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  1. We have it stored elsewhere, temporarily until we can find better . Thought I would get the bulbs and replace them first thing when we take it out. Save a few steps and time
  2. 05 Fleetwood Revolution. I need to replace the back up light bulbs. Can't find a reference for themi nthe manuals. Anyone know which bulbs they take and the led replacement?
  3. Kerosene would work well but how much would it take then the cleanup. Locl Fire Department in City where Mom and Dad lived washed the fire trucks with it. That was in the seventies and maybe the just the one fire house.
  4. We had a 5th wheel until 2006. We had installed at home a 50 amp box and kept the heat pump set at 80in summer, and 50 in winter. We did put a cover on it and stopped the heat pump but the cover caused problems. We found that keeping it uncovered and the heat pump on kept the moisture problem taken care of completely. External surfaces and undercarriage sun and weather on it ad the tires though..s owe keep our Mh indoors away from home. A metal building originally design fro a car port or something is what our Neighbors keep their 3 axle fifth wheel in and plugged up. Solves all the weather problems. It cost him about 6,000.00 total but he put it together and poured his own pad.....20 years ago.
  5. The more water pressure we have the more water fills the bowl on ours. I can't find the book for it that came with the coach but I believe it said something about an adjustment.. We can lift the flush pedal with our toe to bring in more water after flushing
  6. Ours is a 2019 and the manual says nothing about that. They had the baseplate and electrical conections, air brake equipment installed on ours. The peopel they sent it too ddn' adjustthe ar brake cylinder properly..result burnt up brakes rotors and calipers. Second following instructions, when we stopped the mh and parked the trans atomatically shifted from neutral into aprk and four destroyed tires. Towed back to Dealer, and no help. Since the 8th it has set there, and our Insurance sent them money only then did they order parts,not in yet. They tell us it is oru and the installer's problem we do not have any receipts and met hostility form the installer earlier.. I needed to get home for eye treatment ad can't fly for medical reasons and sorry nothing I can do from the General Manager. Told us if we took our St from the lot we would lose our place in line. I hope the developing macular hole doesn't get worse and I go blind. We are 1800miles from home. Hood on right side is slightly out of lien. The girl apparently in charge says I'm not paying for that. That's Fords' problem. They know we are far from home, isolated and can't afford lawyers and time. Pleas pray that I don't lose my vision.
  7. I don't need them at the moment. When opportunity arises I will replace them though. Corrosion and rewatering them every two or three weeks are my concern. The load center was looked at by a Technician and the batteries are being properly charged. They are 8 years old but still good shape rarely getting used.I need to deep discharge them a few times. They were nearly dry once last year,at a place we stored the Mh for a couple of months.If I find a place selling such batteries at a good price on the way home along I40 I may replace them now given that few Dealers seem to. If I find them on the net and have them shipped the shipping cost is huge plus getting someone who didn't sell them to put them. They are difficult to install as they are not on a slide out tray and if not for the watering system I would have a very hard time with syringe and a flashlight. I'm no longer physically able to wrestle with 70 lb batteries, sitting on the ground.
  8. I don't need cutting edge SIo2or other expensive technology. What i want is a direct replacement in size for the 6vlt T105 in a Maintence Free, probably Gell Cell Battery.. Trojan makes one but no one advertises stocking it nor...price.T1105 is ubiquitous in the RVng and Golf Community. f people stocked the Trojan Gell Cell or other at a good price they would sell a lot of them, IMO.In cars the Maintenance Free Battery has been the standard forsme time. Prices on those 12 volt Gell Cells are nto a lot higher than lead acid...but in 6volt deep cycle they are preposterous . If a Battery Dealer would show up at Rallies with T105 Replacement in a Maintenance free Gell Cell at a god pricea lot of peopel would be exiting the T105 and the corrosion and constant rewatering. Anyone know of a Dealer along I40 or elsewhere that stocks such batteries? One CW in Oklahoma City near Edmon had four maintenance fee, green in color, but brand not remembered Maintence Free Deep Cycle batteries to replace the T105 for a bit over 700.00. I dint recognize the brand and had other priorities at the time. Trojan and others are missing a lot of men, that they would make if the had a truck and crew at Rallies I think.
  9. I've written our Presidents, our Congressmen and Senators and other Leaders over the years about reciprocity, about allowing all Citizens access to our federal lands and waters, about allowing Disabled Veterans to have access and it has always been crickets. Didn't matter when it was a bit over $7.00 for a non resident out of state Fishing License and Hunting, I don't remember but it s not a high price. Active Military can fish in the state they are stationed in for free, and at home state at one time and maybe still. Out west the Ranchers and others regard Federal Lands as.their own..and state DNRs etc want the huge prices for out of state hunters and Fishermen..even thought it is Federal Lands and Waters most often and Hunters and Fishermen in most states don't want Out of Staters there at all. Even for residents in Tn and other states it is near $200.00 for hunting and fishingfor all species. We are in Az and my Disabled Veteran permanent license from Tn is worthless and the price for just fishing one or two days, that we would be able to fish is so costly for us we can't go. The only way to get access to our public lands and waters in other states, or reciprocity is national legislation, and we don't have anyone's ear in Washington. There are enough RVers and Retired Citizens and hunters and fishermen of all ages, if we were organized and had a leadership and pressed the issue and got them to recognize we were serious. Represent this or don't get our vote.. Politics... no not talking abut any one party. Talking about all of us getting what we are due for the Federal Taxes we pay and so on.
  10. Western Star Freightliner here in Kingman is 180 bucks an hour and does nto get in a hurry bays are full of semi tractors but they do work on mh's
  11. A lot of people along the coasts and they are now on the roads north to escape the storm. If any of you here are bugging out better make reservations right now. The last hurricane the motels in southern Tn were booked solid anywhere near the Interstates and either side to probably include the whole state, more or less, in Tennessee. RV parks I'm not sure as we haven't camped at a Tn park in some time but seems reasonable that they are filling up to. A lot of Snow Birds will be short stopping too.
  12. How about a little more information!
  13. New Motorhomes have one piece roofs and don't have to have joints sealed with Dicor every two years or less... however our 05 does. It went 8 years because ti was stored inside. e had it redone this spring. Didn't cost much this time. factory was over 700.00. Surely there is a better long life sealant with UV inhibitors, that doesn't bleed all over the sides, in nasty white streaks, every time it rains???? What is it ?
  14. I wish it was on a slide out. Has to be reached from underneath t change filter and oil filter but not difficult if you're skinny...and I'm not
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