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  1. They are trying to put them out of business. The BX at Arnold is nothing but a Liquor Store now with a few items they must be required to carry. The PX in Chattanooga, Tn is also just a liquor Store now. The Commissaries are now carrying private label stuff such as butter that nobody wants and few buy. At Campbell the PX is a shadow of what it once was up until about 12 or so wife spent typically $3-400.00for various things like dog food, and detergent and a myrid of other things. You cannot buy a an Army service ring there anymore..and the cost is more than Wal Mart. The Commissary has a bakery in name only now. Baked Goods or concotions are shipped in dry and cold from Pa. etc. The biggest activity is inventory in the bakery. ales are a shadow of before. The rest of the store features very large displays of Coca Cola products from drinks to waters and so on. The International section is gone supposedly integrated with other products on the regular shelves. They just are not there and if they are they are impossible to find. Produce is now Grade B and in a sea of corn and other foods it is all imported from Texas it seems and ready to feed the chickens almost. We use to find products not available at most other stores instead it is more of less. They still get a lot of traffic at the Commissary but not as much is bought by anyone. The Butcher is till there but when stocks are down someone calls Virginia and they are told to hire another Butcher . Instead they bring in more and more prepack already old when it hits the case and of undetermined quality. It is no mis judgement to say they are trying the Walmartizationization of the Commissary and Bxs and PXs with the intention of closing them once sales get below a certain level. Local Businesses complain to their Congressmen since Eisenhower that the PX and Commissaries are taking business away from them and God knows Business thinks it owns Government and trickle down to the people is the game.
  2. Imron preceded the newer paints first termed fifteen year paints and since improved, Urethane based I believe. I mis read and though he was talking about front of his coach. The Silicon Carbide stuff sounds like a winner, if I could find someone who knows about it...if I ever have time to round toit which will probably not happen. Protecting the front of the car, if they till make it, 33m spray on after masking and it stays on for a longtime. Peel it off like saran wrap. It is supposed to be tough enough to prevent dining the paint by most anything. Another option is similar to the 3m and other films to put on the car by someone with patience and skill. Porsche wants a lot, don't remember the figure. It comes of like that applied to front of coaches but supposedly a lot easier. A Good Detail center or high end auto Dealer shop should be able to help. I wish I ad it on front of our little AMG....and something on the windshield. Anything on the road goes into the grill or over the hood onto the windshield.
  3. Mercedes Body Shop Mrg now working for Hendrix Motorsport Team told me about the clear they use on Aircraft.It is hard to buff after sprayign so you want conditions just right. Might be the same as they use on Semis now? Then there is one made of silicon carbide . Ferrari used it on some parts of some cars, at least I think it is the same. One applied you won't buff it. Talk to a good Boy Shop or Aircraft paint supplier. 1I would like to find out the information myself and how it works out. Get rid of that bra. Even if $1,000.00 or $2,000.00 it would be worth it.
  4. Another story on the net about a woman who got bit by a tick and is paralyzed from it recently. Many of the campgrounds we prefer are near woods, lakes, and fields. We live in the woods at home and field. We put out cat food at home for a cat that has adopted us. The Opossums get to it first most of the time at night. They always rattle the stainless bow. We trapped and carried off two but won't any more. They eat ticks, up to 90%of the ticks in their area. They also eat those little scorpions, and roaches and other creepy crawlies that come out of the woods. They leave their little long droppings around the garage patio area every night. They don't bother anything, except, they got two chickens before we fixed the pen. So leave a bit of food for them...but wash that bowl every day and of course if you have a barn and food you don't want them around it, as some of them can make the livestock sick. Anything that will help reduce the tick population and cost nothing is welcome, including all the crows, and tiny rough earth snakes. And at the campground don't be alarmed by them. When I go fishing I wear old fatigues with tops in my boots and sometimes a bit of bug spray.
  5. This past Wed or Thurs Am, in Nashville, car bumped into the rear of another car. They both stopped along the side of the road. He got out to size up the damage. The Driver of the car that bumped the first car told those riding with him to take the car. The Driver manged to run and jump into his car and sped down the road until the Police stopped him and he told the story. Second case Someone bumped the rear of a car of an Elderly Driver. Instead of stopping she sped to her Son's town house, with the Assailant right on her bumper. She kept her horn blowing continously and her son came out with a gun and the Assailants fired at him but missed. He likewise missed or at least they haven't been located yet with a possible injury. A lot of RVers are in Nashville this weekend. Perpetrators like to pick those who they think least likely to give them resistance. I hven't heard of more incidents but really haven't kept track. Be careful in Nashville or anywhere. It is usually Chicago or one of the larger cities we hear of such incidents but........ RVers are generally more mature and they think many of us unable to resist. Don't stop if bumped but call 911 instead and don't let them force you off the road in the meantime.
  6. We have been using Delo with zinc still in the oil in our Cat. I understood for along time the real or true synthetics made from esters are very much more wear protective. They really are slicker than snail snot. The first ads featured someone trying to hold a screwdriver dipped in the real synthetic oil. My Plymouth leaked like a sieve when I first used it. Had to replace valve cover gaskets and others it is so thin. However....what most label as synthetic these days is not synthetic.... It is more highly refined dino oil...after Castrol Sued Mobil and won. Without the zinc my older engine and even car engines with flat tappets wore badly without the zinc. If someone would define the wear factor vs zinc additive favorable in their oil I will go with a real synthetic. Some Mobile One oils now such as their Euro spec are back again to real synthetics from Esters. but you have to raa labels carefully or be informed by someone that knows. Another factor is how much soot will the oil carry, in our diesels and will new spec filters remove it from the new spec oils? I would think the real synthetics could use a much smaller micron filter.
  7. Maybe this belongs in campgrounds...I dunno. Camping near a pasture a cow get loose and has her calf in the empty lot next to yours. What does the cow become after she has her calf?
  8. Glad you made it. The Sardines Grand Ma bought had red lettering and fish on the tin. Sweden or Norway. Her Dad was from the Swedish Colony here in Tn.
  9. I figured someone would have tried it by now and report back. I would but you understand, I'm on a diet.
  10. Some of the best receipts come from some of the strangest places but I'm not sure this is one of them. On Golden Girls Ma made a sardine casserole with oatmeal cookie crust. Not sure that would be good eats however I like bologna and cheese, onion and pear or peach preserves. Grand Ma viewed sardines as a treat and ate them on saltines. Whenever we walked to town she would get one or two tins, which were pricey at twenty nine cents. I liked them too. So anyone made a sardine casserole or something/
  11. We don't use the cellphone while driving either...but have answered it and pulled over to the side.
  12. I heard on the radio under a new law in Georgia, a Driver can't even hold a cell phone in their hand, "even when stopped." Sounds good but a slippery slope. Holding and drinking a soda or coffee or a sandwich can get you a ticket in some areas already. Don't remember which ones, I read that about though. We have our phones liked to the cars by blue tooth but not our MH. My have to get a new radio. Don't think our old satellite radio has that feature. Eventually the slippery slope will stop access to the radio or possibly even buttons to blue tooth link of phone. The Nannies will not let any opportunity or trend go to waste.
  13. I hear Community Club brand pop up once in a while elsewhere. I'll have to search some out give it a try.
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