam roadside assistance for $200. Do we we need the dealer extended warranty. if so, what do some people wish they had bought?
  16. In my travels, I have found that cell service is like real estate. It's location, location, location
  17. I think you just found out why people who must be connected for work on the road have several providers. I don't think you have a problem with Moxie you have a problem with your location. Bill
  18. Welcome to the forum Tony & Pam. Nice looking rig. Bill
  19. Welcome Tony & Pam. I like your flags. Your rig looks like it might be the same color as our Winni. Guess you'll be coming to Texas to visit GC's so if you do, stop by Galveston area and we can do a visit. Good size back yard and the pups would enjoy Lexi.
  20. Will do Don, haven't heard from him/her yet. I sent the PM hoping it was simply a case of forgetting how to return to their post.
  21. Is anyone else having problems with Moxie? We have been in central florida for the past 3 mouths and I have too hunt all over the coach and often must go outside to get 3 bars. Others near me in the RV park have other service that work well.Have called fmca tech support and they have had ATT make adjustments to no avail. If you've had the problem and corrected it, how did you make that happen.
  22. Welcome to FMCA and the forum. Like Ross said, look into finding a chapter in your area and become involved. There is where the fun is plus the area rally's and international conventions are a wealth of information. If you need any help, feel free to reach out here on the forum or on the FMCA website
  23. Welcome to FMCA. Hopefully, you will enjoy many years of RVing. We did for 37 years and traveled more than 500,000 miles. Look into chapters in your area or interest. Visit them a join one you like. Many friends will be yours.
  24. We've had better luck with small independent diesel shops than with the big name places.
  25. Just recently joined FMCA. We are relatively new to RVing. We bought a 2021 Winnebago Forza 38 F a year ago. We are Members of WIT, FCOC, now FMCA. We also belong to KOA, Harvest Hosts, Thousand Trails and Reservations America. Our Toad is a 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. We have lived here in Southport, NC for the past 17 years. I work for Duke Energy (for a short while longer 😇) We have two children (daughter and son) who live in Texas. Daughter is in Rockport and our son lives in Bandera. They have blessed us with 6 grandchildren from 2 years old to 10 years old. We travel with our 13 year old Llewelyn English Setter, Ranger, and our 5 year old Golden Retriever, Max. So far we have loved our RV trips and the RV lifestyle. No major mishaps as of yet. We did have to get the Whirlpool residential refrigerator replaced (warranty) because it failed (bad compressor). Thanks for allowing me to ramble. We look forward to our future interactions.
  26. its not mine Bill, so i have no idea about insurance. just shared the article since I saw it on my local news. --chris g.
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