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  1. Hmm - now I know what to do with those back issues of FMC magazine we've been toting around...
  2. We are full timers 8 years. Now in Tucson at Lazy Days, it is open and functional, but most indoor facilities are closed (gym, rec room etc.) some outdoor facilities closed. They have toilet paper in their store! All the parks along our eastward path to VA are commercial and are open and planning to stay open - some are offering "we'll bring your check in paperwork out to you". We are wondering if we should just find a congenial spot and hunker down until the restrictions are lifted, but we can at least go visit the grands in VA. Freezer is full so we are good for a couple weeks at least. Congratulations on the life transition, come on out it will be okay!
  3. I'd also recommend cleaning battery terminals before spending a lot of time diagnosing. And it's just a good thing to do anyway ... A bad or intermittent connection can cause all sorts of "interesting" behavior. The fact that the shock of equalizer mode clears the condition might indicate the high voltage temporarily removes a high impedance condition.
  4. It's that time again to head to the Coachella Valley for another great Western Area Rally! The theme this time is At The Hop. Registration is open for the 32nd annual Western Area Rally in Indio, CA. • 4 Nights of Camping • 3 Nights of Entertainment • 2 Ice Cream Socials • Parade • Ladies' Sock Hop Luncheon • 1st Time Attendee Orientation • $500 Blackout Bingo • Pet Extravaganza • Pickleball • Commercial Exhibits & New/Used RVs on Display • Chapter Fair • Seminars & Crafts • Door Prizes • The Frustrated Maestros • Free Coffee & Donuts Served Daily • Optional Bus Tour: Palm Springs Windmill Tour Early arrival OK. Private golf cart rentals available. More Rally Info here: https://wafmca.com/?page_id=167
  5. These folks have such a product: http://TellMeDaily.com They present a seminar on it almost every year at the Western Area Rally in Indio.
  6. Your choices are good ones. In Santa Clarita area, I'd recommend Valencia Travel Village - FMCA chapters have Rallies there as well. If you want to do Disney/Knotts Berry Farm, or just "the OC" - try Orangeland or Anaheim RV Park. If you like beaches, check out Ventura County parks: Rincon Parkway, Faria Beach Park or Hobson and if your rig is smaller any of the CA state beach parks. Rincon is dry camping but you park right along the ocean on old Pacific Coast Highway. I think Ventura County takes winter season reservations for Faria and Hobson. CA state parks are on ReserveAmerica. I know most every SoCal location is booked up this Winter, but Hemet is huge so you may have luck there. In Chula Vista, the San Diego Metro KOA is good and they sponsor FMCA events if you can't get in the marina. If things get really tight - take a look at the Palm Desert area - dozens of RV resorts. If you're already booked - way to go!
  7. All good advice. We had an issue where the inlet pipe was inserted too far and was close to the "step" in the black tank, I kept a coat hanger nearby to poke it if stuff/paper clogged up. On ours, the inlet tube slides down into a sealing collar on the tank top which is then sealed with silicone - so an over-eager installer can leave too much pipe in the tank. We had an unrelated tank failure and the new tank had the inlet hole away from the "step". Our inlet has 2 45 degree bends, but otherwise it is right over the tank and we've had no clogs since (well once when too much paper and not enough water was used). That could explain why no one else has the issue. Herman's advice on a camera would be the way to tell. Some of the RV flush services have cameras.
  8. Now get one of these Frig-Fixers to hold the doors closed: https://www.recubed.solutions/
  9. Just put in an RF-20 in that <-- Safari Cheetah Neither the RF-18 or the 20 will fit through the door. They took out the drivers window. It will generally fit in Norcold1200 width but may need cabinet work, check the height yourself, we took out the propane furnace below the Norcold to get it to a user friendly height.
  10. Welcome! Did this accidentally once - the Even-Brake caused some serious tire chirping a few times - enough to get my attention... Are you sure it's non-tow-able? always check with Remco - there may be a kit.
  11. Welcome to the forums! Ditto with manholt US6 is a long way around. The climbs on 395 are doable in your rig - at Bishop you're already over 4000 ft, the highest on the route north of there is around 7300
  12. Have to go south then back up. Stay on I-40 to Barstow, take 58 to 99 then north to 140. You can't get in or out of CA without some long 6% grades
  13. That relay is what is controlled by the "salesman switch". Mine was replaced twice due to failure. I bypassed it on the third failure (which happened in the middle of the night). Also beware of the big fuse (200 amp) between this panel and the house batteries. My 200 amp fuse turned into a very large resistor and caused the inverter to shut off.
  14. We full time in a 38' w/4 slides - would not consider smaller. Agree with above - most if not all NPs have nearby full service RV resorts. Some folks consider not having 50 amps as boon docking.
  15. 85 deg F here in So Cal today. Might get down to 53 tonight. Just sayin'
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