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  2. It's a 2014 Itasca Ellilpse 42qd. I purchased the coach used in mid-2018. I assume the batteries are original / so about 6 years old? I have them checked each October. Last check I was told they are fine. "Coach battery sense'r reading"? Not sure what that is, or where to check? I did turn the engine block heater on yesterday morning for about 3 hours. It was not on at the time, nor is it now.
  3. Any where there is a good shade tree. Herman
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  5. jsp911, Welcome to the FMCA Forums! Rear ladder would be a great spot (if equipped) or fasten it to the rear bumper.
  6. Yes, I have heard of this before, but it was ALL Motorhomes every place I have worked. It was done due to the complexity of more items being in the engine bay, more difficultly in determining and obtaining parts, different wiring diagrams (often there was no wiring diagram and several systems were tied into the chassis) several manufactures overlapping and dealing with people hanging out while it was being worked on.
  7. I would call it somewhat uncommon to happen on any chassis, but would indicate something unusual did happen. So checking the axle area and suspension for anything unusual would be in order. Rich.
  8. Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! The rear of the RV's is very common. The second one can be located on the entrance area or the hitch area when you'r parked. Always remember the forum does not consider any question(s) to be unworthy of being posted. That is why the Forum was created. Rich.
  9. Thinking you have an abnormal load on the charger, this is most often caused by a shorted 6 volt house battery or 2. The chassis battery can also place a high current load depending on how the charging circuit wiring is setup. What is the age of the current age of the batteries and how long has it been scene you have added distilled water to the batteries - if they are wet cell type. Also, what is the coach battery temperature sense'r reading. When the temperature drops the charge current also increases and you get a higher water evaporation rate. It might be time to check the hydrometer readings of the battery cells ! By chance is the engine block heater been left on? L-1 breaker is the common side of a 50 amp system used to power the charger / inverter and one heat pump, while L-2 breaker supplies a second heat pump setup. Rich.
  10. Wondering where y’all are placing your FMCA placard? I’ve seen it on the back of Class A’s but not sure where to put it on my Solitude. Sorry if this seems like a newbee question.
  11. We tripped the park 50amp breaker which was strange since I didn't think we were pulling many amps.... only 1 a/c and a dryer.... so, I checked my amp draw.... it was almost 50 amps.... I turned everything off except LED lights, so it should have dropped to about 2 amps.... one on each line.... but Line 2 was reading 18-20 amps.... turned breakers off one at a time.... it was the inverter.... but, with the inverter breaker off the fridge was also off. Now remember.... we're plugged into shore power this whole time. I went to the inverter and switched the battery cut-off at the inverter to "off". RV Amp draw dropped to what it should be (2 amps total). And the fridge stayed on. What I noticed while the battery switch was still in the "on" position is that the Magnum Energy panel was reading "Battery +120" (something like that... it was certainly over 100!) Is that normal? (see picture below.... this is with the batter cut-off in the "off" position. I guess my question is this.... Have I just never noticed my inverter draws that much amperage? Or, do I have a problem?
  12. They save money by batch processing. That is, they wait until a set time or # of receipts, then process everything.
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  14. Same with our DPs. Even Freightliner Oasis dealers, who claim to be MH friendly, are hesitant to work on them and can't get parts...and still charge $25 or more per hour when they do work on them.
  15. Aquinby3, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Log into FMCA.com Click on https://www.fmca.com/member-help-search
  16. Thank you for the great information Howie. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  17. Buddy of mine runs a company doing "cash for junk cars", and the price he pays is much higher if the factory catalytic converter is still there. First thing he does is cut it out. Takes about 2 minutes with a Sawzall, usually while the car is still on the hook. Going to be a difficult item to protect - restricting access to the vehicle is the best way.
  18. Catalytic converters theft is very common as well as stealing gas at park and ride. To steal a catalytic converter one person find a truck easy to get under and cut them out with a battery powered saw all with little or no noise.
  19. I put in $305 worth of diesel 10 days ago and my bank account had not yet been debited. Is this normal? I called EFS this morning and the nice lady said that she can see my purchase but the fuel station (Love's) has not issued an invoice yet.
  20. The filter number for the 8.1 L engine on our 2500 suburban is a NAPA 2487. it is mounted so the air intake MAP sensor is located between the filter and the intake manifold. If nothing else you will have an idea of what it might look like in your case. NOTE! If the air intake hose isn't secured and installed properly, the engine will have acceleration issues because of an incorrect fuel to air mixture. Performance is compromised. Rich.
  21. Air Force 1 might be a option for brake, we have it on the Ford Expedition! Invisa brake is still in my Jeep, PIA to install and remove...If you feel inclined to remove it, you can have it. I'll be at the Antique Capital RV Park in Gladewater the 22nd to the 8th. PM me for a phone # !
  22. Ray, I did not follow up. My friends did, I had no damage, I was parked next to a 5'er owned by a LEO...whoever did this, knew who not to touch. Mike, have never had your problem, nor heard about it before now! VIN # or dye, would have no affect.
  23. I have Power Gear by Lippert. Is yours Manual or Auto/Manual? Do you have any lights on pad, green or red? May not be a fuse, but needs to be reset, also are they elect? If not, have you looked at fluid tank, it should be full with Jacks up. My fuse is under touch pad...Is this a "new" coach to you? Most elect problems are due to a loose or dirty ground wire. Make sure all battery posts are clean & connections are tight, look for ground wire where it's connected to frame. A 20 year old coach, picks up a lot of dirt & corrosion over the years. Is your inverter on? It has a reset Circut Breaker on right side..some are a button, some a on/off switch.
  24. If you take off the top of your air filter you can remove the filter and get the number off of it. Herman
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