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  1. I had to replace my right rear Power Gear hyd jack also - same symptoms as you describe - bought new one for $325 from Visone RV - P/N 500759 - and had my local RV tech install - approx 2 hours labor as I recall - may want to go this route --- Nick
  2. Have you cleaned your Mass Air Flow Sensor ? How long have you owned coach ? How many miles on coach ? Which O2 sensor is failing ? I've experienced limp mode - not a pleasurable experience !!
  3. Agree with pvgsma - we went in 2013 with Fantasy RV Tours - 60 days, 5700 miles and unlimited memories - established great friendships, saw things we probably would not have done by ourselves, traveled with very experienced RV's who could fix almost anything that broke during the journey - would highly recommend this way of seeing AK and western Canada - the Calgary Stampede was one of the highlights of this Caravan - I could go on for hours re the enjoyable time we experienced - Time and $$ well spent !! We also now live in FL but left SC in 2013 to catch the Caravan tour which started in ID --
  4. Would love to plan a trip to Alaska in the same way you went.  Please forward the info as I saw it last year but can't find it know and I wasn't ready for trip then.  Thanks, Don

  5. We did the AK 60 day tour with Fantasy in the summer of 2013 - best decision we ever made -- Time and $$ well spent - We had a great wagon master and tail gunner - hope yours is enjoyable as ours was -- Enjoy the sights !!
  6. Would help greatly if you indicated the coach brand, age, and what work you are in need of -- You can add the specifics of your coach to your signature line for clarity going forward -
  7. I use Coach Net - never had to call them for assistance but other owners have given them high praise when their assistance was needed ---
  8. Manholt - I do have a DW and we get by fine with making small quantities of ice in small trays as I mentioned above. We also avoid areas where the temp is above 100 degrees ---
  9. Need more detail - what brand coach, year, etc so we can help !!
  10. Correct size ice trays are available at Camping World - or buy a small bag of ice at a grocery store and break it up and keep it in the freezer - how much ice does one need ??
  11. Our ice maker leaks - so we just fill small ice cube trays with store bought water - really easy fix for us !!
  12. zorro2kita


    Why haven't you used it ? It works well for small loads but not for big ones of course -- I assume you have a Splendide model ??
  13. Two thumbs up for the SMI Duo system !! Has worked flawlessly after being utilized for 24k miles including AK and Western CN - Highly recommend a dash "red" light being installed to indicate when system is activated and please, have a Professional install this if you are not handy !! Better to be safe than sorry !!
  14. Well said Brett - we went with Fantasy to Alaska and Western Canada 2 summers ago for the 60 day tour - Best $$ and time ever spent - developed new friends for life!! Wagon Master and Tailgunner were outstanding!! Could not have asked for a better experience!!
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