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  1. jleamont

    Inverter "Backfeed Fault"

    Brian, thanks for getting back to us.
  2. jleamont

    New to forums.

    I had to google the Shaper Origin to see what it is. That is one neat wood working tool! Wood working and Metal fabrication are two (besides camping) of my favorite hobbies.
  3. jleamont

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Bill, I have always wanted to see a rodeo. This one is probably 1.5 hours from home, we pass it every time we head to the New Jersey beaches;http://www.cowtownrodeo.com/ My late grandfather was a Brahma Bull rider when he was younger, always wanted to watch and see what that must have been like. He limped with a cane until the day he died .
  4. jleamont

    Firestone FS561

    Tires have come a long way!! I love those BFG tires, so far they have proven to be a good choice. Hopefully Tireman will see this and chime in, he would be the right guy to bounce your questions off of.
  5. jleamont

    Firestone FS561

    Yeah, I can understand that.
  6. jleamont

    Firestone FS561

    Well.....my speedometer is 4 mph off from my actual speed. My coach was built with a tire that was a 499 and now is a 486.
  7. jleamont

    Firestone FS561

    Richard, check out these two posts; I know you like to read
  8. jleamont

    Firestone FS561

    We were supposed to have a 295/80R22.5 (factory size), when we bought it it had new tires what were an incorrect load range, those were a 295/75R22.5. Once I saw the error they replaced the steer tires only (only axle that was actually overloaded). I went with the 12R22.5 because of its availability on the road should I need a replacement tire. The 315 was a consideration back then, what turned me off at the time was the weight of the tire was enough to impact MPG's and I was concerned with my wheel offset the tires might "kiss" while in operation. When we put the 12R's on I also replaced the rear inner duals with aluminum wheels to lighten up the rotational mass.
  9. jleamont

    New rear view camera

    Sounds like you are headed down the right path. Check with RV cams and find out what our options are. Our last coach I removed the dash mounted CRT monitor and replaced it with an LCD the mounted inside the drivers side sun visor. Probably not a good fit for a class A but just an example of how creative you can get with monitor placement.
  10. jleamont

    Firestone FS561

    Richard, the FS561 is a good tire. Our coach has the 12R22.5's on it now and I bought these; https://simpletire.com/bfgoodrich-12-r22.5-63223-tires They ride great, no complaints so far and they have 25,000 miles on them and they are just shy of 2 years old. The 12R22.5 should be readily available should you need a replacement, that is a very common over the road truck tire size.
  11. jleamont

    Best New ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

    Think I am going with this one. Mostly for its quality and availability. Anyone currently running this ATS or have any experience with it or the Manufacture? https://www.progressivedyn.com/rv/automatic-transfer-switches/pd52-240-vac-50-amp-automatic-transfer-switch/
  12. jleamont


    Not likely. Did they drain and replace the boiler fluid? If so that could cause all of your issues above. I would reach out to whom ever performed the service and ask.
  13. jleamont


    Do you know what they actually touched as part of the service? Just a nozzle replacement and electrode adjustment wouldn't cause this. It was either overfilled or there is a valve shut off and as it gets hotter its backing up into the supply/overflow tank.
  14. jleamont

    Michelin vs Michelin

    This is all Michelin has to offer in your size; I cannot imagine there would be any issue with this tire. There are not many manufactures with this size tire. Michelin, Toyo (TOYO Model M144) were the only two I could locate in a brief search. Continental, BF Goodrich, Firestone and Bridgestone didn't offer this size.
  15. jleamont

    Michelin vs Michelin

    Roadseyeview, can you verify it’s a Michelin XIZ?