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  1. Just got my 7720 in the mail yesterday, half DOA, the battery won't charge and is dead, won't hook up to WIFI. I called them this morning to see about getting a replacement unit by next Friday, I'm leaving for the next 3 weeks and wanted to try out the new unit. Their "Customer Service" is next to non-existant, the only way I could get a new unit was to purchase another unit, and then they couldn't even guarantee that I would have it by next Friday, most likely it wouldn't ship until the 2nd! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that they couldn't talk to me about the issue, as the rep I spoke to had already talked to them. Needless to say, the unit is on the way back to them and I won't be doing business with them again if that is their idea of customer service. Dennis
  2. We were there last year, we stayed in Hill city at Rafter J Bar Ranch. It's very close to most of the attractions in the area. AQfter looking at all the other parks in the area, this was our choice3 as the best park available. Dennis
  3. We tow a 2008 Lincoln MKX, so far we have about 25K miles with no problems. Dennis
  4. Dan What lights did you use? Dennis
  5. I just talked to Charlie Schrenkel and Paul DuBois about this issue yesterday. The Executive board is looking into the issue. I do think a poll of the membership would be a better choice, it is our organization, if we want to allow towables, they should be allowed. It seems like there may be a faction of the executive board that may disagree with this idea. FMCA cannot continue to loose membership and revenue and still be a sustainable organization. Dennis
  6. The only switch I've found lately is this one from Camping World, it is just like the old Winegard switch. http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/video-control-center-with-dvd-loop/56164 Dennis
  7. I use a WIFI Ranger with the external ethernet antenna (Ubiqiti Bullet and 8db antenna) and also have a USB wireless 3G modem with an external antenna.. I can usually get reception from up to 1/2 mile away wifi sites, and if they aren't available, the 3G modem generally works. Dennis
  8. I've used several grills over the past years, but the Weber 200/220 series is the best one i've found yet. The grill has the quality you expect from Weber, never had a bad cook on the unit, everything from burgers and chicken to 3 Tri-Tip roasts. I use the a 10 lb propane tank. Dennis
  9. 1+ on this response, The F in FMCA stands for family, and it seems like in our membership the family is general an older retired couple (I'm one of them). We need to get the younger the younger crowd involved if the organization is to survive. I think it's time to expand our membership to towables, as has been suggested in the past. They seem to be the younger crowd needed to sustain an orginazation. I was very disapointed to see that all the West Coast family reunion rallys had been replaced with central ones; that is fine if you live in the central/east coast, but for us on the West Coast, it is like being abandoned. I went to the last rally in Redmond and had a great time. The FMCA board needs to rethink having all the rallies in the same region.
  10. We just finished a 7,500-mile, two-month trip with our two dogs (Lhasa Apso's). When we went sightseeing almost every day for up to nine hours at a time, they stayed in our motorhome. Our dogs will bark only if someone knocks on the door. Other than that, we leave the TV on for them and they are fine with it. I think small dogs travel better, but I'm sure I will get other opinions. Dennis
  11. I am refinancing with them right now. I got a deal thru Costco and they have a 4.94% interest rate, FMCA is 5.15% and I think Good Sam was 4.99%, all thru Essex. It just took 1 day to get approved, I signed the papers today. I also saved a bunch of $$$, and lowered the number of years I owe. Dennis
  12. Ted I tow a 2008 MKX, I had the battery go down once, the DW didn't turn the key back far enoungh after putting the trans in neutral. As long as you have the key type ignition, you should be fine as long as you turn the key as far back toward OFF as you can after putting the trans in neutral. The new Lincoln MKX owners arent so lucky, they have the pushbutton start type of ignition, once the car is turned to ON, the only way to shut off the ignition is to put the car into park, so a fuse pull would be required for the MKX. Dennis
  13. If you go to http://www.remcotowing.com/vehicles, they will tell you what is needed, but it looks like neither the automatic or manual Mustang are towable 4 down. Dennis
  14. My coach came with a Sani-Con installed, after using the old 3" hose on my other units, I wouldn't want to go back to them. With that said, the ONLY drawback I can see is that it does take a little long to dump your tanks, othe than that, og for it. Dennis 08 Endeavor 40PDQ
  15. One of my favorites is McGrath State beach, it is located about 2 miles south of the Ventura Harbor. Dennis
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