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  2. Or Lexan! Bullet proof....Let's get back to reality!
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  4. You may have a bad "Start Run Capacitor". They have a tendency to burst and it give you no warning. Herman
  5. i have a 2008 monaco monarch. recently i turned on my bedroom a/c but it would not run. i heard a click from the unit- and the same click when i shut it off. same thing happened with the heat pump and fan. any ideas?
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  7. Getting into and out fuel stations is more driver skill than station facilities. A 38' motorhome towing another vehicle should be able to get into most stations very conveniently making a counterclockwise circle on the outside pumps; if the motorhome fuels on the driver side, if not make a clockwise circle.
  8. If I remember correctly, there is a station on the south side of Hwy 32 near Roundbottom Rd where the FMCA campground is located. Unfortunately, I have never bought any fuel anywhere nearby. I live about 175 miles away, and I fill up before leaving and after returning home. But just about 2 blocks past Roundbottom road is a United Dairy station to get gas for your towed auto. Also, they sell the Homemade Brand of ice cream which I think is the best we have found all across the country. I particularly like the Strawberry Strawberry or Peachy Peach. At home I only vanilla or Butter Pecan are available, but they very good, also.
  9. Flying J's company-owned stores RV pump lanes have gasoline and diesel fuel, easy in-easy out. The franchise stores may/may not have RV pump lanes. Those are identified on the PFJ website.
  10. Had a conversation with a tech at BB this morning, and learned they have a few new entries on the calendar... not out yet, but soon to be introduced is a 250 Ah version, and a bit further down the road are low temp versions they're very excited about... these, I'm told, are designed to accomodate those who spend time on the ice, like ice fishing. Im also told that they chose 250 Ah design because this was closest to the average number of batteries people tend to acquire. Exciting stuff!
  11. Get a controller with more capacity than you think you need now, both in terms of voltage and amperage. This will give you room to grow as things change in the coming years. Would really be disappointing to decide to upgrade your panels in a couple of years when some newer/better/cheaper technology comes along, only to find out your controller is already at its capacity. Much cheaper to upsize now than wait till later.
  12. Well, my MH is in the shop to have a new Victron 712 Voltmeter installed, along with a new Victron 100/50 Solar Controller. Lithium batteries (4 Battle Born 100Ah) should arrive by end of week. According to my service guy, we'll have to remove the battery tray to fit them in, but according to him, it's not necessary, leaves bunches of room for additional batteries (did he say up to 10 in all? He said it was a waste of good usable space!), and is easy to secure them from unwanted movement. All this is in preparation for anticipated dry camping which, fortuitously, is NOW planned for 2021 and beyond... I'm estimating my power needs at 30A, which includes some wiggle room for unanticipated energy needs, and it would seem I have enough solar capacity (480W on the roof, and one portable 120W) to handle my charging needs, but I'm still considering adding some wattage... Solar's pretty affordable per Watt, and I have plenty of room up top, but it's probably my ego driving this. More capacity could mean greater opportunities... naw... it's probably the ego thing... but if you have a different theory, I'd be obliged to hear it by bringing you fuel if you ever run out!
  13. I do but it doesn't help with locating a true "RV friendly" fuel stop for a gasser. I've already learned to take what the Pilot/Flying J app says with a healthy bit of skepticism. I figure someone on the forum has stayed at the FMCA campground and could give a pointer. Ray
  14. I just called Five Flags RV park to see how they are doing. It is my go-to-place if they have a spot and the military sites are full. Five Flags is full right now. They just got electricity back yesterday.
  15. That's what I thought. Still not that big of a deal to do. They could make it out of acrylic or plexiglas. I would think the acrylic would work better as it doesn't scratch as easily. Bill
  16. Such a bummer, we love the area as I spent a ton of time there as a kid in the Navy. We have the last 2 years spent time in the Walmart down by Mainside while enjoying the local Jaqo restaurant down on the pier and several others. We are considering missing Pensacola this year on our way to Gainsville. Depends on how much has to be reconstructed...
  17. Bill FYI all glass must be made and then tempered. One cannot cut tempered glass with out it being a million pieces,
  18. At this point I would call Allison since Mode light on most likely not the ECM fuses, likely as suggest by Huffy
  19. We're doing our first night there on Thursday so I was hoping someone could advise if there are any good fuel stations nearby. We're 38' towing a car and use gasoline. We'll be coming in from the north on I-71 and prefer to fuel up as close to the campground on the way in because 6 MPG. Thanks, Ray
  20. Bill, what I was thinking...not rocket science! Any diversified auto/home glass company!
  21. Sad to hear about the vandalism. I would be looking at/for a different glass company. I don't see any big problem in getting a piece of tempered glass and cutting it to the right dimensions. Even if they have to make it and then have it tempered. I would be geting the insurance co to help you find one to fix your problem. Bill
  22. Have you checked the "Instrument Solenoid" and the "Ignition Solenoids"? If one is not working it could be your power problem. Just a wild A++ guess. I would be like giving chicken soup to a dead man, "It may not help but it can't hurt" Herman
  23. Disconnect did not work and found the trans fuses. They are good. Wanting to put power to trans wires in harness connected to trans shift display with push buttons for D/N etc. anyone know if safe to test with 12 v power?
  24. Came through essentially unscathed despite Pensacola getting thoroughly beaten up. Significant but not serious yard damage; worst house damage is fried circuit boards in clothes washer and AC; Mother Superior fine (after I found the blown-off wheel covers). A new 45-foot Tiffin next to MS got wet inside due to a wind-lifted vent cover so consider myself fortunate. Anybody nearby in need of assistance?
  25. Bev, Welcome to the Forum. Sorry to hear your coach was vandalized. Your best bet would to call some RV Salvage Yards. Here are two of the largest. Colaw's RV Salvage in Carthage, MO. 877-548-2125 or colawrvsalvage.com Visone RV Salvage in East Bernstadt, KY 606-843-9889 or visonerv.com Good Luck, Herman
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