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  1. On our trip in 2015, we used a Visa card everywhere in Canada, one place even took Discover, although most did not.
  2. I took my Class B driving exam about 6 years ago in Brevard NC. I don't recall exactly which sections of the CDL drivers test guide I studied, but it was what they recommended when I picked it up. The written (computer) test was mostly general driving regulations, but some on air brakes and performing the air system checks prior to driving. I took the written test one day and then scheduled the road portion for a following time. When I asked about bringing my coach to the facility for the test, the examiner said she really didn't care how I got it there. She said if I got stopped on my way to the testing facility by a LEO, the it was up to them how it would be handled. I had the destinct feeling that she (they) didn't care or want to know.
  3. We had our coach weighed when we attended the Perry Rally 2 years ago. The instructions had everyone going to another site on the departure day where there was no traffic and I thought the operation went very smoothly.
  4. I'll try to be there, although it does fall in the middle of happy hour.
  5. You may be referring to truck stops, but not true in truck lanes at those truck stops.
  6. It's been my experience at truck stops like the OP described that the clerk will run the credit card for an amount that will cover what you expect to pump, then after you finish pumping,you go back to the clerk and they will delete the old charge and add the exact amount to your CC. Maybe your DW didn't know this and didn't go back to the clerk after you finished pumping, or the clerk just made a mistake. All the more reason to look at a receipt before leaving the counter.
  7. Just a note of caution not to jump to conclusions too fast about the tampering of the Wal-Mart DEF containers. Last year, I bought three 2.5 gal jugs of the WM brand and when I went to open them the seals on two of the three were not "sealed" i.e. the seals were there just not stuck to the mouth of the jug. I guess, for a period of time the seals were becoming unsealed under the cap. I did a rudimentary test and found that the liquid was DEF and not water as I first suspected. That was over a year ago and have not seen the unsealed seals since.
  8. Personally, I've never heard of any problem with using my cell phone on my Verizon account as a hot spot. I know I've used it more than 30 minutes at a time. You should plug in the charging cord if using it in the hot spot mode for any appreciable length of time.
  9. My latest Blue Ox baseplate came with plugs, but they fit so loosely that they are now lost. On my previous baseplate that did not come with plugs, I bought a couple of hitch ball covers that fit very tightly and lasted the full time I had that toad. I guess I'll have to get those again.
  10. There are so many factors that come into play here that it would be very difficult to give you an answer. We drove from the border in Montana to Anchorage in about a week. We were not in a hurry, but didn't spend longer than two nights in any one place, until we arrived in Anchorage. Your daily driving miles will be the biggest variable.
  11. I, too, am looking for a new tpms. maybe for Christmas. I have narrowed the choices down to either TST 507, or the EEZRV system. I've read good reviews on both and am still trying to decide which. Any experience with either would be helpful.
  12. In the FAQs about confirmation packets, it states they will be mailed out about the 22nd of Jan. I still haven't received mine. Do I need to contact someone to be sure I'm registered?
  13. nctox

    Doran TPMS

    Roland, The warning of a sudden drop in PSI is a standard feature on most TPMS's. I have no experience with the Doran system, but I am pleased with my TireTraker. The TireMinder system is very similar, and I know many people are happy with the TST 507, and TST 510. I've read of complaints about the Doran, but I don't know the specifics.
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