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  1. Yes, there are many variables. Such as f you bring groceries in your RV and don't eat out, you save a lot on food cost.
  2. Unless you are planning on filling it with GOLD bars, I would not worry about it! 😁
  3. Some C RVs have only a wood framed overhang. Our old (1994) Gulfstream Ultra C had a steel framed overhang. A metal one is probably much better as far as weight capacity goes.
  4. In that case, you put those two items in the trunk of the towed vehicle! - hello?!
  5. They can HAVE my box with sewage pipe if they are THAT desperate! 😁 As far as spare tire, it is easy enough to steal one from an RV back wall otherwise. It has no rim.
  6. I'm glad. For the next 10 days, we are expecting PERFECT weather - Highs 80-85, lows 60-65. 😁
  7. Here is what it looks like mounted on RV. It is spare tire only (no rim) w/cover, and a storage box for sewage hoses & parts, rather than keep those smelly items in the RV's basement. I had to move my license plate, as it was blocked by rack items. I even lighted it! 😃 (to be perfectly legal). I used a license plate frame that was in the glove box for the front of the vehicle.
  8. Certainly! It sat on a dealer lot for about a year we bought it, and good thing it did, because the slide-out floor totally rotted out at close to a year after we got it. If we got it just after the dealer got it, it would have been past warranty, and we would have been SOL. It had all kinds of other problems too, and the dealer, working with the factory concluded it was too much for the dealer to handle, so the factory had it shipped all the way back to Indiana (from FL) for a complete go over & repair. It did not happen in a timely manner either. We were w/o our RV for 6 weeks. Even when we traded it in not that long afterwards, they found the back wall was starting to ROT too. 😡 BTW: It was a Sunnybrook by Winnebago.
  9. We bought a 2013 brand new, and it was a POS!
  10. After my son brought it back, I got 19.9 MPG, so I thought it was more broken in, but I must have had a tailwind, because next tankful , I got 17-18 MPG.
  11. My son & family borrowed our new RV for its very 1st fairly long trip from S. FL to central SC (no mountains, only slight hills), and said he got an indicated 15 MPG at 60 MPH. Must have run into head or cross wind, as I got nearly 17 MPG on two separate short trips.
  12. Not so fast! We bought a brand new 34' 2013 Sunnybrook by Winnebago 5th wheel trailer It had so many problems in the 1st year under warranty, that were too much for the dealership to handle, that Winnebago ended up picking it up, and bringing it all the way back to factory in Indiana to fix the massive problems!!! 😫 It is not like they fixed it quick; we were w/o it for over a MONTH! 😧 Good thing it was a "leftover" at the dealership for about a year, because at nearly 2 years old (approaching end of 1 year warranty), the floor on the main slide-out rotted out big time! On a cross country trip, I was worried I would not be able to slide it in, due to swelling of the floor. Had we bought it when new on dealer lot, we would have been SOL, with it failing at nearly 2 years. We got rid of it, like 2 years later - good riddance!
  13. You could always snake it thru your roof ladder, and connect it to itself. 😉😉😉
  14. I ordered that Crystal something or other (as advertised on TV) that they demonstrate for cleaning windows & screens (and a bunch of other stuff) by simply spraying on & rinsing off. I bought some for our RV awning, but I ended up trading in our RV for a new one, so I don't know how well it would work. I imagine quite well, but don't know.
  15. Use them! - by all means! If it is easier to, rather than aiming your valve stem better, whereby it cannot possible contact the rim.
  16. That was then, this is now. They don't work too well, when your tire blow to pieces!
  17. They had 'em on trailers with companies (4 different ones from 5/05-6/13) I leased onto as a CVPOO (Commercial Vehicle Professional Owner Operator). They would have frowned upon me taking them off. 🤩
  18. Oh, OK. I did not take into account for less than ideally aimed valve stems. If aimed properly, there should be nowhere near enough flexing of the valve stem (or TPMS) to impact the rim. If you have THAT much flexing, the valve stem would fatigue & fail in short order. They are generally designed for 100s of 1,000's of miles (i.e. for like big rigs). 😎
  19. They don't "bounce around"! The G-forces go in one direction ONLY; NOT dynamic vibration, "bouncing around" the TPMS sensor. The very MOST that would happen, is it gradually contacts the rim (with increasing vehicle speed) & simply stops there. No worries! 😃
  20. I'm about to add valve stem extenders (hard, not flexible) and TPMS at the ends, but am pretty sure my valves are hard mounted (i.e. METAL), rather than just rubber, so should be fine. BTW: They don't "whip around". The G forces are static, rather than dynamic when wheel is spinning. I mean big rig trucks have hard mounted valve extenders w/o "stabilizers" - no worries.
  21. My Class C with Transit 350 chassis takes air from near the middle of the hood, so there is no way it van be warmed from the engine compartment. I'll have to check how cool it feels.
  22. What can go unstable about a valve stem? 😎😎😎 just curious 😎😎😎
  23. Extended Warranties are where the REAL money is for dealers! Not the RV sale itself. Just got a brand new RV, and they laid out a plethora of warranties we could buy. Up to almost $7,000 (for a $60K RV)!!! We did NOT take a single one. If something was to break, it most likely will happen under all existing warranties that come with the RV already. Mechanical & electrical/electronic breakdowns vs. time happen with a "bathtub curve"; way more than nominal failures early, then very low breakdowns for many years, then failure rate curves upwards, as stuff actually wears out.
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