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  1. Pat, Here is a link to Power Gears trouble shooting website and directions on how to reprogram. I had similar problem and following these directions fixed the issue... Good luck and let us know how you make out. http://support.power...Calibration.pdf
  2. Very few CG's in RI that are big rig friendly, there once was a KOA in Middleton RI, I think it is a shopping center now. Normandy Farms, is probably the closest to Newport, I visited there a few weeks back and went to Newport for the day. The CG's in RI are very narrow with small sites very difficult with a Big Rig. On Cape Cod there are two very good CG's Atlantic Oaks in Eastham, and Shady Knoll in Brewster. Be careful with Sweetwater Farms the roads are narrow and the sites tight. The state Park is also ok on the cape.
  3. Massachusetts has an infrastructure to fuel these vehicles in place, they have been adding stations over the last decade or so, they are located off of Routes 95/128, 495, 290, and I believe 93 and 91 there may be a fueling station or two. I also believe that Ct and NY have been adding CNG fueling stations as well.
  4. I-84 to Scranton PA. Then I-81 south to I-66 to home or stay on I-81 to Virginia and turn on I-64 to Richmond. Use the 295 bypass around Richmond and merge into I-95 south. This route is a bit longer and avoids the major metro areas.
  5. I have traveled this route from northern MA often. One concern that you may have is finding a campground open. One that I have used frequently is Cherryhill Park in College Park MD. It is about 375 miles, but open year round. North of that you may have to locate a Walmart or Sams for the overnight. South of this Fayetteville NC, Lazy Acres is a nice location about 250 miles. Whatever and wherever you stay enjoy your travels.
  6. Have you checked your vent, is it partially blocked?
  7. The propane agent may be a bit confused: A DOT cylinder the type used with a gas grill requires an overfill device, this has been a requirement for 10 yrs (or there about) now. An ASME tank (or the tank you have on your motorhome) is not required to have the same type of an overfill device generaly the use of the tank vent and sound is used when filling this tank. See Mr Bunzers excellent article related to this topic http://www.fmcmagazi...e-system-safety hope this helps.
  8. I used these continetal tires on a fleet of 8 fire apparatus, they serviced us well in an urban suburban area. I would not hesitate on using them on my coach.
  9. Try route 17 N it hugs the coast till the Bay Bridge. Very scenic, educational as well as a relaxing drive. Once at Rt 64 in Virginia now a choice has to be made, inland (Richmond,DC, and Baltimore) or coastal (Norfolk, Bay Bridge Tunnel and the DELMARVA) Both roads meet back in outside of Wilmington Del. NJ Shoreline to Atlantic City, New York and Long Island is next ( camping on LI is limited). A great trip you will enjoy it, oh and don't forget New England Lots to see and do.
  10. We use a Webber 220 with a detachable 5 lb cylinder. This grill is small enough that it doesn't take to much space, yet rugged enough to take the heat. The cooking surface is rugged, evenly heated and easy enough to clean. We had used other manufactured grills and found the cooking surfaces irregular and difficult to maintain and clean.
  11. Just one comment, I see that you were in Massachusetts. Did this work elsewhere. There is a television station transmitting on channel 4, you may have to change to channel 3 in this area. Best of luck.
  12. Bill and Jan, Here are a few suggestions from a New Englander: While the side roads may be narrow, please do not forget to check them out. From PA I would presume that your coming up either Route 84 or 95, yes stay off of any road that says Parkway. I would suggest a stop in Mystic CT, an old sea port with a great deal of history. Follow on to Rhode Island and dont forget to check out Newports mansions. A great campground is located across the state line in MA called Normandy Farms, from here you can home base to Boston, Providence RI and check out Foxboro stadium (if your so inclined. While in Boston check out the Freedom Trail, take a Duckboat ride, tour Fenway Park. When your ready to move north take RT 495 north to 95, this road you go through many of the cities of the Industrial revolution (Lowell, Lawrence) as well as nearby American revolution areas (lexington and Concord)each of these communities have State heritage , national or local parks and tours. I would follow RT 495 to 95 and up the coast of NH and Maine, check out the seafood and lobster. Portsmouth NH has many great tourist areas as well as Portland Maine. Of course Kittery and Freeport (LL Bean) should be on the agenda. Up the coast either Rt 1 or 95 to Acadia and Cadilac MTN. Now comes the tricky part cut across Maine to NH Rt 202 or 16 check out the White Mountains, great time of the year for the scenery (the trees will be poppin soon) cut across to Littleton, Linclon or woodstock, do not forget to get to franconia Notch in NH, the former home of the Old Man of the MTNS. Now over to 89 and the State of Vt, head south (your about 20 miles from the Canadian border) check out all of the covered bridges Queeche gorge (nice KOA nearby) yes do not forget the Cabot Creamery and Ben and Jerrys. Head down rt 91 to Brattleboro VT (off of rt 5 a nice KOA) and check out the area, Mt Greylock in North Adams, Basketball Hall of Fame in springfield. Hope this helps, most of all enjoy the fall in New England.
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