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  1. Thanks for the good information. We're looking forward to our trip and if you all see a C Class Itasca Spirit w/SC tags, stop and say Hi.
  2. We are planning to take an extended (6-8) week trip to the Maritime Provinces and are wondering on best time of year to go. Is this an area that draws a lot of families with kids, or is it not. Are there enough sites to enjoy to warrant a long trip, or should we think more in terms of a week or so. We do enjoy the water and sea food so that is a strong consideration for us. Were we to go Late August or early September what type of weather has been experienced. We travel in a C class and tow. We also have our trusty Portuguese Water Dog with us. Any hassles to expect crossing border(s)? Thanks in advance for any info. Doc Mike
  3. Have had Foremost and now with Progressive for our C Class Itasca. Progressive was almost one half the cost of Foremost, and purchased through a AAA agent in SC, that we have our home, car, and umbrella policy with (Traveler's). I've heard good things about Progressive's claim service as well. Doc Mike
  4. Last year we stayed for close to a week at Narrows Too. The staff were super, allowing us to move to any open site (except a few that had been reserved) and were very willing to assist. One upside is the lobster place across the street that had great food, great service, and the very best of blueberry pie! The town of Bar Harbor, and the surrounding area are very pleasant, and the trip up the mountain is certainly worth the effort. Have rain gear when you go to Maine. Hope that you have a wonderful trip. We love going there and want to do so again very soon. Doc Mike
  5. We hope to visit Tanglewood this summer (2010) and are interested in any experience you folks might have with campgrounds near Lenox, Mass. We have a Class C and will be towing. We'd prefer full hook-ups but can live with none or partial comfortably for a few days, though we have to run genset for AC when we leave the dog alone inside. Your suggestions will be helpful. TIA. Doc Mike
  6. Badge, Thanks to your wife and her service, for what she has done for all of us. Our prayers for your daughter's safe return, and thanks to her and all of her brave volunteer comrades in arms. Mike
  7. We have traveled for years in car, van or a motorhome, with as many as three dogs, all exceeding 60 pounds each. They travel in a crate or, at worst, tethered with a belt. We don't allow our dogs to stick their heads out any windows, as we know that there is much debris blowing about and their eyes are just as vulnerable as ours are, and the "breeze" can also cause serious eye damage. Nor do we allow them untethered in the bed of a pickup. We also don't want for them to get so excited at something they percieve and want to jump out. The bottom line is this: To treat a dog as anything less than you would a person, and expose them to danger or possible injury is, in my opinion, foolish, dangerous and uncaring. It may be "cute," but please remember this; if you are in a collision, or have to avoid one quickly, that pet, like anything else loose in your vehicle, is a missile. It can be injured or killed, and can cause injury or death. Wind at your backs and smooth sailing. Doc Mike
  8. God Blesss and Amen. Doc Mike
  9. We have carried pet health insurance in the past, and although we lost two dogs to forms of cancer in the last three years, we don't believe it to be cost effective. In only one instance did it assist in paying for a non-cancer surgery in one of our dogs about six to seven years ago. Studies that we have read indicate that it is wonderful for the insurance carriers, not so for the policy holders. The only way we might be interested in buying it in the future is if it is truly at significant discount for "group" rates, and has coverage that is comprehensive. Unless that comes about, we'll continue putting aside a few dollars a month for the routine exams and more serious instances. Doc Mike
  10. My condolences and sympathies to the families of those killed, and wishes for a speedy recovery to those who were wounded. I just can't bring myself to believe that someone would be so thoughtless, selfish, and uncaring to do such an act. I can't accept that this is the behavior of one with a healthy mind. I shudder to think of the near future as a result of his act. I'm sick at heart that this man, a physician and healer, would do such as he is alleged to have done. As we approach Veteran's Day, I do so with this on my mind, as well as all of the men and women who have served our country so honorably all over the world. My thanks to all of them as I honor them today and everyday. More than ever ... wind at your back and calm seas. Doc Mike former HM1(E-6)/USN
  11. During my service in the USN, as a Hospital Corpsman, I served with many women at Naval Hospitals. They worked just as hard as their male counterparts, often harder, and served with honor and distinction. Today's military is vastly different, thank heaven, as it allows women to serve in many more job classifications than ever before. It's about time, in my opinion. As I watched my grandson graduating from USAF boot camp this summer, one couldn't help but notice that his Company Commander was an E-8 Sgt., and a woman. There were about 20 companies graduating that day, and about 25 percent were led by women. The senior enlisted person in the recruit command was an E-9 Sgt., also a woman. Perhaps we have made some progress to equality and diversity after all. We still have a way to go. My wife's cousin is a Major in that same USAF and she flys airplanes, big tankers and cargo planes. Women fly fighters and bombers. Women serve proudly and many have been injured and worse in service to our country. We need more monuments to their service, and we need to remember, as we approach the coming Veteran's Day, that their service and sacrifice have been no less than their male counterparts, and often gave the ultimate. Cathe, I hope that your service, and that of all the other women who have served will always be remembered by a grateful nation. I proudly salute and honor all of our service people, and pray that we will bring all of them back home soon. Wind at your back and calm seas to all. Doc Mike
  12. What's the old saying? "Older women make beautiful runners"? Congrats to both of them. Hope that your feelin' pretty good yourself. Doc Mike
  13. I've read with care the messages above, and find I'm in complete agreement with Wayne regarding the lack of emotion in a post or e-mail, even if one uses those silly little "emoticons". That said, if one takes Seajay's posts in the manner in which they are written, and the jibes back and forth between he and our favorite grunt, than it really is easy to see when one or the other is poking fun, and when one or the other is serious. I can't EVER imagine a time when a Marine or Sailor would seriously defame one or the other based on their choice of service. Far too many of our fellow service men and women have been lost to allow petty service rivalry comments sully our reputations. I happen to enjoy the banter between the two and marvel at Wayne's literacy, don't you folks? I've never met either of these guys in person, but look forward to doing so. I may not agree with all they say but I sure appreciate their right to say it on this or any other forum. I admire both of them for their ability to bring abit of joy to the forum in the appropriate places. In as much as Seajay was in communicatins, we must remember that he's only used to dots and dashes....ergo all the dashes in his posts. The ear phones he wore for years have done something to what we might call his brain, and therefore it is in our best interests to treat him with kindness and some modicum of respect. Wayne, conversely was, I believe, in intelligence. Need I say more? I wish both of these men only the best and hope they continue to post on this forum with whatever they have to say. I pray they always have the wind at their backs and smooth sailing. Now, GET DOWN. Doc Mike
  14. Thanks for the smiles and the chuckles. Doc Mike
  15. I failed to mention a couple of items that make this unit unique. For those of you driving diesel pushers, there is also a selection available that offers the nearest TRUCK mechanics. I know that you aren't driving trucks, but with your engine/tranny you might be in need of emergency repairs at some point. With respect to the "Points of Interest" category, it also lists truck fuel stops as well as at least as many POIs as other GPS units, if not more. I find it an asset even driving our Class C and towing. I can live with the few wrong diredctions, which other GPS do as well....they are only an electronic devise after all. Wind at your backs and smooth sailing. Doc Mike
  16. Glad that your aboard Captain. Too bad you couldn't keep a job, LOL. Thanks very much for your service,as well as the other honorable and brave women that served. Hope the wind is always at your back, and your sailing is smooth. Doc Mike
  17. We've had one since they came out, gave the old year Garmin to our daughter. We've used it for a couple of trips; one of almost four weeks, and two shorter trips. It gave us an incorrect turn twice, but those weren't of any consequence, as we were near the campgrounds we were headed to, and a quick phone call took care of it. One of the features I like is the clearance, and the when in truck mode, it will take you where trucks can go, and not on roads that are restricted. I also like that it will let you know if there is potential slowing ahead (though this won't work for an accident that hasn't been reported, or a brand new road closure). I'm not very happy with the Bluetooth, but it is better than the last Garmin (which was only about a year old). Overall it is an improvement if you have a Class C, as we do, or a Larger Class A. I'm happy with our purchase. For what it's worth, and I've no interest in the company, we bought that last three GPS from "GPS NOW" (I believe ) in NC; good service and knowledgable sales person. Hope this info helps. Doc Mike
  18. That's a very good question. In all candor, it varies, but has only once been as slow as dial-up. Usually it is as fast or somewhat faster than the Time-Warner we presently have in our home, using the router. Indeed, without the router our home speed might be a bit faster than it is with the router. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the only area we've had any problem thus far was in Maine. If we have Verizon phone service, and we usually do, then we have internet capability as well. When I was working and travelling the country I had very few experiences NOT being able to use my Verizon cell phone. One notable area was in northwestern Minnesota, south of Bemidji; though that was one of very few areas I'd noticed. So, bottom line for us is the Verizon USB, at least until something better comes along. My take on it is that if one of the major providers comes out with something faster before Verizon, they'll have it in a short time. It seems this type of thing is a commodity anymore. Fopr what its worth, I don't have any stake in Verizon. Both of my sons each use different services for cell and on the road internet (with USB), and have had dead spots much more frequently than we do. Hope this helps.
  19. We've drivern the majority of the Blue Ridge Parkway in our Class C without any problem. Bridges weren't an issue and the Park Servicee campground we stayed in Last September was very nice. No services, but the tenters were assigned to a different secttion and there weren't any other MHs, or TTs the night we were there. Ran the genset for cooling till sundown as it was pretty warm in the afternoon. We were greeted in the morning by two beautiful deer foraging about 15 feet away....our 65 pound Portuguese Water Dog didn't know what to do, so he just barked like the devil and kept backing up. The deer weren't upset at all. What a beautiful place. Very much want to go back. Our trip took us from the Fancy Gap, VA area, I believe, to about Asheville, NC. Still want to finish it and do the Trace from TN to MS. Following wind and smooth sailing. Doc Mike
  20. We have Verizon cell phone service, and have had it for several years, including a move from Phoenix, AZ to Indian Land, SC. We also got fed up with the camp ground service, and decided, after much research, to get the Verizon USB system. Yes, we bought the two year contract, though month-to-month and one year were available (at a more expensive rate). We were told that we may suspend service when we don't use it, though the months suspended will be added to our contract. We didn't think this a bad thing. At home we use Time-Warner internet and a router, as we have two computers. We are very seriously considering dropping that service in favor of the Verizon and getting another router capable of handling the USB device. Cost-wise it is about the same, except for the cost of a new router. The only problem we've encountered with coverage thus far has been along the coast of Maine; specifically the Bar Harbor area. When I was still working and travelling the country I had little problem with Verizon coverage, and I expect that this is the case with the USB device as well. Now considering their absorbing Alltel, the coverage areas may even be improved. Doc Mike
  21. I understand the "I'm a Marine" stuff! I also know, sure and certain, that when the docs say six weeks, or longer, they often know whereof they speak. Case in point: a man our age, very busy attorney, workaholic type A personality, (can't sperll Marine), had a stroke three weeks ago. Sent to rehab after 4 days in hospital and started working while in rehab, checked himself out a week before doc wanted him to, and had another stroke this last saturday and surgery yesterday. Bottom line is, be careful, be patient, and you'll be well. You ain't 30 no more, no matter what you think. Glad that you feel better, and wish you nothing but wind at your back and calm seas. Semper Fidelis. Doc Mike
  22. Okay Top; you should be hittin' that drip button a little bit less today, and feeling a little bit more like yourself. That anesthesia can sure mess us up. You might even get out of the bed and get to the head, with a little assist. For what its worth, six weeks seems to be the recuperative time for everything, and I imagine that it will be for you too, if your really honest with yourself and don't try to be a hero. Thoughts and prayers are coming you way. Take your good old time mending so you can have lots of years with that new knee. Doc Mike
  23. Wayne, all prayers are listened to and responded to....even for Marines. Mine for you are that you heal quickly, need little medication, and are wise enough to let the PTs do their thing to get you better. This ain't arthroscopic ya know. Good thoughts are comin' at ya from all over, and when your all better and can once again dance at the Marine Corps Ball, you'll know that the new knee works. Remember, you don't have to be a hero! Follow the docs orders and the PTs suggestions; ride that exercise bike as if you were racing out of Nam. There aren't any HMs there to help you so you got to deal with the civilians. Happy recovery my friend. Thank your wife for her patience. We're all rooting for you. Doc Mike
  24. mapleskoff@gmail.com


    One source might be www.canineauto.com. Scrolling to the bottom you'll see an item that I think is called "Twiststep" that just might fit the bill. Many of the ramps are too short to be used for a large dog entering/exiting a MH, as they create a very steep angle. Perhaps the suggestion of an ATV or motorcycle ramp may be what is needed. The only problem is that it might not fold and may be quite heavy. We had to contemplate the same thing, but lost our Golden before she really needed it. Good luck with your search. Its difficult to leave home w/o our buddy, a Portuguese Water Dog. Doc Mike
  25. Well, Don, if SARA was your last duty station then we were in Mayport about the same time. I was an HM2 aboard USS KASKASKIA and we fueled Conny and Sara many times....in CONUS and the Med. I had a cousin that was a PN3 on the AMERICA. His son is now "over there" on the REAGAN. What part of OH are you in. I'm native of Cleveland area. Smooth sailing to you and yours, and welcome to the group. Doc Mike
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