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  2. Welcome to the forum. I would recommend going for a couple of test drives. That way you will have some experience to make comparisons. Bill
  3. I'd also ask why the need to go to a 120v/ LP fridge. There are lots of options now for refrigerators, including 12vdc only compressor fridges. A little more information about where you are heading with this project will help us give more specific advice/suggestions.
  4. If you are looking into the Loves credit card just to turn on the pump, all you need is the Loves app. ASFIK you can load any payment card into the Loves app wallet. As long as you have a payment card loaded into the Loves app it's supposed to allow you to start the pump from the app. I use the Loves app with the TSD/EFS card and it works fine.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Have to ask why. Bill
  6. I have a 2017 Tiffin 32SA Open Road and I am looking at the Liquid Springs for improve ride. I have installed Sumo Springs and a Safe Plus Stabilizer and there were improvements after installation but the ride over a rough highway was still a rough ride. I have not replaced the factory shocks. I drive 65 to 70 mph when the road surface and speed limit allow. When trucks pass it is not a real concern some movement. but manageable.. How does the Liquid Springs ride compare to an air suspension ride? I have never driven or been a passenger in an air suspension coach. Webb
  7. phender82, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Evaluate difficulty of running propane to the refrigerator location (if your coach was offered with either an absorption or residential refrigerator, this may already be done). Determine if an outside access door opening can be cut in the side wall and access door installed (if your coach was offered with either an absorption or residential refrigerator, this is very likely). Your coach manufacturer would be an excellent source for answering the above two issues. Or, let us know exactly what coach you have and someone may have first hand information. The other major step is the same as going from absorption to residential-- evaluate what units will fit the existing space with little or now modification to the recess dimensions.
  8. jleamont

    EFS Card

    From what I read it’s TA and Petro. The link didn’t really spell out what fueling locations and where. Perhaps the APP will once you actually sign up. It also appears you have to recharge the card or go inside to pay. I am good with that but I wanted an actual credit card so that was a little disappointing. I figured it would give us more options while traveling and that’s what we really need. Currently we only have the GS Pilot card, which we use often. I might also look into a Loves Credit card. If it turns the pumps on at the truck island I’ll be all for it.
  9. As Paul Harvey used to say, " and now the rest of the story": http://www.startribune.com/winnebago-industries-makes-340m-deal-to-buy-luxury-rv-maker/560485492/?refresh=true It isn't a done deal yet!
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  11. how much trouble is it to take out a residential refrigerator and replace it with a 120 volt/ propane rv refrigerator? any suggestions would be appreciated
  12. Joe, were you able to find out how they are paid and is there a place to see current prices in specific areas? Until recently, TSD sent an email daily with prices, now its on their website.
  13. There should be a micro switch located to stop travel in both the extended point and the retracted point or there is a loose Allen screw on the motor or the track drive and that is letting the motor to keep running at both ends. There might be something loose in the mechanical system. Rich.
  14. Guess I never really paid attention to it. Must be because I'm right all the time.👹
  15. HUH? I've used edit for years and never seen it go away, unless it contained something that Brett didn't like.
  16. When the steps open or closes the motor continues to operate and it makes a sound like the gears are still trying to extend or close the steps. Is there a way to adjust motor/gear to stop after the steps are fully open or closed?? I have a 2008 Monaco LaPalma
  17. I'm going to be interested in how the savings are with that card. Keep us informed.
  18. Edit is only good for so long then it goes away. I'll just pester Brett if it is wrong. Might even blame him for....well, we'll see,
  19. No need for that, you can always go back and correct it by using "edit".
  20. jleamont

    EFS Card

    I just signed up for this on the FMCA home page.
  21. As you go higher or lower in altitude the pressure will increase or decrease 0.48 psi and the PSI will Increase/decrease 2.0 psi for every 10 degrees of temperature change. Let's assume your max tire pressure is 110 psi and your minimum load weight pressure is 90 psi. A fudge factor of 10 psi would make the minimum load weight 100 psi. If you go from sea level to 10,000 feet altitude you would raise 4.8 psi and with the 90 to 40 degree change in temperature you would drop 10 psi for an overall psi change of 5.2 psi. With the fudge factor of 10 psi you would still be within your minimum required load pressure. You can do the math for the inverse situation. I always set my tire pressure between the max the tire allows and the minimum required for the load. If you do not have the four corner weights then run max tire pressure allowed and be safe, only adjusting as needed when you get to your destination. There are other scenarios, I'll bet, and the closer the minimum and maximum tire pressures are, the less of a fudge factor is available. Tireman9, Roger, please correct me if this is not correct and I'll ask for the post to be removed.
  22. Oh ya! And I love the condiment (beer) as well, I don't think you could balance that meal any much better. btw...nice claws
  23. I purchased a 2020 Thor Omni also aka Magnitude super C on 6/13/19 and picked it up from Camping World Chattanooga, TN on 6/28/19. Before I was home from Camping World Chattanooga, TN, an 1,100 mile trip, I had noted twelve warranty problems. It has been three months and I have still not been able to use it because repairs can not and have not been made on the twelve warranty and safety recalls. Searching I found the Facebook Group and additional posting of huge horror stories and problems with Thor and Thor RVs along with Camping World's lack of responsiveness. This appears to be a Systemic Problem with Thor and Camping World. I would like to hear if anyone else is having similar problems with Thor and Camping World and how it may or may not been resolved. Please email me your information regarding your Thor motorhome problems and contact information. Don Wheat, dwalaskan@alaskancamper.com FMCA 2759
  24. 2011 Tiffin Allegro Open Road TGA
  25. Don, The VAST majority of the drop in PSI was because of temperature. Altitude has very little effect. And, yes, if you will be operating the coach in cold conditions, you will need to inflate the tires to the correct PSI for your load. Going from Texas summer heat to winter driving, I always have to add air.
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