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  2. Kay, my bad. 🍷🍷 Just looked up mine, dump air from tag & disconnect U joint. I can dump air by a rocker switch, helps in tight corners or campgrounds.
  3. I went one time about 10 years ago on a short, 80 miles trip for the weekend and didn't take my toad. I can't tell you how miserable I was at 9PM when I had a need for a Blizzard atack and the nearest Dairy Queen was 7 miles away. This was in a small east Texas town with no Uber (2008), taxi, bus, etc available. That cured me and I've towed something even when I go out to exercise the motorhome.
  4. I get it Bill - you and Carl have a strong opinion on the necessity of having a toad. I have no problem with that at all. My point is simple though - not everyone wants or needs a toad. We get around fine doing what we do, as do others as mentioned in their posts. We miss out on absolutely nothing that we want to do. Everyone has a different style and different priorities.
  5. Hmmmm! Whether tag axel or no tag axel, u-joint or drive axels should be removed to protect the transmission. Tag axel on most coaches have nothing to do with the u-joint. My coach requires that the air supply to tag axel should be turned off to prevent the tag from carrying too much load if the front is lifted.
  6. Well I re read what carl said and I believe you are trying to manipulate what he said to justify your point of view. Yes, people can rationalize anything. Maybe I am wrong, there is no reason to have a towed if you just go to a place and sit there. It is probably not needed if you only go someplace once or twice a year for the weekend. That is fine if that is all you want to do and experience. I don't want someone who is trying to decide about a toad not have a full understanding of the pros and cons. The way I travel is to park my mobile condo someplace and go explore with the toad. On this short trip I have been in at least 15 states so far. I look at parking at all the locations just because of threads like this. I can tell you moste don't have accommodations for a RV class C or outher. One of the few was the Henry Ford wich has parking for RVs but what I Saw was quite a hike from the entrance. Where I was exploring yesterday and today in New Port I had a hard time getting around in my CR-V and parking was hard to find. So I am tired of hearing about "how easy it is to get around without a toad". And yes I have had a class C without a towd and made a trip to California. Bill
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  8. If your 2004 has a tag axle, then the U-Joint needs to be disconnected, before towing.
  9. I stick mine in a piece of 30" water hose. Seems the longer the blade, the more it cost and the shorter the life span! My motors are above the windshield.
  10. Here is an item that I use about every two months on the blades, we use it in printers and copying machines, it prolongs the life of the rubber many times longer than rubbing alcohol because it contains the right formula to rejuvenate the rubber. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CAIG-RBR100L-25C-Rubber-Cleaner-and-Rejuvenator-25mL/321527462136?epid=1200148658&hash=item4adc87b8f8:g:4NoAAOSwVFlUGxg3 My blades are 28" and usually last 4 to 5 years, yes I do buy commercial blades also, pretty easy to find the correct blades in most truck stops.
  11. I do the same thing, but it does not stop the wiper blade edge section from tearing away from the main body. Rich.
  12. If it is out of warranty I would pull the steering wheel off and remove the locking pin.(oh and replace the steering wheel)😅 Herman
  13. I have begun placing tennis balls under the wiper arms. It takes the pressure off the blades and they stay flexible. The blade isn't sitting with the pressure on the causing them to set up with a bend in them. Works for me. Herman
  14. Tag axle. All are 315/80/22.5 !
  15. What rd before Ashville? Cherokee is 62 miles from Ashville, towards Atlanta, GA on the Interstate....I'm very confused. I have very good friends, that live of off 151, 9 miles North of the BRP by Elk Pasture turn off, no rv's off any length allowed. That's like taking a coach on the "Tail of the Dragon!"
  16. We drove the blue ridge (started a mile 0) with a 38' class A with a tow in 2017. We just took our time and enjoyed the scenery, even had a snow out in one area. Had to get off right before Asheville because of tornado damage, so went around to Cherokee and after a few days drove in the car back on the section we missed. The tunnels from Cherokee to Asheville are the shortest, no problem with any of the other ones. Camped along the way in one of the parks, no problem. They have a good map of where you can cam with a big rig. As stated we took it slow and enjoyed it, weekends are busier so more difficult to pull over.
  17. Wow - sorry to hear about that. Hopefully they got it resolved now and you can move on. When they lifted/towed the coach, did they support the lifted axle or just let it hang? If they let is hang, check to see if the leveling valve's arm got bent or if an airbag was damaged. Can't say for your coach specifically, but leaving an axle hanging during tow on some coaches can cause problems with the air bags & leveling valves. Just mentioning it so you have a place to start looking.
  18. 6/15/2019 recapp --- After road testing and being left beside the road and being towed to Cummings in Savannah Ga, waiting 5 days to be looked at and several days diagnosing (over Memorial Day Weekend) several diagnosis came back different each time. Finally the High Pressure Pump was singled out , from line from tank to engine bad, tank bad, and several other conditions Pump was installed total bill: Labor $3924.00 Parts Misc Charges $4620 = $8544.00. This is after paying $900.00 to local mechanic who gave up doing nothing to help and suggested taking to Cummins. What an experence and at least I hope its fixed as only 50 miles put on so far. After all this my house batteries failed completely and just up graded to AGM's from Flooded Lead Batteries. Also tow guys ran air to Coach and having trouble with air bags now eratic so more diagnostic in process.
  19. I know what you mean - they don't last as long as they used to and seem to be made from thinner rubber. We have 20" wiper blades on the coach. I've found that using commercial-grade wiper blades has two advantages - first they are a bit more heavy duty, both the blade and the rubber refill, and second there are refills available. I could easily get 'regular' 20" wiper blades, but they don't seem to last long at all. Sometimes they are hard to get, but using the commercial wiper refills means that I can get a full season from the refills before they start to fail. When they start to smear instead of wipe, I wipe them thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. This removes much of the build-up on them and helps greatly.
  20. I want to tow my 2014 VW Beetle 6 speed Manual transmission. What is the procedure so that the steering wheel lock remains unlocked?
  21. This subject is not directly mentioned in any of the thread titles, so I placed it here. This is a link to a Consumer Report that covered in detail. Hope this helps. https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/wiper-blades/buying-guide/index.htm I personally have had no luck in finding a wiper blade that lasts like the ones made years ago. Traveled for business and pleasure and had blades that worked well for up to 3 years. The new style wiper design portion that contacts the glass starts to separate from the main rubber structure supported by the metal or rubber beam starts to tear loose in 3 to 6 months. Rich. Secondary Link https://www.google.com/search?q=wiper+blade+quality+by+manufacture&rlz=1C1VFKB_enUS711US716&oq=wiper+blade+quality+by+manufacture+&aqs=chrome..69i57j33l5.529520j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Check for wiper blade quality by manufacture at the above link. https://10beasts.com/best-windshield-wipers/ Some good information, but lacks information regarding longer blades.
  22. The Shocks on our coach where replaced at 110,000 plus miles when new air ride air bags where install. The original Bilstein shocks where still working with little to no real decrease in their ability to dampen the ride quality. The Coach was 17 years old at the time. Rich.
  23. We have those Critter guards on all of our hatches. They work as designed
  24. Joined the Tech ConnecT program with Sprint’s Franklin R910 mifi. Have not been able to get download speed above 3 Mbp but the upload speeds have reached 24 Mbp. Had 4G connection with very strong signal strength. Every tried tethering (after calling Sprint to get hidden menu unlock code) with no added speed. (By the way, the mifi kept disconnecting when tethered) Three Mbp is unusable with multiple connections. Has anyone experienced better download speeds with the Sprint mifi? Any suggestions for improvement? Thanks
  25. I just had 8 put on mine. BFG is by Michelin, cost less because your not paying for advertising, but just as good.
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