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  1. My cousin has an American Eagle with the Banks. His system will turn down the boost before the shift, then after the shift it turns back up the boost. I may be over simplifiing it but there are two computers that are being controlled, one for the engine and one for the transmission to prevent shifting with enough torque to hurt the tranny. This is how it was explained to me. He actually had the system installed by taking it to the factory and had in installed there so that it would not void his warranty on the coach.
  2. I also used the liquid rubber and it worked great. It has been 4 years with no issues. I figure even if I recoated every 6+ years $500 is cheap fix.
  3. You could run up winterized and just not use water.
  4. I just replaced my shore water regulator with a high flow. It cost more but now matches the flow that the water pump delivers.
  5. I have stayed at Fort Wilderness when we had our pop up and it was great but we were here to visit Disney.
  6. I doubt you can get a site in Fort Wilderness. We are down this week and another family we are here with tried to get a site and it was booked.
  7. We have stayed several times at Sun-n-Fun with our daughter. It is located in Sarasota FL. Not sure if this would fit the location where you would like to be. Prices were descent and kids were welcome. We have been down a couple times over Christmas. My daughter was 8 and 10 when we stayed. Beaches were nice. You can go on a day trip to Sanibel Island, state park is close by, Tampa to Bush Gardens, and depending on which way you are traveling you could stop by at Weeki Wachee to see the mermaid show. She might be a little old for that but... They are also big rig friendly. We may be back down there this Christmas I can swing the time off at work.
  8. When this front fan stops you need to inspect the unit to be sure it is not iced up and physically stopping the fan motor from turning. If the unit is freezing up the fan motor may still be turning but not pushing air across the coils.
  9. 1995 Fleetwood Bounder 35' on F53 chassis. Mine is 11.6" tall.
  10. Your cab heat will not heat the whole coach. Some folks will hang a blanket behind the driver to keep the driver area warm. Keep in mind if you are running in below freezing conditions and your dewinterized pipes can freeze. I run my propane heat when needed to be sure that the basement is also getting warm air. Some will run electric heat using the generator if the are concerned about having propane on while driving, but don't forget the water pipes below.
  11. One thing to consider in low temperatures is how your pipes and tanks are heated. My rear heater circulates air into the basement area to keep my basement holding tanks and waterlines from freezing. If you are only heating your living area in cold weather you may run the risk of freezing pipes depending on your waterlines routing.
  12. A comment on the airfoil, a company makes a product called airtab that creates a vortex when air passes over it. Normally these tab, which are white, clear, and can be painted, are attached to the rear of the sides and roof of you coach. See youtube here http://www.google.co...ajeVoSS0z3pN-fg Or visit airtab.com They are sticky tape mounted, but I am not sure what the minimum order is. You would think they would sell two or three in case you damaged one on the road.
  13. I used http://www.epdmcoati...liquidroof.html on my 1995 35ft Fleetwood. Awesome product. Not cheap but much cheaper then a new roof. It took 5 gallons. One afternoon was prep work cleaning loose chalky white off the roof. Spent several hours the next day coating. Looked like a new roof when I finished. I have washed it twice a year over the past two years and it still looks great.
  14. I was stopped in Florida. I was in my toad with the bikes on the back. We had just left the campground and where heading towards a local store to get some groceries. It was New Years Eve so I believe it was a stop to check us out. State law is nothing may obstruct the view of the plate. They only have rear plates in that state. I have traveled with this setup for several years with no issues.
  15. We have ours mounted only on the back. I will sometimes set it in the front window at a campground if I remember.
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