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  2. F53 compressor is under the engine. I am guessing you spilled some down the fill tube and it channeled down or the front cover is leaking. That engine is not known for oil leaks. I think I’d clean it up and see if it reappeared.
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  4. What does the owners manual say about recreational vehicle towing?
  5. Hi there - I have a question. Can anyone answer the question whether you can flat tow a 2018 Chevy Equinox AWD? PLEASE HELP!!!!
  6. Sounds like spilled oil to me.
  7. Hello Everyone… I have a 2003 Ford F-53 RV Two months ago I did an oil change, the recommended amount was 6 quarts, but most forums recommend adding 5 quarts fits then check the level and add as needed. So I added 5 quarts but got busy and forgot about checking the level and adding more till 2 weeks ago, so I checked the level and added about ¾ of quart… few days ago I noticed an oil leak, I got under the RV and saw the leak was forming around the AC compressor belt, is that normal after oil change? Does that mean I overfilled it? Could it be different type of leak? Or is it a sign of something more serious? Take into consideration I have not drove or moved the RV, I have been hooked up for the last 5 months
  8. I have had two different manufacturers of CPAP machines. I bought for one a cord to operate directly from a 12 volt lighter type outlet. The other was a power brick that doubled the 12 volt to 24 volt, because that machine was 24 volt. You will have greater efficiency powering with one of these solutions vs inverter from 12 volt to 120 volt and then back down to 12 or 24 volts as needed. Be aware that many auto manufacturers are not powering what use to be lighter outlets with high amperage, because so many users are now only using the outlet to power USB converters or low power electronics.
  9. You need to test before you go as you may need a pure sine unit as modified sine does not work for a lot of stuff
  10. You're right of course it's one or the other in this specific situation.
  11. Locate the nameplate/dataplate on your CPAP machine, write down the total wattage draw for each function, add them together. This is the absolute minimum inverter size you require, not including starting draw of anything with an electric motor. Now you must know the battery size, total amps available and how many batteries are in the rental before you can calculate how long you can use your CPAP machine before the house battery bank is dead. Welcome to the FMCA discussion forums, please return often!
  12. Gregory, Welcome to the Forum. A problem that you may have is the Battery in the rental RV. To run all you have described you may need to purchase a charger for the battery to keep the power reserve up the be able to run what you described. It shouldn't be an issue when hooked to shore power. But dry camping will be another issue where you don't have a place to plug in the charger. Are you sure the unit you will be renting doesn't have an inverter? Herman
  13. I will be renting a RV in Alaska that does not have an inverter. I need to purchase an inverter that can run inside the unit connecting to the cigarette lighter to power my CPAP machine. I want to be able to use the CPAP machine with the humidifier and heat tube features engaged. Is there an inverter made with a cigarette lighter connection that has sufficient continuous wattage power to run my CPAP machine with these features engaged, and if so, who is the manufacturer and what is the model?
  14. Obviously if one is running their tires at the sidewall pressure there is no way to add an additional buffer. If one needs to run at sidewall pressure to obtain the proper load carrying capacity, then it seems to me either the tires are not up to the take or the coach is too heavy. I'm not an industry expert, but it just seems bad practice to run tires at their rated max load continually without any buffer. On my previous coach I went up a level in tire load capacity (same size) so that I could run at a lower pressure and leave some capability buffer in the system to avoid running tires at their max load.
  15. Success like that can make one smile!
  16. I recently used the Dicor 501LSW-1 to recaulk my RV roof, and I’m happy to see no drop inside the RV when we had a heavy downpour the next day.
  17. Ray, if you run the tires at listed SW pressure, how then can you add 10%-15% more air? Per our weight & 10%, I run 120 on front and 110 on the other 6. That's cold psi.
  18. We self insure, no extended warranty in 54 years and 18 coaches! Goes for all vehicles we own. EW wants $4-6k, I put it into a brokerage account...
  19. Extended warranties are seldom worth it. A good roadside assistance will have more benefit.
  20. not quite Chris. The air pressure over the correcponding tire load is the MINIMUM acceptable air pressure to support the load. That means that tire is operating at 100% capacity, no reserve capacity. As I previously replied Tireman9 recommends adding 10-15% more air to create that tire reserve capacity. You asked about one tire being very close to maximum capacity; yes ALL tires on that axle should be inflated to sidewall listed pressure. Never run different air pressure in tires on the same axle.
  21. Dang! Just filled up yesterday at Stripes...didn't know the TSD (EFS) card would work there. If it is not in the TSD system they will charge you a dollar for using it an a non-participating store.
  22. Thanks everyone for the replies and info! I think I learned more about these inflation tables, but can I verify something? So if your corner weight is near the max load for the tire, you should inflate to max pressure, but if your weight is at 75% of max load, you should inflate to 75-80% of max pressure? Is that essentially correct? Thanks, Chris
  23. Yep, I posted the link for other retired folks. I had my first Moderna jab after Christmas while in a rehab home (spent my birthday there_alone), 2nd jab Jan. 15 after I was released from hospital the 2nd time.
  24. I hear you Joe. IMO Michelin is living off the round man era benefits while the world passes them by.
  25. I will add National Indore RV Centers. https://www.nirvc.com/. Bill
  26. I got a discount at the Strips in Burnet when I was there a couple weeks ago. Bill
  27. Andrew, Welcome to the Forum. There are a number of locations to look for motorhomes. Try these two. Motorhomes of Texas motorhomesof texas.com PPL pplmotorhomes.com They ae both upstanding companies but are both in Texas. Again Welcome Herman
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