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  1. I got my check for $228 also. I could not quite get a residential frig in without a LOT of work. Decided to go with an Amish cooling unit that works great. So the rebate will pay most of the cost (after the 4 installments) of the cooling unit ($1100) and I did the installation myself.
  2. I replaced the topper on my slide with one from Tough Top. The fabric is heavier than the original and better construction. I replaced it myself with help from a friend. Took about 1.5 hours. Not a hard job, just follow directions. Total cost with shipping was about $140.00. Labor was a six pack.
  3. The key is a Southco E-3-5-15. They all use the same one. Got my extra one on ebay for about 6 bucks. If in doubt, borrow one from another owner (does not have to be Monaco). Lots of different coaches use this key.
  4. Go ahead and try the reset. It can't hurt anything but it might help. It's kind of like rebooting your computer.
  5. We did the C-T RR from Antonito. It is an all day adventure with lunch in the middle (included in the price) and then a bus return to Antonito. The bus coming back is a little over an hour. Very fun trip. There are several nice RV parks in the area. I use rvparkreviews.com to find place to stay.
  6. The only time that you have too much fuel is when you are on fire.
  7. I know it is an old post about your old Norcold fridge, but I was wondering if you still had the doors that you were wanting to get rid of?

    Got bad seals on mine and didn't want to spend the money to buy new doors, since they will not sell  just the seals.


    David Schmees

    Oklahoma City OK 


  8. For the redwoods we stopped at the Ancient Redwoods RV Park 707.722.439628101 Avenue of the Giants Redcrest, CA 95569 http://ancientredwoods.net/ It is on Hwy 101. Nice place nestled among the big trees. VERY friendly park personnel with a large gift shop. Fairly new place with roomy concrete pads and full hook-ups. Really big fallen tree on the parking lot.
  9. I have had Coach Net for about 6 years now. Had to be towed 3 times. Never a problem. I also had a problem and needed to be towed to a service center for a problem and they contacted the nearest service and made arrangements for them to get my unit in when we got there. Small electrical problem and we were back on the road in less than 2 hours.
  10. As for first impressions: I requested information for a chapter in my area and received a printed response by mail. I won't name the chapter. I was immediately turned off by the poor spelling, poor grammar, lack of capitalization, etc. It was as if it was written by someone illiterate. I don't know why they would send out a letter like that. Certainly not a good first impression. I did not join.
  11. I took mine out toward the front on the coach. I don't think you can get it to come out toward the back. Get the wires loose and drop it down behind the mount. Worth a try.
  12. Be careful at dump stations. Many have NON-potable water. Usually a sign to indicate this.
  13. I have a feeling that the trucks do not use these facilities because they don't have A/C that plugs in. What does a truck have that requires 110v? Nothing I can think of. Also, why are we getting hung-up on a word like 'Boondocking'. We still say that we are staying in a 'campground'. Is staying in a 40' Class A with 4 slides, central heat and air, flat screen tv's, king size beds, refrig and all the other conveniences of life really camping? So staying somewhere with only a plug in can be called anything we want. It's closer to boondocking than a campground is to camping. I have stayed at Wal-Mart and places like Flying J. I definately perfer Wal-Mart if nothing else because of the noise. A lot of semi's packed side by side with their engines running and them coming and going as well as trucks just coming through to fuel is too much for me. At Wal-Mart as well as any other place, don't open your door unless you know who it is. Safety is always first.
  14. The consignment dealer that Brett posted is really a good place to start. They have several really good looking units under 20K. It would be worth a trip to Houston.
  15. swifty47, The only solution to the puddle problem is to install a slide topper. All the twigs, water, etc. rolls off as the slide in retracted.
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