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  1. ticat900

    GFCI Fault

    The GFI tripped on his circuit when he plugged in the ice maker. When its not on (ice maker) the GFI works normally.That to me says the Icemaker is OVERLOADING the circuit and tripping the breaker. Now it may just be a weak GFI. That said its not the ice maker because it does not trip the next GFI circuit he plugs it into. If there was moisture in the circuit(example) the GFI should be tripping with any load SO when a GFI trips it may be a unbalance as you describe or a overloaded circuit as I describe.
  2. Rich, Nothing to get caught up in at all.The converter charges the batteries not the inverter. He clearly says converter and batteries. The inverter obviously does not run all the time-- it may be on but that means nothing. He's talking about when plugged into shore power so bringing up the inverter is irrelevant. Suspect he has a gasser A with converter only.
  3. ticat900

    GFCI Fault

    But that's why most breakers trip-- because they're overloaded.
  4. Walmart had a great icemaker on sale at xmas for $110.00. You can't beat it. It works fantastic. Makes ice like crazy and different size cubes etc
  5. Unless its overcharging and your having to add water at abnormal intervals it means its working correctly. As long as the MH is being used the converter will run constantly for sure as lites are 12V, furnace, fridges etc.
  6. Unless Fleetwood has enhanced their quality in the last few years on entry level products I would be careful. You will see around 7-8MPG. You will never ever see 10-- so don't plan on it. Loaded and towing will absolutely effect mileage. Being a small 28 ft you will have good power though.
  7. Georgetown gassers are OK for what you pay. They're priced right so expect what you pay for these days.
  8. I live 5.5 months in my Motorhome and 7.5 months in my S+B house and I will never full time.I love my house and its non replaceable Large Diesel pusher motorhome's are great for snowbirding but nothing replaces a nice paid for S+B house in a nice city like we live in I for the life of me can not understand how people live in little 34 ft gasser 24/7/365
  9. If its a 2008 unit, the TV's should all be lcd HD or HD compatible.
  10. IF you were bringing in diesel exhaust to the extent that it left soot on all the drapes and blinds it would have asphyxiate you so I don't see that as a viable answer-- plus it would stink the high heaven.
  11. I thought the guy started this thread to find a motor for his king dish?
  12. Well for sure the AH did not cause this soot problem and I doubt a rear exhaust leak did either. If you had exhaust that was so bad that it sooted all your drapes and blinds you would be gagging from diesel fumes.
  13. Your 120V supply being a 2 prong or a 3 prong has absolutely NOTHING to do with your dish pointing in the correct direction nor any bearing on the operation of the receiver.
  14. OK I guess it is what it is. I needed 3 sealed window units for my 08 bus. One being the large Drivers window.I was the second owner it was year 4 of 5 year window warranty. I emailed TIFFIN.They shipped me free of all charges the windows I requested right to my doorstep.
  15. OK the reason I asked you said called Monaco and no help either but then you said Monaco had sent out the part? You should have had them send you the dash. That's one thing about Tiffin is you can take it almost anywhere(any repair shop) and they will pay to have the unit repaired.I wonder why Monaco would have made you drive 800 miles to have small warranty repairs done. Anyhow since I had my "BAD" experience with these guys I have over lots of forums run into many many people who agree with my assessment of these guys.
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